Jasmin Trilogy



225 Mins.
DIRECTOR: John T. Bone
Amazing – 1998
THEMES: Jasmin, Anal, Facials, Oral Sex, Gang Bangs.
STARS: Jasmin St. Claire, Steve Hatcher,
Since I’ve already reviewed two of the three movies on this six hour tape, I figured this was as good a time as any to go ahead, review the third title and remind Jasmin fans that they can get three times the smut for their buck. Personally, I hate the way tapes look on EP speed, but if it’s quantity you need, not video quality, then you’ll want to check this out. I have always had mixed feelings about Jasmin, but generally those feelings do not get in the way of my ability to enjoy watching her fuck and suck on screen. She has tons of fans for a reason, this girl is just a no-nonsense, balls to the wall, no apologies, no excuses, slut!
The first feature is Just Jasmin and basically has Ms. St. Claire telling us her life story in fantasy form. Her opening monologue is pretty telling. She tells us how hard life was for her in high school. You see not only was Jasmin “really pretty, but also really smart.” That made men afraid to ask her out. So, she joined the cheerleading squad to shake her ass in front of all those people. Still, guys wouldn’t ask her out. So, on Saturday nights, Jasmin would sit home (In her cheer uniform no less) and dream about the bad boys, leather types who broke all the rules. That’s where the sex kicks in, as two leather clad, scum-boys throw her on the bed and start giving Jasmin what she says she needs, hard dick. With little fanfare, these two guys just start fucking the shit out Jasmin. Steve Hatcher logs most of the pussy time, while a guy who looks a whole lot like JJ Michaels waits his turn. As is the norm, her ass is fair game and the guys take great delight and fucking it as raw as her pussy. After a very brief, DP, the guys both rain serious loads into her half open mouth, leaving the little honor student covered in jizz.
After school, still searching for someone to fuck, Jasmin says she became a stripper, and still, no guy would fuck her. Again, we get to see fantasy version of how she wanted those long, sweaty nights at the club to end. After pouring wax all over her tits, Jasmin has the guys all gather round her for a circle suck. It doesn’t even look like it matters to Jasmin who has their dick in her mouth and who is fucking her pussy. Just so long as she gets filled at both ends, the purrs like a happy slut kitty. Once again, she won’t let the guys go until they have all fired sticky loads on her face.
Still looking for sex, Jasmin turns to the porn business, where she take the title role in a movie, “Poke-her-anus”. In a nice Native-American get up, Jasmin takes on four guys dressed in similar outfits as well as a pair of cowboys. They serve her up as an offering that beats the shit out of any peace pipe. (Would she then be a piece-pipe?) By now, some of the action is a little redundant, but watching Jasmin filled from every angle is a nice sight, so it could be a lot worse. There is some especially nice reverse cowgirl anal here that leads to some equally hot DP action. Knowing what a low opinion she has for the guys she works with, it is a bit ironic to watch them all slam fuck her ass until she screams. Another round of facials leaves Jasmin the cream covered mess we all know and love.
While the three scenes in this video are not at all different from any other Jasmin scenes, they are all quite hot. For fans of this wild woman, this may be the best thing could watch. She does everything that has made her famous, oral, anal, DP, gang bangs, facials, you name it. If you like watching this sexy woman get fucked senseless, this is the movie for you.
The next feature is “Possessed” See the full review if you want. I am only going to hit the highlights here. Here, doctors Steve Hatcher, Dave Hardman and Annabelle Chong watch over the seemingly possessed St. Claire. Her caged three way with Hardman and Hatcher is super filthy and totally fucking hot. Jasmin crawls around, fights, scratches and swallows cock in a very well shot, erotic scene. The mud is a little much for me, but this is still a scene to keep on file if anyone asks why Jasmin is so popular. Great anal action and facials make this a winner. On the flip side of that coin is the hideous Annabelle Chong scene. How this woman gets any work is beyond me. Enough said.
The final movie is one that is pretty fucking funny. “Fuck Jasmin” has all the hot sex you expect, plus some rather amusing commentary in the form of titles that take shots at the star and her habits. Jasmin and John West turn in a fantastic one on one fuck with hard anal and sticky facial climax. Alyssa Allure does an equally nice job with Hatcher and Hardman, nearly equally Jasmin’s love for hard cock in her ass. The final Jasmin three on one is another stunning example of just what a total slut this woman really is. Easily the best of the tape.
If you just want to watch Jasmin fuck, what could be better than three full tapes of her rolled into one. All three of these movies show her at her cock sucking, ass fucking, jizz gulping best. There aren’t a lot of plots to get in the way, and the production values are average at best, (Made worse certainly by the EP speed at which this tape was recorded.) but it works on the purest, dirtiest, hardest level. Those who love Jasmin, love her for the all access, cum covered slut she is. Those who hate her, can still enjoy watching her get stretched and glazed in scrotal soup. All in all, it’s a win-win situation.


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