Only The Best Of Seymore Butts 2


115 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Seymore Butts
Seymore Butts Home Movies – 1998
THEMES: Anal Sex.
STARS: Taylor Hayes, Lovette, Dru Berrymore, Montana Gunn, Pandora Rye, Lana, Markie, Hakan, Butch, Ron, Tom.
You know, given the amount of time I have spent telling you all how great Seymore is, I would think by now, you would know how I feel. Still, I press on and review Volume Two of Only the Best of Seymore Butts. (And yes, I am still awaiting the chance to pick my own best of from this great series.) As before, there is a good and bad aspect that I notice right away. On the positive side, all the scenes are identified in terms of which movie you can find the original scene in. On the down side, the tape is once again in EP speed, which is not my fave thing to watch.
Right out of the gate, we get a group scene from “Musical Tushies.” Pandora, Montana Gunn and Drew (Dru) Berrymore hook up to take on the mighty fucksticks of Tom Byron and Ron Jeremy. The premise here is that Ron brings the girls in to audition for the part of slave girls. Not that it really matters I suppose. All you need to know is that they dive into their parts like starved animals. The three blondes are all quite cock hungry, but only Dru is what I would call hot looking. I have always liked Dru and watching her fight for more cock than the other two women is a great sight. The best part of this scene has Dru sucking pussy juice of Ron’s cock while Tom rams her from behind. She is every bit as slutty as the other two hosebeasts, and ten times more attractive. If only the real Drew B. were this good looking and this willing to swallow sword on film. If you want the blow by blow, see my full review of MT, but suffice it to say that watching this scene again makes me want to fuck Dru even more than I did before. The anal action is fast, hard a furious, stretching the sphincters of all the ladies, but again, at the risk of sounding redundant, Dru steals she show, holding her upturned butt open for both men to slam fuck her accessible asshole. The massive anal fest is capped off with A2M facials to send the more squeamish viewers right to the bathroom to relive yesterday’s lunch.
In ‘Monkey Business’, Taylor Hayes finds time to sneak away from her shoot to join Seymore on a gorgeous beach and give him an eye popping blowjob. Combining the man who shoots the best blowjobs ever with a woman who has to be in the top five at giving them is a wonderful sight and sure to perk up a viewer faster than a truckload of Viagra. After a quick fuck, Seymore blasts all over her gorgeous face. For more of Taylor, grab MB, it may be her best work.
Euro-stud Hakan joins the fun, teaming with Lovette and Markie for a white hot fuck fest. They pop out of a closet, hungry for his fat cock and before he can say “I love America’, they are on top of him. Markie is really not bad looking at all, but Lovette really shines here. She is a total sexual animal, attacking Hakan’s hard rod like it were her only source of sustenance. Lucky for him, he can handle anything and gives the plucky little blonde nympho a royal poke. I have to really hand it to Markie. She is not as hot looking as Lovette, but she takes cock in the ass every bit as well. Massive anal sex and A2M here. (Remember, read the full review for the blow by blow) Lovette greedily takes the entire load on her face, capping one of her best scenes ever.
From “Seymore and Shane on the Loose” Butch (TT Boy) and Lana light things up. Seymore sneaks Lana in as a birthday surprise for his pal Butch. While he is blindfolded, she begins a very high contact lap dance. You see, Butch has been lusting after Lana and Seymore has delivered. (Man, why can’t I find friends like this?) (Yeah, but who keeps the boys well supplied in surplus porn? Don’t that count for something?) Lana is a well put together young woman with jet black hair and a huge, devilish grin. She is also quite a skilled little cocksucker. Got to love when Seymore brings these fresh faces into smutville. (Hey, Patrick, or anyone, know if Lana did any other videos?) Her body is tight and she takes a very passionate and athletic fuck before TT pulls out and hoses her down.
You know what this tape proves? It proves that even if Seymore picks different scenes that I would for a best of, the compilation can still rock. Dru Barrymore has done some hot stuff in her career, but no scene has ever lived up to the one found in this tape. Lovette taking Hakan’s big cock is something to see. Oh yeah, and Taylor Hayes is fucking hot as well. Now, all we need is a Best of Seymore chosen by Rog and all will be well.

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