Sugardaddy 15




90 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Dave Cummings

Fallen Angel – 1998

THEMES: Older men with young women.

STARS: Chandler, Natasha Lover, Kiki, Rylie, Brittany, Erica Lockett, Cori Gates, Samantha, Carole Troy.


Once you’ve reviewed nearly a dozen tapes from a series with a constant and successful series, just about every possible open has done. By now, everyone should know who Dave Cummings is, what he does and how he does it. In case there are any new readers out there, the skinny is this, older guy, lots of young girls, some full scenes, a couple of quickie, tease scenes, usually some cute, brief setups. That’s about it. No one gets choked, gagged, spit on, slapped or treated like crap. Got it? Good. Now, before I skip to the first scene, I have to comment on a tag line from the box. “He’s 58 with the cock of an 18 year old.” Dave, buddy, do the right thing, give it BACK to the poor kid. Somewhere there is this freshman in college, entering a world of smart, sexy women with a senior citizen schlong.

Deciding that fucking Chandler is something no one wants to wait for, Dave disposes of the set up and gets right to work stripping this curvy redhead down to her panties. He gives her titties a little taste while teasing her through the thin material. Dave gives her plenty of oral attention, which I still don’t think looks nearly as hot on video as it is in person, but it gets Chandler quite juicy and ready to strut her stuff. They move into a 69 which is painfully cut short. I’ve seen Chandler suck dick, and it’s always hot to watch. I won’t blame Dave for wanting to fuck her pussy, but come one, we want to see her wolfing down the rod for a bit. You know, either Dave Cummings is one hell of a stud, or Chandler just loves to fuck. (My money is one a combination of the two.) This is one energetic coupling, with Chandler begging for it harder and faster and riding Dave like a champion cock wrangler. When Dave lets loose his load, the thick cream stays on his cock and Chandler laps it up slowly, making a game of the whole thing. Damn, this is sexy shit. (See, leave the camera rolling after the shot when you have a woman who plays with it.)

Dave has been putting his computer to good use. He uses it to recruit a married couple and their hot girlfriend for a little four way fun. Rylie, the wife is pretty average looking, but Brittany is a cut above. Besides, both woman are real first timers, giving this a pro-am appeal. Neither of them measure up to Chandler, but that’s a tall order to begin with. The guys give them a side by side, table top fuck that is as real as it is sexy. With so many women in porn just going through the motions, it’s nice to see some real women enjoying real fun and games. Another example of Dave taking some average women and making something worth watching out of their scene. A couple of nice facials close out a very good scene with an exciting pro-am edge.

Sexy Samantha fucked both Dave and Ron, but somehow the little cutie is dying for more. Since Ron is already out of the room, raiding the icebox, poor Dave has to get hard again. This is one of those quickie scenes Dave likes to throw at us, but you still see enough of Samantha to make you want to go back and find her two on one with Ron and Dave, and that is the point isn’t it?

Rod Fontana hooks up with a Cummings fave, Cori Gates. I know a lot of guys really dig Cori and her super hard-body. She is just a little too manly for my taste, so it’s hard to enjoy a scene much. Sorry guys, I’m going to have to take a pass on this scene and move on to the next one.

Dave is back for the next scene with busty brunette Carole Troy. She is hot for cum after a scene and he is able to give her what she needs the most. Those that like extreme close-ups will enjoy the tight, finger fucking shots of her snug slit. Again, this is a quickie tease scene to whet your appetite for more Carole. That monster rack and the way she licks up every drop of cum she can find has me ready to give her my full attention next time.

Erica Lockett is even cuter and when this young, chesty gal gets going on Dave’s rod, it’s clear she could have quite a future making cocks stiff is she so chooses. She seems to love lying on her back and being slam fucked until her tits nearly shake right off her chest. Fans of thin girls with big tits are going to love Erica, especially when she drops those hooters to the bed and shakes her skinny butt in the air for Dave to bust. Hats off to Cummings for delivering a very high energy fuck and to Erica for taking it and screaming the whole time. What a hot little slut this young lady is. Folding her long legs back to her ears, Dave starts fucking Erica in the ass while she fills her pussy with a long dildo. With another gooey facial, this one has to go down as one of Dave’s best scenes ever.

Kiki is tired of cyber-sex and wants a real dick to suck on. Viola, Dave magically appears and fills her mouth with throbbing meat. This blonde is pretty cute, not overly enthusiastic here. The anal really gives her problems, but Dave takes it slow, at least salvaging a decent scene where other guys, who shall remain nameless, might have forced the issue and made a mess of things. Nice facial at the end is a plus.

Finally Natasha Love finds a way to make Dave forget about his recent knee surgery. Funny how having your dick sucked by a pretty young woman will make the pain in aching joints go away. Screw Advil, take two blowjobs and call me in the morning. Though not a raving beauty, Natasha has a juicy pussy and seems to enjoy playing with a hard cock. That alone makes her fun to watch. Very nice squat fucking her, with Natasha working those strong thighs to bounce her body up and down on his rod, slapping her ass audibly against his thighs on the down stroke. Again, props to Dave for showing he has as much energy and can fuck as long and hard as the guys half his age. I don’t think poor Natasha had any idea what was in store for her pussy. Dave pops a soothing load of cum on her slit only to have this sexy young thing suck him clean.

I won’t say this is Dave’s best overall tape, but there are some shining moments that we will see again in a Best of Sugardaddy comp somewhere down the road. His scene with Chandler is everything we could hope for. She is hot and Dave gives her all she can handle. Erica may still be the best reason to watch this video though. She has the whole package, great body, cute face, killer sexual attitude, everything a good porn hound loves. Another very solid Sugardaddy effort. The women, though not all stunning, give good performances and seem to be having a good time. At best, this tape is pro-am perfection, at worst, it’s still a far cry better than most in the genre. Now, if Dave could just give lessons to some of his contemporaries, we’d all be better off.

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