Other Side Of Serenity


95 Mins.
DIRECTOR: F. J. Lincoln
THEMES: Fantasies.
1998 (7/98)
STARS: Serenity, Stephanie Swift, Katie Gold, Chloe, Charlie, Kelsey Heart, Brad Armstrong, Ian Daniels,Mickey G. Herschel Savage, Brick Majors and Paul Coxx
Having only seen a handful of Serenity films, I don’t know if I have enough info to do much of an overview. Therefore, I have no idea which side of her were are going to be seeing the converse of. What exactly that means, I have no idea. All I know is both sides of her depicted on the box look plenty good to me. Maybe we’re going to see the side of her that is so appreciative of good reviews that she showers enamoured internet porn reviewers with more affection than mortal man deserves. (Dude, this is NOT the new Fantasy Island show, get real.) More likely, it is a clever play on words, designed to give up some hint as to the plot of this adult film. In order to find out, I suggest we press on.
As we being, Serenity is speaking with her good friend via cell phone. It seems there are some serious problems in her marriage and she just doesn’t know what to do. Their conversation continues as Serenity enters the house, unknowingly inturupting Katie’s own lustful liasion. After giving her a card and telling Serenity to only use it if she is ready to save her marriage, or maybe lose it altogether. With that, she is off and we take a break for the story long enough to watch Ian Daniels finish what he started between Katie’s sweet thighs. How often to we see this much pussy eating in one scene? Let this serve as a lesson to you guys, stay down on your woman for a good long time and she just might suck your cock as lovingly as Katie does here. (Not likely, but you can dream.) For such an innocent looking woman, Katie sure knows how to suck a dick. It’s equally shocking to watch just how hard she likes to be fucked. Ian gives her a pounding that might crush a lesser slut, but Katie thrives on this sort of hard action. Ian pushes her legs back to her shoulders and fills her butt with hard cock, until he blows his nut all over her tummy. What a sexy little thing, and what a hot scene.
When Serenity arrives at the place Katie recommended, things instantly take a turn towards the bizarre. She finds herself escorted through a world of sexual fantasy, designed to teach her the magical mysteries of the erotic. (Why do I think Serenity needs no lessons in anything related to the realm of the erotic?) Her first lesson is that women crave the experienced hand of an older man. To demonstrate this, blonde Kelsey Heart gives herself to Herschel Savage. He warms her up by alternately spanking and licking her ass. That done, she sucks his cock for a few seconds and starts riding his rod. Nothing against Kelsey, but I was more interested in watching Serenity, who stands nearby, gently rubbing her pussy. Their sex is loud thanks to Kelsey, but it’s really a pretty average pairing, right up to the dribbled pop shot on her stomach.
Next, her guide takes her to the next room where she learns the all important lesson that every woman really needs the touch of another woman. Charlie is just the woman to teach Serenity this valuable lesson. Finding two more stunning women in all of porn would be quite a chore, and as such, there is actually a lot for me to like in this scene. (As opposed to my usual sleepy reaction to g/g sex.) The sex starts out very loving and slow, with Serenity using her mouth and two fingers to bring Charlie to a solid boil. Next, the brings out a dildo that fits quite nicely into the busty brunette. From what I have seen, it seems that Charlie eats pussy about as well as anyone in porn. While we will have to ask Serenity if this is actually the case, the results of their scene are nothing short of highly erotic, even for those who aren’t too keen on this sort of veggie only sex scene. They finally end up in the shower, washing each other down and closing out a very sexy lesbian pairing.
Next Serenity moves outdoors where Stephanie Swift is enjoying the oral skills of some guy she is holding under the water. (Tip ladies, if your man won’t go down, this might be a way to persuade him.) You see, Stephanie is an animal who “devours men”. Funny, I can’t think of too many guys who would mind being used and discarded by this totally hot, completlely sexy woman. Steph lets him up so she can get a taste of his throbbing meat stick. Blowjob scenes from Ms. Swift are, to say the least, a treat for the eyes and fodder for many a sexual fantasy. The lucky guy moves her to the edge of the pool and gives Stephanie a solid, single position fuck that ends with him exploding all over her chest and stomach. Sure enough, she sends him and ushers in her second victim. This time she gives an even more eye catching blow job, teasing, servicing and worshipping his cock with her incredible mouth. After the first fuck, she still has plenty of energy left to screw this second guy right into the ground. This time, she takes the load on her face before shoving guy number two away and calling for more. (ME, ME, ME!!!)
Next on her lists of lessons is how to lose control. In order to do that, she is taken into a room where Micky G is whipping the ass of Chloe. (And the little b/d outfit Serenity now sports is just about as sexy as can be.) They pull Serenity into the mix letting her watch closely as Micky literally whips Chloe into a total frenzy. Serenity is next, and though she gets a much more gentle lashing, I have to say this turns me on more than any other bondage themed scene I remember seeing ever. Chloe and Micky both enjoy tasting her perfect body and making Serenity squirm with desire. Very nice build up in this scene, great pace leading up to the penetration. This is something you don’t see too often and when done right, as here, it is scorching. At long last, Micky gets his dick into Serenity’s mouth and the heat just keeps right on rising. She and Chloe team up for a stunning double blow job that will have those of you who didn’t already fire a warning shot, messing up your Trinitron’s with a fitting tribute to such pretty faces doing such hot things on screen. Spreading the love equally, Micky moves to fuck Chloe and as always, she is absolutely on fire. As much as I love some other performers, Chloe has to get serious attention for performer of the year. Speaking of performer of the year candidates, Serenity should turn this scene in for consideration. The way she rides Micky just has to be criminal in at least nine states. Chloe aims his sperm rocket towards her face, but most of it lands on Serenity’s chest, giving Chloe something to lick clean.
Through with her lessons, Serenity comes home to hubby Brad Armstrong. They both have confessions to make and some big hats off here for some smart dialog and a couple of very nice non-sex performances. (Yes, I’m going to make you watch the movie to find out what happens.) They end up clawing at each other, expressing their love as only two people, deeply in love, know how. (OK, so they fuck, excuse me for using a little journalistic license.) (Bite me.) Serenity stays in her little blue dress as she drops to her knees and starts giving Brad a very screen friendly blowjob. (Translation- It looks fantastic.) So good in fact that he seems ready to pounce her after a few seconds. Instead, Brad goes down and provides some oral lovin’ of his own to her nearly bald and totally sweet looking honey pot. This leads them right into a coupling in front of the fireplace. (And why is there a fire going on such a sunny day?) There are lots of super tight close ups at the start of this scene, maybe even too many considering how good Serenity looks head to toe. Brad flips her over for some piledriver penetration which I really like since we get some great leg shots as he works her over. Finally, he pulls out and sprays his juice down her tummy. Very nice looking scene.
Yes, there is a plot, yes this movie will likely appeal to couples. Now, that out of the way, there is more to ‘The Other Side of Serenity” than just a couples-friendly film. The sex, for the most part, is very hot and always well shot. Serenity’s three scenes are all worth watching. The three way with Chloe is the sexual highlight of this film by far. Not far behind that are Serenity’s final tryst with Armstrong and Katie Gold’s anal pairing with Ian Daniels. Solid camera work, good script, decent non sex and quite good sex make this an all around win, a very nice effort. Fans of Serenity will be very pleased with this side of her. I am so pleased, I plan to watch it again, right now.

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