Lewd Conduct 2


128 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Vince Vouyer

THEMES: Outdoor Sex, Blondes, Euro Babes, Double Pussy Penetration.
1998 (7/98)
STARS: Dina Juwel, India, Sabrina Johnson, Katie, Emilia, Chandler, Nick East, Mr. Marcus, Mark Davis, Vince Vouyer.
Vince Vouyer is doing quite well for himself with Anabolic. His last video, under the Diabolic name, had Nikki Andersson on the cover. This one has the equally delicious Dina Juwel (Who helped her spell her name? Vince?) In addition to the blonde, Swedish, should be, superstar, there are a good number of other hotties who grace this video. Not really much else to say. If you’ve seen Anabolic/Diabolic videos before, you know there isn’t much to run down, and if you’re new, I trust you will catch on rather quickly.
Dina starts thing off, stepping out of her car with this brilliant piece of dialog. “Hello, my name is Dina Juwel. I’m twenty years old and I’m from Sweden. When I’m not driving around in my street rod, I like to get fucked real hard.” After a three second shot of said rod, we cut to Dina, on her knees, alternately sucking Mark Davis and Mr. Marcus. Is there a sweeter sight on earth? A gorgeous blonde, with big, natural tits, sucking like mad on a pair of great big cocks? The guys decide that rather than make her go back and forth between them, one should be fucking her sweet, shaved pussy. Mark goes first, shoving his dick into Dina while she does her best to deep throat Marcus. No small task to be sure, but sexy Dina is up for a challenge. Turning her around on the bench, the guys switch places. Now Marcus fucks her from behind and Dina moans around Mark. At one point, she mumbles “don’t you fucking stop” to Marcus who needed to catch his breath. (Marry me Dina.) After a little bit of well lubed finger fucking, Davis slips his cock into her ass, quickly burying all he’s got into her butt. No happy to just watch, Marcus gets into the act and Dina impressively handles both cocks in a great looking double pussy penetration. (Lots of close ups, but the longer shots are really stunning.) To cap things off, gut guys give this Swedish ball of perfection a double glazing that is sure to put this scene in the running for some major awards. Dina is wonderful, perfect and if I keep on going, I am going to miss the rest of this movie.
Another blonde, Emilia is twenty one, from Finland and says “When I’m in Hollywood, I want to get fucked in my ass.” Well, she came to the right place, Mr. Marcus is more than happy to provide her with a tool for just such an act. Though not nearly as pretty as Dina, Emilia is just as eager to such his cock hard and smiles into he camera at just how big she can make it. I was all ready to really praise this woman, but what the fuck is that whacked body art? A trail of tattoos from her clit up her side and around. Jeez, when did this sort of thing become mandatory for 80% of the women in porn. Girls, just say no to big ass, ugly tattoos. (Wasn’t one Viper, one too many?) It makes it REALLY hard to watch the reverse cowgirl when all I can see is bad body ink. It’s not so bad in mish and Emilia is quite a vocal and active fuck. The one thing this scene has that the first didn’t is anal, and Emilia takes Marcus’ big prick in her ass with the same energy she showed while taking it in her puss. When the tat is not the center of the shot, this too looks quite nice. She has a great smile and the facial she takes is a lovely way to finish things off.
We’ve all seen how totally sexy and wonderfully slutty redhead Chandler is. Now she gets a chance to prove it with Vince. He spends a lot of time playing with, and finger fucking her pussy, which is a bit different and a nice change of pace. In return, she bobs her head on his growing cock. Man, is she cute, and what a cocksucker! With oral skills like that, the only other job she could have (Without doing disservice to her skills) would be White House Intern. (When all else fail, go to a Lewinski joke.) Unlike said intern, Chandler also fucks and Vince hops on that train with great delight. I’ve seen Chandler in a dozen or so scenes and she always seems to have a great time and this is no exception. Lots of close up shots of some very hard, pounding sex here. As Chandler turns over we get a nice view of her great butt. The best shots however, come in reverse cowgirl where we can see her face, wonderful, natural breasts and strong thighs. It must feel, as good as it looks since Vince loses it and fires a mini blast of premature love oil. Unfazed, she hops right back on so they can keep going. With Chandler on her side, Vince starts on that fine ass, filling her from behind with some hard, deep strokes. In spite his earlier shot, Vince still have enough in the tank to give Chandler a blast on her pretty face, damn sexy woman I must say.
We go back to blondes with Katie, a girl who just looked Vince up on the web and decided she wanted to fuck him. True or not, she is pretty damn fine looking and ready for a raucous fuck on bench in the middle of nowhere. She spells it out pretty clearly to Vince, if he wants her to suck his dick, he’s going to have to go down on her. Sounds fair to me, and Vince agrees, but first has to do some digital exploration of her ass. As uncomfortable as she looks during this, it’s clear Katie is more at home with a dick in her mouth than a finger in her butt. (I must say, it looks a lot better as well.) The outdoor setting provides some very rich, natural light which really makes this scene look beautiful. (I know, it’s a technical thing, but it struck me OK?) Katie has a super, all over tan and nice bod with good sized, real breasts. True to her word, she does take it in the ass, and with much less discomfort than she showed earlier. (Gee, the wonders of lube.) The brief buggering is capped by a facial Katie eagerly accepts. Nice debut into the world of porn.
Next up is India, a dark skinned black beauty who is a shade to thin, but still stunning. Why we have to watch while she pees into a cardboard box is beyond me. The immediate cut to Nick East licking her pussy is cute, but I still don’t ever want to watch someone piss in a tape I’m supposed to be jerking off to? (Just one man’s opinion, but hey, it’s my review.) India does a great job of sucking cock for the camera. Her pretty face and talented mouth make Nick throb and probably have countless waistbands down around doubly countless thighs. She looks right into the camera during the very long blowjob, begging with her eyes for more. The familiar weight bench comes out once again and Nick starts filling her shaved pussy with his cock. India really is a gorgeous performer who looks as great as she fucks. She looks good from any angle, but the standing doggie is the best in this scene, followed closely by the reverse cowgirl. Nick finishes off with a shot right on her closed lips. India rocks the world in a major way.
Last, but WAY not least is sexy Sabrina Johnson. It takes a pair of big cocks to keep this Hopefully, by now, everyone knows how attractive and totally hot this woman is. If not, I’m going to tell you one more time. She comes to life as soon as a cock gets anywhere near her mouth and won’t stop until she has worked it hard between her beautiful, wet lips. No worries about that here, as both guys are rocked and ready to fuck her tight little pussy in no time. Standard doggie standing with one in her pussy the other in her mouth, but the way Sabrina looks, fucks and sucks is anything but standard. In that same position, Vince begins on her ass. After a few minutes of that, Mark Davis takes over at the butt and the flip Sabrina over. Great shots of her legs in this position, and tons of gaping insertion shots for those who like that sort of thing. Still, the best shots come with Sabrina riding RC and dropping her gorgeous frame down on Mark’s cock, slam fucking him with her ass. The guys even pull off a double anal which leaves me totally cold but will certainly brighten many of your days. To close things out, they give her enough cream to nearly drown the poor beauty.
The best scenes in this tape are the first and last. Dina and Sabrina are the two best things imported to the US since Nikki Andersson and well, Nikki Andersson. There is no plot to worry about here and the technical aspects are all top notch. Lots of outdoor sex so the lighting is great. Steady camera work make it easy to watch. What is central to the video is the sex. Besides, Dina and Sabrina, who give award caliber scenes, India and new girl Katie shine as well. Emilia is good enough to overcome her tragic decision to stain her body. Hell, there is nothing more to sum up. This movie deserves a look and I think many of you are going to rush out to get a copy for yourself. I know I have already found a space on my shelf for it.

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