Planet Of The Gapes 2


106 Mins.
Extreme Associates ? 1998 (8/98)
THEMES: Anal Sex, Gaping Assholes.
STARS: Stryc9, Sabrina Johnson, Jewel Valmont, Jessica Darlin, Ursula Moore, Iroc.
You know, it really doesn’t matter what Tom Byron calls his tapes these days. We always know what to expect. Not that that’s a bad thing, of course. Quite the opposite. Knowing that Byron is going to bring us great looking women who love to fuck and suck is quite an advantage in a porn landscape that is filled with inconsistent tapes, annoying, get in the way, pro-am directors, and some truly hideous efforts, Tom repeatedly brings us strokeable, no-nonsense porn. This time (Like usual lately) he also brings a very attractive cast to the table, including Jessica Darlin, Sabrina Johnson, Stryc9 and Jewel.
Stryc9 leads off, pairing with Luciano. After the two talk a little about their recent name changes, (Luciano was Mike Long, while Stryc9 went by Cherry) they get right to the action. I know I bag on long-winded pro-am guys all the time, but I really think we need to hear more from Stryc9 sometime soon. Since I’d hate to miss seeing her suck cock, I think a good interview is long overdue. (HINT) What the hell was she eating before her scene to turn that tongue so red? It’s even sweeter looking than her pussy. They both look fine to me, (HINT 2) though the sucking is a bit too short for my taste here. As usual, she is quite happy to have a fat cock in her tight hole, and Luciano knows how to put a woman through the paces. Right in the middle of poking her pussy, he slides his cock into her ass. After as slow start, they find the rhythm for an outstanding RC/Crab butt fuck. Great close ups and some long shots to show off all of her attributes. True to the title, there are some gape shots as Stryc9 gets fucked doggy, but I am much more fond of seeing her sexy face covered in cum. Stryc9, once again shoots up the chart with a nut busting scene.
Ursula Moore, a tall, somewhat better than average looking Euro-babe is next, and Tom turns the fucking duties over to fellow Hostile Takeover member Van Damage. (Fuck a 401K, this is my idea of a company perk.) She sucks his dick hard in about six seconds, but thankfully Tom lets us examine her Hungarian hose-humming technique for a good long while before Van gets a taste of her juicy slit. He moves next to fill her pussy with cock and seems to do a fine job of it. She’s no tiny thing, so letting her drop down for some RCA presents a few problems. Hats of to Van and Tom for pulling this off. Again, there are a number of shots with her ass gaping open before Van unloads into her mouth. Ursula is hot, just not as hot as the women around her in this vid.
Fresh faced new hottie Jewel Valmont shows up in a cheerleader skirt and sexy white top for her photos session. (Tommy, you DO love me.) This time, we get to see a little bit of an interview, and I have to say I like it. Tom stays behind the camera and lets Jewel talk. Thankfully, he is not so concerned with his own desire to be a comedian that he fucks up an enjoyable look at the woman we are about to see fucked. (Gee, Rog, care to name names?) Anyway, the little interview was nice, but this girl’s ass is even nicer. Wisely, Tom keeps this hottie to himself, feeling first hand, just how well she sucks cock. Nice touch here as Jewel sucks his balls while jerking his cock off. Tom seems like he can’t wait to get her ass, poking and fucking it with his fingers while she slurps away. He works his way through the vag fuck, but we all know it’s the ass he really wants. Even though it looks mighty tight, her ass opens up and Tom gets some deep doggie strokes going into her back door. When he isn’t busy pounding her pooper, Tom is pulling out for the mandatory gape shots. For her first time out, Jewel shows great potential as an anal slut to be reckoned with. The facial loses a lot of its impact with the digitization effect that I hate so much. Tommy, man, why waste a great face blast?
Speaking of great faces, Sabrina Johnson is next on the list, and there aren’t too many mugs more spunk worthy than hers. Luciano gets a shot at her sexy ass as well. (What Tom, trying to keep the new guy happy by giving him the hotties? Good move.) Sabrina has this look, this grin when she starts licking cock that is just a screen melter, part evil nymph, part naughty coed and a guarantee half the fucking audience already lost a load the second she gave that look. In addition to the look, she is also a highly skilled sword swallower who I adore watching on screen. She’s looking a little thin, but still has a very sexy body and pale skin with not a trace of tan lines anywhere. Even though his cock is nearly as thick as her leg, Sabrina loves taking it in her pink little pussy. (Almost as much as we enjoy watching it probably.) As a reigning gape queen, its no shock to see plenty of ‘ass wide open’ shots once the anal begins. However, it is the reverse cowgirl, crap (legs flailing about, whatever we call it) that really gets me going. She is the prefect little spinner. Damn, another facial ruined with effects. Dude, I’m not tripping, don’t make it look like I am.
The thought of Tom doing the same to the next starlet, Jessica Darlin, is very scary indeed. Her girl next door face and perfect body make Jessica the girl most likely to?period. Tom teams her with Iroc. They start off some extensive foot play, toe sucking and sole licking. Not for me, but feel free to dig it all you want. When that is over with, Iroc sticks her tongue so far up Jessica’s ass, I’m sure she can taste her breakfast. This is followed by some double dildo play before tom finally pulls his dick out and lets the two contract girls slobber all over it. No doubt who gives the best looking head here. Jessica wins hands down. (Of course, to REALLY know for sure, I would have to sample.) What is a guy to do when he has two horny women dying to fuck him? Well, Tom decides to let Jessica ride his cock while Iroc periodically pulls his rod out and sucks it clean. Jessica shows what a team player she is by sharing his stiff prick with her new friend. This leads us into Ms. Darlin slowly lowering her ass down onto Tom. With Iroc still there to suck it right out of her butt, the kink factor is very high here. For me, all I need is to watch Jess hold her legs his and get her ass fucked raw. This woman is just too sexually perfect for words. More of Jess, and less of everything else would make the world a happier, hornier place. After yet another killer scene, the digitization starts, but thankfully stops when the jizz starts flying. With both girls greedily lapping up every drop of cream, I am SO glad not to have to bag on the pop shot, it would have been a crime.
Move over Rex Borsky, Tom Byron is the king of wall to wall anal sex vids. No surprises here. Byron delivers, as usual, with tons of hot sex. Stryc9, Jessica Darlin, Sabrina Johnson and Jewel all shine. Their four scenes all make this video a must have. My only real problem is with the digital effects during a couple of the facial cumshots. That just ruins them for me. For those who really want it, there are lots of gape shots. Man, I do NOT dig this, but I know how many of you do. For me, the rest of the anal is a whole lot hotter, however the fact that Tom has both great anal sex and numerous gapes should be enough to bring in any fan of butt busting action. Since I can’t pick a favorite scene, just know that all four above mentioned women are amazing. At least they seem to be on screen. Again, Stryc9, Jessica, Sabrina or Jewel, should you feel the need to prove me right on this, you know where to get in touch with me. As for comments on Tom’s film making abilities, fuck it, just crown him king of wall to wall anal sex vids and engrave his fucking name on the crown.

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