Hot Bods And Tail Pipe 4




131 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Stoney Curtis

Seymore Butts Home Movies – 1998 (6/98)

THEMES: Hot Cars, Bikinis, Threesomes.

STARS: Charlise LeMour, Terri Starr, Montana Gunn, Tracy Love, Courtknee, Racquel Devine, Jessica, Elana, Alexandra Nice, Tice Bune, Dave Hardman, Rick Masters, John West, Herschel Savage.


If you are new to this series, you need to do yourself a favor and go back and find Hot Bods #1. This wall to wall/gonzo series combining two of man’s greatest passions, cars and chicks, is quite a treat. Stoney Curtis knows that while we might like looking at muscle cars for a little while between scenes, it is the babes we care about. This time, the cast has a number of my favorite second tier stars as well as some new faces, so while the cars remain of little interest to me, the hot female bods are high on my list.

When Dave Hardman goes out cruising, he spies Racquel Devine and Jessica in a passing BMW. The girls like the wheels and quickly agree to a ride with Dave. Back at the pad, Stoney has busty Jessica show off her bikini encased hooters. Suddenly, they realize that Dave and Racqel are missing. What do you think they are up to? If you guessed that Ms. Devine would be on her knees, servicing Dave in a way that would make Monica Lewinski’s eyes bug out, you win the grand prize. Watching them go at it, makes Jessica so horny she just has to join in. I am quickly becoming a fan of Racquel’s. Her sexual performances are always top notch. Jessica is not always as hot, but here she is on her game, fucking wildly and letting her monstrous mams flop about wildly. The two of them working over Dave’s cock with their hungry mouths is highlight reel worthy for sure. Jessica’s totally hot fuck is mirrored nicely by a wicked anal, vibrator solo scene for Racquel. Dave sees this and decides that her ass needs a real cock. After a long, deep and intense anal scene, Dave spurts on their faces. Jessica scores more points here than just about anywhere else, but it’s Racquel once again moving up a notch on the Rog-chart with killer butt banging.

Charlise Lemour and Terri Starr take on Rick Masters and John West in a little two on two action. The girls are there to detail the car, and when they notice eyes watching them, they turn up the heat. A car wash suddenly becomes a bikini clad soap fest. It takes about two minutes for the guys to talk them into cranking the heat up another notch by sucking cock. Terri is far and away the hotter of the two women in both looks and oral ability. She really knows how to slobber on knob. Not that Charlise isn’t also quite the accomplished little fellatrix, but Ms. Starr is makes cocksucking a sexual work of art. This time the fucking starts actually in and around the car which I guess will give you car buffs a total woody. I was just as happy to see them move to poolside where the guys can stretch out and Teri and Charlise ride their throbbing rods. Both girls open up for anal very quickly and here Charlise has an easier time taking deep strokes that her sexy friend. While Terri has go to reverse cowgirl to take it all up her butt, Charlise gets drilled deep from behind, on top, pretty much any way Rick can dish it out. This is some serious assfucking and gets topped off with a couple of very well captured (By both Stoney and the girls) facials. Terri ends up just covered in jizz. Nice work.

Tice Bune has to prove his manhood with not one, not two, but three women. When he and Stoney show up at a house with Montana, they start their photo shoot. It’s supposed to be the home of one of Stoney’s friends, but the guy is out of town and has Tye watching the place. This is all fine, but when Montana’s friend Tracy shows up, she skips the photos and goes right to the cocksucking. Tracy’s return to porn may be one of the most exciting developments in recent memory. This girl sucks like mad and talks like a drunken sailor. You know, bikini clad blondes sucking dick is a very hot visual. However, Tracy getting naked is plenty fine looking as well. Do those look like the most mouthwatering nipples you’ve ever seen or what? If you don’t like to hear women fire out a stream of dirty dialog, I suggest you turn down the sound because the only way to shut Tracy up is to have a dick in her mouth and Montana loves being fucked to let her hot all the hose. Tye finally comes out of the house, but not to join the fun, just to tell them they have to bring it inside. Once there, Montana helps guide Tice’s cock right up Tracy’s asshole. (You can imagine the screams that brings from her busy mouth.) Tye sits by, watching Montana take it in the pooper and gets turned on. Nice shot of Montana in crap position on top of Tice, his cock in her ass while Tracy sucks her pussy. This is hot, but watching beautifully big breasted Tye in the corner has me longing for the moment when she will get up out of that chair and join the party. Instead she fingers herself while Tracy and Montana greedily fight for his load. Next time, Tye better get that sexy body into the action.

Porn vet Herschel Savage gets to combine American steel with European pussy. Alexandra Nice and blonde Elana are impressed by the car and agree to do a photo shoot. You know how the rest of this goes, so let’s flash forward to when the Euro-babes strip down and start sucking. Again, I have to love the pose down in bikinis. I’ve seen Alexandra and she is always great in her scenes but Elana looks just stunning as she wiggles her ass for the camera. Stoney goes for drinks and comes back to find Herschel enjoying some fine imported European poon-tang. Alex does a great job working his dick to full mast in her eager mouth while Elana can hardly wait for that hard rod in her tight pussy. Check out Alex begging to taste his cock fresh out of her friend’s hole. Hot stuff man. With two such inviting women, how does one choose which to fuck and for how long? Oh, the difficult decisions made my porn stars. Considering he gets to bone them both, I guess it’s just a matter of who goes first and in what position. When these choices include anal, the decision seems pretty clear, go after them both. However, Herschel decides that Elena’s ass is all he really needs. She takes cock in her ass like a total pro during a long and very enthusiastic butt boning. After all that he manages a pretty nice shot onto both upturned faces.

Finally, Stoney gives us a quickie scene with Courtknee, designed as a preview for her Hot Bods 5 appearance. Nothing with Courtknee is ever bad, but this scene just has me wanting more. I’ll hold the comments until she comes back for her full scene. This series keeps right on rolling along. There seems to be a bit less emphasis on cars, which suits me fine, but takes some of the fresh edge off things. Fear not, as a sex video, Hot Bods 4 holds its own. Tracy Love does a great job, as usual, making things lots of fun and quite stroke-worthy while she is on screen. Terri Starr turns in a typically hot, nasty performance in her scene, and porn vet Herschel Savage gets the treatment of his life from the sexy pair of Euro-sluts. Another very solid piece from Stoney, now, bring on number five and let’s see a lot more of Courtknee.

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