White Bun Busters




69 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Gregory Dark

VCA – 1985 (6/95)

THEMES: Anal Sex, Big Cocks.

STARS: Erica Boyer, Keli Richards, Penny Morgan, Dick Rambone, Jennifer Noxt, Shanna McCullough, Tom Byron, Marc Wallice, Steve Powers, Jack Backer, Greg Rome, Jack Baker.


I’ve been getting a lot of requests lately to take a break from the new stuff and review some more classic adult films. I don’t know if 1985 is what some people would consider the golden age of porn, but for a poor 13er like me (13er for the majority of you who have no idea what Rog is talking about, is more accurate term for Gen X.) it represents a carefree fun time. When porn was new, tits were real, HIV was a concern still a decade away and when anal was still something on the cutting edge of porn. No one got spit on, speculums were kept chilling in OBGYN’s offices and no one had to debate the presence of condoms in smut. Of course, there was no internet to let me spew my opinion to the masses, and I still had to hide porn from my mom, but that’s beside the point. “White Bun Busters” was one a series of huge hits for the Dark Brothers. These guys made movies that were nastier than just about anyone else at the time. They also happened to be irreverent, witty and sometimes controversial. In this one, in spite the titles, the D Bros. avoided much of the racial stereotyping that still makes people’s blood boil. Instead, they found some of the dirtiest girls of the day and threw them into a plot that is so ridiculous and so hilarious that one runs the risk of losing his grip on his unit from laughing so hard.

We open with Tom Byron, in bed with his wife, Shanna McCullough. He is seemingly unaware that while he pumps away passionately, she is just barely getting into the action herself. Perhaps not the best time to try and sneak the tubesteak past the Royal Butt Brigade. She denies him entrance and gets rather indignant in the process, but he still manages to talk her into a hot, sticky facial to ease his frustration. Great job by Shanna here, both in her dialog and the killer face blast.

Sitting around the office with pal Greg Rome, Tom complains about his lack of an all-access pass to his wife’s pooper playground. Greg tells him about the special service provided by the A-Busters. These guys specialize in loosening up even the most uptight wife. (Let’s see it’s 1985, anyone think a certain southern Governor was looking these guys up?) When the A-Busters, Marc Wallice and Steve Powers get an emergency call, they load up their traveling kit and head out. OK, so it’s not exactly high comedy, it’s still worth a chuckle or two. The object of their anal initiation is Erica Boyer. I don’t think she ever looked any finer than she does here. Her toned body and impressive tits are on display her in little outfit, but still she tells Jack Baker he can’t have the booty. Enter the Busters and after the token, comic struggle, Erica is taking on these modestly-hung intruders like their dicks are the last two on earth. She always did give some of the best on screen head I have ever seen and we get plenty of hot cocksucking here as she keeps both men occupied before they open up her back door. With Steve in her slit, Erica cries out in her ‘hurts so good’ manner as Marc slips his slim jim right up her butt. In no time, the prudish Boyer is transformed into a DP loving slut in a scene that rivals anything shot today in terms of hot butt-slamming action. Both loads end up on her ass and it looks like Jack is in for a much smoother ride from now on.

Still dreaming about it, Tom gets an offer he can’t refuse. Greg invites him over to watch as he fucks his horny wife, Keli Richards. I know Keli is not exactly the prettiest girl on the block, but she was always a total volcano in the sack, and that mouth. Shit, she could talk. In no time, she pulls Tom in to join them and we get to watch Keli suck cock. Where have you gone Keli Richards? Those full lips, that deep throat, that total lack of inhibition. Something about Keli just made every guy feel like he had a good shot at fucking her and I spent many a night lamenting the fact that I never got my shot. Look at how Tom slams balls deep into her ass and still she yells for it ‘hardah, hardah’ Eat your hearts out modern porn sluts. One shot on her ass, the other in mouth, end a scene that will live on compilations forever.

Back at the office, Tom and Greg get a pleasant surprise. Jennifer Noxt comes bouncing in looking for a job. Their only requirement is that she take it up the ass. Jennifer is one of those women who should be too skinny for me, but for some reason, I always had a monster crush on her. They throw her on the desk and Tom starts fucking her as she sucks on Greg’s cock. From there, things move rather quickly into another hot DP. Petite Jennifer, gets filled with two big cocks and still her mouth is wide open. Both guys miss the chance though and pop on her little backside.

The A-Busters next assignment is to help out porn star Penny Morgan prepare for her first anal scene. (Snicker.) She warms herself up with a rather vigorous finger fuck. Decked out in a ridiculous, pseudo-punk get up, Penny is still highly desirable in a completely fuck-toy kind of way. In come the guys, and they go to work prepping her for the pooper poke. Having seen Penny work many times, it comes as no surprise, that she it completely into her scene. It’s not like Powers and Wallice are the most equine of porn studs, so when they double fuck Penny, one gets the impression she could take a lot more meat than the A-Busters are packing. Again the jizz gets fired into her stretched sphincter.

Speaking of more meat, Penny gets just that as her real porn stud, Rambone can fill her flanks. Sure, he can’t get his dick fully hard, but damn, that guy is carrying some serious tonnage between his thighs. Penny is one of the few women who not only handles his girth, but seems to relish the idea of being so full of cock. He has to hold the base of his cock to keep it hard enough to put in her ass, but hey it still looks like Penny is being buggered by a Louisville Slugger and that’s something you just don’t see every day. A rather weak pop shot on her butt closes out what is still one hell of a fine anal scene.

Finally, Tom sits down to a nice dinner with her lovely wife who is happy to see he has gotten over his anal fixation. Of course, she is shocked when the A-Busters come through the door, intent on bolding going where no man had gone before. Sure, we’ve seen Shanna do anal now, but back then, it was a little more rare and the idea that she was going to be opened up made this scene even hotter. I always loved Shanna because she looked like a real woman, someone you could meet on the street. With Tom joining in, Shanna has two dicks to suck while Powers sucks her red snapper. Even surrounded by these total anal sluts, Shanna’s beauty and oral abilities put her scene at the top of the heap. Even though Tom gets a blowjob while the little guys take care of the DP, this still has to rank as one of the hottest scenes of this adult film legend’s career. She even takes a facial from her hubby.

This is one fine piece of funny smut. It has a little of everything. Technically, it’s very solid, good camera work, high production values and good sound. The sex is great, holding up even now, when anal is the most common theme in all of porn. A few of the faces are still around. Director Gregory Dark who has given up this sort of funny movie for a darker, more disturbing vision. Tom Byron, who looks like he might have aged a whole two years. Shanna McCullough, who is every bit as hot now as then, and Marc Wallice, who until his recent HIV infection was still playing the same type of rolls. Also features are some of the best anal sluts of all times, Keli Richards, Penny Morgan and Jennifer Noxt. In addition to all of this, it’s worth a laugh. The best Dark Brothers’ film ever? Not quite, but still one worth taking a l
ook at, assuming of course, you can find it.

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