Young And Natural 2




68 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Mike Roe Wave

Pleasure – 1995 (6/95)

THEMES: Solo, Lesbian Sex, Small breasts.

STARS: Nancy Vee, Alex Dane, Missy, Lolli Pop, Dalny, Micky Lynn.


This series is such a sharp contrast two the two, big tit oriented solo/lesbian series from Pleasure. While a moment of silence may be in order for the fact that most of these women are no longer natural (One could argue they are no longer young either.), I prefer to enjoy them as they were, and not dwell on the pros and cons of ‘enhancements.’ (That’s what IRC chat is for right LT?)

Since Nancy Vee has never appealed to me at all, the idea of watching her play with herself and talk is just not the sort of thing that is likely to have me drooling all over my keyboard. However, if you like this woman, or if you like chicks who first lick, then fuck themselves with their high heels, then you might want to check her out. I have to say here to review for you guys, but I’d recommend you to out, grab a snack and maybe some tissues for Alex and Missy. Hard dildo fucking here, which is not without appeal, I just can’t get over that this is Nancy here.

Sadly, Dalny is equally unappealing. Thank goodness she is paired with Micky Lynn so I can have good reason to watch this scene. Micky takes the roll of experience lesbian, initiating Dalny into the world of veggie sex. (Didn’t Alex Dane act the same scene out with her in volume 1?) Micky is the sort of performer who just always knows what to do on camera. It’s not a fetish of mine, but those thigh high stockings looking just killer on her shapely thighs. This scene looks like a trailer park/co-ed sleepover, with Micky as the park slut, munching her blonde friend’s hairless slit. The dildo sex is a great highlight, with Dalny plugging away on a prone Micky. Considering I don’t dig Dalny and I’m not a lesbian fan, I still have to say this scene is hot on the strength of slutty Micky’s always awesome screen presence.

Lolli Pop looks awesome in her tight, black dress. It’s no wonder she can’t keep her hands off that tight little body. She slowly peels it away to reveal her goodies. Some more talking to the camera would have been nice. In fact, dubbing Nancy’s voice over on top of this visual would have made for a perfect solo scene. As it is, we just have to sit back and watch as Lolli Pop oils up her pussy and starts demonstrating a number of increasingly larger dildos on her waiting love nest. As hot as she is to look at, the scene just lacks anything resembling room temperature sexual excitement. Back to solo school for you Ms. Pop.

Missy and Alex Dane, two of the most beautiful, dynamic performers of the decade hook up in the g/g finale. Alex is sad because her man took off on her. Lucky for her Missy is there to take away the pain. Since Alex has never done this before, Missy has to talk her into with some sexy tales of early lesbian experiences. Talking leads to showing and soon the two hot babes are kissing on the couch. After a bit of begging, Missy spanks Alex and again, though not usually my cup of tea, this is really sexy shit. (Damn, Alex is the bomb!) Both these women know how to lick pussy and since they look super fine while being eaten, the sixty nine closer is just too fun to look at.

Missy and Alex really save this tape. Before these two incredible women take center stage, the action is pretty average. The solo scenes in this tape take a back seat to the lesbian pairings. Missy, Alex and Micky are wroth watching and Lolli Pop is a pretty hot little number as well. Watch it if you want to see some early scenes by current super stars, but there are better titles in this series.

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