Lewd Behavior 2


105 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Van Damage
Extreme Associates – 1998 (8/98)
THEMES: Anal Sex, Bareback Sex.
STARS: Jessica Darlin, Tiffany Mynx, Elena, Nikki Taylor, Sierra Knight, Iroc.
I know Jessica Darlin was already pretty well known before her jump to Extreme Associates, but I have to say seeing her featured so prominently (Finally) on a boxcover is a beautiful thing. She if getting more exposure and that can only mean a meteoric rise to the top. This however, is not a movie that is likely to be remembered strictly for a great shot of Ms. D. With Tiffany Mynx, Sierra Knight and Iroc just a few names on the roster, this is sure to be another action packed ride with the “Bareback Vigilante”, Van Damage.
First up is here today, gone ten seconds later, blonde Sierra Knight. (If the AVN stories of her bailing are to be believed.) Quite a loss this woman is, but only if you like long legged blondes who seem to love nothing more than stripping down and sucking the first cock they see. Eager, hungry mouths are always a find in porn, but when they are attached to such a pretty face, they should mean stardom is just around the corner. Come back Sierra, we miss you already. Hell, she even rather enthusiastically licks his asshole, and not every girl, fresh off the bus, pulls that out of her bag of tricks. One good turn deserves another and Van gives her lower lips a nice tonguing before moving on. (Thus proving, he is a better man than a certain, high profile guy in that respect.) One thing I always like is longer shots of leggy women being fucked. Sierra has a great set of stems and wraps them lovingly around Van as he fucks her from above. The vaginal intercourse is a bit short, but that is just so we get to enjoy the sight of this sexy blonde being buttfucked for a while longer. I have often discussed my dislike for overdone editing tricks. The short cuts of black and white used here are not intrusive, and actually move Van’s work up a notch from the more straight forward pro-am stuff he was doing. Just don’t go overboard bro, it’s still all about the women, don’t forget that. Oh yeah, the A2M is a nice touch, again something Sierra doesn’t seem to have been coached into. Great, high energy, nice looking anal sex here, with an open mouthed facial to close things out.
Jessica is next, and you must all excuse me for a moment, while I ogle her awesome bod during the bikini clad, pre-sex shots. THIS is the place for artistic editing and cool camera tricks. The naked hose down is as well shot as a Playboy vid and three times as sexy. This super hot tease leads right into the sex as Jessica is joined by Luciano for some love in the bright SoCal sun. Jessica squats to find his huge cock waiting for her luscious mouth. As always, she sucks his cock like she’s worshipping it, licking the shaft, nibbling at the head and trying her best to cram it all down her throat. That is followed by the always fantastic sight of Jessica riding backwards on a hard cock so we can scope the legs, the gorgeous pussy, the perfect breasts and her beaming face, all at once. In this age of overly fake pornstars, watching a woman who is as naturally gorgeous and genuinely horny as Ms. Darlin is a total treat. As ass this active (and attractive) is bound to send Jessica right up on stage for some well deserved hardware at next year’s AVN awards. Does it make me a total perv because I love to watch a petite hottie like Jess take a big cock in her ass? (As if I really care.) The nice facial suffers from over edit-its, but Jessica does more this jizz post shot than anyone since………(Edited because yet another intern joke is exactly what is NOT needed here.)
Elana’s pre-scene tease is not quite my speed. A woman masturbating with watermelon is quite Extreme, but just not the flavor I’m looking for. Still, it’s well shot and she seems very into her new sex toy/snack. Elena is a woman I never seem to find very attractive until her scene starts. Then her attitude and sexual heat come through and things pick up in a big hurry. She does a great job sucking cock and starts her fucking off in fine style. Somewhere though, she starts screaming and I had to adjust the volume on my set. Either this girl is sadly overacting, or she No doubt, it sure looks like she’s having a ball. A bit too much editing during the sex, but if Van had to do this, at least he picked the right scene for it. (It’s good, just not what some of the others are.) Another decent facial moves us ever forward.
No intro piece on Nikki Taylor. Instead we open on this very pretty blonde already sucking her little heart out. Where did they find this girl? I use fresh faced so often, that it can’t begin to describe the wholesome quality of this young woman. (Wholesome, but not felonious looking. Literally like a sorority princess.) The outdoor setting the perfect place to witness her deflowering. Her legs part easily and fold nicely back to her chest while Van slides long and deep into her inviting honey hole. Nikki does a fine job of fucking him back, pumping her wonderfully round ass up and down on his rod. The center of the fine bottom becomes the target of his affections rather quickly, and the girl next door gets buggered, rather slowly at first. In the end, Nikki takes it in the ass like a pro, adding another reason to fall in love with the sexy creature. Her face gets glazed and we get to enjoy the post pop fun. Nice touch.
Next up is Iroc, whose short masturbation show is interrupted by Tiffany Mynx who just can’t resist getting a taste of her sweet snatch. I’m such a huge Tiff fan, I love watching her do anything, but she has a habit of making every g/g scene something I can’t help but love. By the time Van Damage gets to the party, I am already to put this scene into the cream-worthy category. The lighting in this scene is dimmer than the rest, but once Tiffany takes over, any technical shortcomings are lost in a blaze of pure sexual glory. Does anyone ride cock like TM? Me thinks not. Nice touch by Iroc to repeatedly pull Van’s pud from Tiff’s ass and suck it clean. Of course, her anal is sadly a step below the bar, set so impossibly by high by having Ms. Mynx go first. A nice bit of dildo assisted DP and a very wet asshole after the popshot, close things out. (Ohhhhh, no facial for Mynx, the crowd groans in agony)
I was right, this is another fine effort by Van Damage. Jessica, Tiffany, Iroc, Sierra and Nikki all rock the house. He uses just enough post production work to let us know that the stakes are a little higher now, but not so much that they interfere with the sexual heat of the tape. By the way, the Jessica Darlin pre-sex tease sequence is a thing of beauty. For the most part, the faces are fairly new, but Darlin and Mynx still stand out, proving that new, while always good, is not always better. Top to bottom a fantastic effort.

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