Size Matters


106 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Greg Alves
THEMES: Big Dicks
1998 (6/98)
STARS: Melanie Stone, Azela, Rebecca Wilde, Claudia Chase, Rosa, Alexandra Nice, Marilyn Starr, Julian, Jake Steed, Billy Glide.
The theme seems simple enough, hot girls fucking guys with big dicks. It isn’t that different from the other wall to wall tapes Metro is firing off these days, except for some pretty funny quotes and statistics about dick size mixed in between the sex. (Don’t panic guys, this stuff is made up.) Thankfully, the rapid fire edit tricks, courtesy of Alex Sanders are confined to the open credits and doesn’t get in the way of the sex.
The first size queens to get their lips around a super sized pole are Melanie Stone and Azlea. They team up on Julian’s impressive pole and take turns seeing just how far down it will go. Neither of them seem all that excited by the prospect of having to sit on that sizable tool. Azlea does a whole lot of the sucking here, which earns her the first ride on that monstrous slab of meat. In fact, after she rides it, Azlea takes a long poke from behind. What’s up Mel? Backing away from the guys who are packing? Actually, she does some serious bouncing in his lap, indicating that maybe Melanie was just waiting for Julian’s cock to swell a bit more before fucking him. Azlea vocally encourages him to fuck Melanie even harder and everyone ends up happy as Julian unloads across their faces. A bit of a weak pop shot, but good, hard fucking.
Blonde Rebecca Wilde is no stranger to big cocks, but still, she has her hands, (And mouth) full with Jake Steed. Her tits look way too big and they and sag uncontrollably, but she has a great ass and totally gets into sucking his big cock. Lots of close up, insertion shots as Jake repeatedly pulls out of Rebecca then fills her back up. Even though he fits balls deep and Becca has been in porn forever, her pussy still looks really tight and they do an outstanding scene together. After the hard pumping fuck, Rebecca gives a second, outstanding blowjob that ends with spraying her face, forehead to chin, with a big load. Great facial to be sure and Becca laps is up. Very hot.
Blonde babe Claudia Chase tries her hand at taking the big rod of Billy Glide. What Billy lacks in on screen personality, he makes up for in sheer, hard meat and Claudia can barely get her lips around it as it grows in her eager mouth. Since he certainly can’t hold a conversation with her, Billy tosses her on the table and starts tasting her twat for a while. Though she is somewhat vocal, it really looks to me like Claudia is pretty disinterested in having Billy bone her. Very routine, if not downright stale sex scene right up to the average, at best, facial popshot.
Another blonde, Rosa is paired with Julian. With an extreme close up, all we really see is her lips wrapped tightly around his fat cock. That is pretty dull to me, but when the camera pulls back for some 69, Rosa has a hot body and actively sucks him deep. Like Claudia, there is something about Rosa that just seems bored, like she would rather be anywhere else than on the receiving end of Julian’s dick. There is some better footage when she moves to a reverse cowgirl and can control the action. Someone must have told her to wake up a bit, because she finishes very strong. A weak cumshot and the slow start make this a marginal disappointment, but Rosa shows promise.
Euro babe Alexandra Nice needs not only Jake Steed’s monster pole, but also the steady rod of Dave Hardman. (That can mean only one thing, DP.) The way she attacks their cocks with her mouth, the guys had better be careful so she doesn’t suck them right off. Hell, any woman who can take Jake almost all the way to the root has to be considered an expert sucker indeed. While she is busy throating him, Dave finds her pussy to be a wonderful distraction. When they switch off, she lowers her pussy down on Jake’s monster while making short work of Dave with her mouth. For the first time in this video we get an anal scene as Alexandra takes Dave in her butt while Jake fills first her mouth, and then her pussy in a long bout of DP fucking. After that, she greedily sucks out a pair of loads and smiles a jizz soaked smile for the cameras.
Julian is back, this time with super petite Marilyn Star as his partner. His dick is half as tall as she is. That doesn’t seem to even slow her down as she works on his prick like it’s a great big loll pop. Once she gets him all spit slicked, by doing more licking than sucking, Julian returns the favor, lapping at her sweet slit for a good long while. Even with all the preparation, he goes very slowly, fucking her with only half his cock at first, letting her get used to the girth. Eventually, during a very long, legs on shoulders mish fuck, he works the rest of it inside her. By the time she gets up on him, Marilyn is dropping her hips down, grinding them on him. After taking her from behind for a while, Julian explodes on her face, covering with cum and prompting a jizz streaked Marilyn to coo, “Size really does matter.”
What is left to say? It’s wall to wall, it’s chicks sucking and fucking big dicks. None of the scenes are really outstanding, but Star, Wilde, Nice and the opening three way are all very worthy of some praise. The camera work is excellent and no stupid edit tricks this time. If you have a real thing for big dicks, then you will love this tape. If you like any of the girls in the cast, you might also get more out of it than I did. For me, while I found it still better than most tapes of its kind, I give it only a moderate thumbs up.

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