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68 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Toni English

Vivid – 1998

THEMES: Black women, Big tits, Interracial Sex.

STARS: Naomi, Rochel St. Marie, Monique, Johnni Black, Anna Amore, Vince Vouyer, Devlin Weed, Sean Michaels, Mr. Marcus, Santino Lee.


After watching a very unimpressive Vivid effort just two days ago, I nearly tossed this one into pile for later review until I saw the credits. I figure anything with Naomi, Monique and Anna has to be a huge step up from Chasey Lain and Jill Kelly. At least maybe they will appear to be alive during their sex scenes. That alone would be an improvement.

The story revolves around Players International magazine. Naomi runs the magazine and has to battle with her secretary Rochel St. Marie over the affections of a business associate. Rochel wants to be set up, while Naomi is trying to fight the guy off. Frustrated, Rochel sits in her boss’ desk while she is away. In walks Devlin Weed, who mistakes her for the boss. Taking advantage of the situation, Rochel gets Delvin to give her a good work out. While not as gorgeous as her boss, Rochel is blessed with a mighty fine rack and Mr. Weed makes sure to give them some attention on his way down to her dripping slit. Eating her out gets him throbbing hard so by the time Rochel wraps her full lips around his cock, it is already at full mast. The thankfully doesn’t stop her from doing some deep dick inhaling to wet his shaft. Rochel is a bit bottom heavy, so if you like wide butts, you’re going to love her full cheeks bouncing up and down, nearly matching her tits for jiggle factor. I’m not all that fond of anal scenes with women who aren’t into them, and Rochel just seems way too tight to take him in the booty. I’d rather just see a good pussy poke. Weed unloads on her big buns, quite pleased that he walked into the office at the right time.

Meanwhile, Naomi is meeting with photographer Santino Lee. She is unhappy with his prospects for the centerfold, and even less pleased with his proposed solution, which is to have Naomi pose for her own magazine. He shows her busty beauty Anna Amore, who gets a job, but still doesn’t make the centerfold cut. Happy that she gets to model, Anna nearly attacks the lucky photog, pulling him down onto the bed and between her fantastic legs. Anyone else think that Anna a totally amazing body and should be worshipped? Lee buries his head between her cheeks and licks her pussy and hot asshole. Anna’s wide mouth and super sucking skills are too much for Santino. His cock looks pint sized as she devours every inch. Another big bootied babe, Anna shakes, rattles and rolls as she rides and is then slammed from behind by Santino. Again, the jizz gets shot between her lovely asscheeks, turning them into a reverse hot fudge sundae.

Back at the office, Naomi catches Rochel and Weed. She tosses them out but seems somewhat aroused by the idea. She fantasizes about being with Sean Michaels. Naomi is simply one of the most beautiful women to ever grace the adult screen and it’s no wonder Sean’s dick is rock hard as he goes down on her. It looks for a minute like he’s going to fuck her without trying that mouth, but Naomi remedies that situation, slobbering all over his rod while giving and hand heavy blowjob. If Vivid is looking for another gorgeous face to add to their stable, Naomi would be perfect, except for one thing, she loves sex too much. Sean works her slowly, sliding an inch at a time in and making her real tits giggle about like mad. He turns her over to spoon a bit and that allows his whole shaft to sink into her sweet chocolate treat. He blows his load, rather too quickly on her sexy ass.

After her fantasy, Naomi is right back to work, calling talent scout Mr. Marcus to pressure him into getting more models for her mag. He is hard at work trying out a pair of would be models, Monique and Johnni Black. (Did someone tell Johnni that she has to actually BE black to get in the mag?) Marcus just sits back and enjoys two very hungry mouths working his fat cock over. Monique can nearly deep throat that monster which is quite a feat. Johnni’s throat may not be as deep as Monique’s (But if you want to prove me wrong Johnni, give a call.) however, no one takes a hard fuck from a big cock better than Ms. Black. He warms up inside of Monique first, giving her a very solid slam before unleashing everything he’s got into Johnni. What a fun duo these two make, truly the best of both worlds. No props for the cumshot though, it seems rushed and Marcus fires right past Johnni’s tongue while Monique is nowhere near the action.

Finally, Naomi decides that she is the best woman for the centerfold position and agrees to a shoot with Santino. She finds herself far too tense and in need of a massage. Assistant Vince Vouyer volunteers to start rubbing her down. This works wonders and the photographic magic begins. Naomi soon realizes that Vince has a muscle in need of some attention and goes down for some first class knob polishing. I love the way she keeps sucking while taking his shoes and pants off. Nice work. Even nicer is that body as Naomi slips out of her dress and onto Vince’s hardon. Santino wants in on the action and soon Naomi has Vince fucking her from behind and Lee pumping away on her sweet mouth. Someone calls for the switch and Naomi lies on her back to be fucked while sucking her cum off Vince. At last the guys both let their loads fly and luscious Naomi is covered, face and tits, in thick goo. This scene alone is worth sitting through the movie.

Everything in this movie works pretty nicely. The cast is attractive and very into their sex scenes. The technical quality is very good and there is even a story that you can follow from beginning to end without wondering if the script writer ran out of Taco Bell napkins halfway through. Naomi is a stunner, a superstar in every sense of the word. Monique and Johnni do a very nice job sharing Marcus’ monster meat. Anna Amore is just too mouthwatering for words. I want to get lost in those incredible boobs for about a week. As an added treat, for those of you who don’t like facials, this movie features a lot of pop shots on curvaceous, black bottoms. Great effort from Vivid that makes of the God-awful “The Nymph.”

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