Puritan 20


115 Mins.
Legend – 1998 (8/98)
THEMES: Interracial Sex, DP, Big Cocks, Sexy Talk.
STARS: Zoe, Brooke Ashley, Jessica, Allison.
It’s hard for me to believe this is already volume twenty of this successful series. I have not always enjoyed every segment of the Puritan series, but they are almost always good for at least one or two white hot scenes. What I have always liked about this series is that they aren’t afraid to mix things up and from time to time get a little creative with their smut. Of course, smut is the key word here, since this is not porn for the squeamish. This volume even boasts a knockout cover girl. One thing I am already not too happy about though, is the fact that there is no cast list on the box or in the credits. Without chromes to go from, I may not be able to ID every one of the fucked little starlets I will be telling you about, but I’ll do my best.
In the first scene, Allison wants to break into the porn world. She comes to see Dave Hardman who is more than happy to hook up the young blonde. As he interviews her, he finds that Allison is from the south, her uncle is in the KKK and she just can’t do scenes with black men. To remedy her narrow view, Dave makes a quick call to Byron Long who is quite willing to do his part to bridge racial gaps. OK, the baggy pants and half dozen beepers are a bit much, but Jessica actually does a little bit of acting here, treating this experience as if it really were something new and somewhat distasteful. (Ten to one, she is screaming for more in less than five minutes.) Dave tries to relax her a little by going down on Jessica while the doe eyes cutie takes Byron’s fat cock into her tiny mouth. Seeing that she likes his big cock, Dave decides to skip the labe lunch and slips his own cock between her lower lips. Allison may have had an intolerant upbringing, but she learns quickly to love the taste of black cock. If you are into really close up pussy shots, then this scene will send you running for the tissue. Me, I can do without being able to count the blood vessels on her labia, but hey, different strokes and all. Now that she has Byron hard and ready, Allison gets on her hands and knees and takes the whole monster dick into her little money maker, all the while, wolfing down Hardman’s hard man with no problem at all. All the character stuff aside, this women really is a total hottie. Super cute face, awesome rack, nice ass, and she fucks like a jackrabbit. OK, Puritan guys, get me an interview. Dave gets the anal duties as part of her DP introduction into the world of on screen butt banging. Her conversion is complete when Byron and Dave drops loads into her mouth. Mark Allison down as one to watch.
Rodney Moore takes over the directorial duties as Brooke Ashley graces the screen for a very steamy sex scene. He has crawl over and start begging to suck cock. Few women in porn history have been able to talk like Brooke. That super sexy voice and such a filthy way with words. She could have most cocks hard before her lips ever touched them. Of course, Brooke sucks even better than she talks and Rodney is throbbing in to time. Great combination of mouth/hands/talk as Brooke gives one of her finest oral performances. Eventually, he takes his cock from her mouth and gives her super snug snatch a try. Thankfully, with each position change, he has her suck her own juices from his shaft, letting us enjoy the sight of that lovely face stuffed with dick in between leering at her hot little bod fucking. Those of you who like checking out asses, will love the way Rodney has Brooke shake her backside while her face is pressed against the floor. She really is perfect to look at, simply stunning. No anal sex this time, just a fucking beautiful facial shot that makes me appreciate Rodney and miss Brooke even more. This is a total nut buster.
In ‘DP Pool Party’ a sexy, latin-looking wife agrees to don a blindfold for a surprise from hubby Tice Bune. He invites Dave Hardman over to fill both her horny holes. Of course, she has no idea that two cocks await her as she starts sucking hubby hard. Once she realizes what’s going on, this sexy thing doesn’t even slow down, but totally gets into the whole thing. This scene is solid, with lots more super close up anal action, but compared to the first two it just falls short. I didn’t care much for the music, which completely wipes out the original sounds. I’m sure they did this to hide whatever background noise might have been wreaking havok on the set, but I found it really distracting. Nice DP action and decent facials make this a watchable scene, but the first two were so hot, it can’t compare.
The next scene takes place in a strip club where a masked man is tormented by Katie Gold and some girl who I know I should know, but can’t come up with a freaking name. SPICE, her fucking name is SPICE and she is a total fucking hottie. The two women put on quite a show, with Katie applying clamps to Spice’s nipples before letting her get a taste of Gold-en pussy. You all know by now that g/g scenes are not my thing, but I could watch these two women do their taxes and still want to get all Presidential with them both. When Katie breaks out the huge strap on and makes Spice suck it, I’m about ready to abandon straight sex scenes in favor or the veggie variety for good. It’s a little shocking just how good Katie is at fucking with her fake cock. Spice seems to enjoy it every bit as much as she would the real thing. Is Spice back? I fucking hope so.
In the final segment, ‘Dear Puritan’, Jim Powers directs a totally hot blonde with a wild story to tell. You see, when she was just a young girl, this sexpot let her second cousins explore her body. Now, eleven years later, they come for a visit. She wants to know if the spark is still there. Is it? (What, have you not been paying attention, this is a freaking porno video. Wake up.) When the two cousins, (JJ Michaels and some other dude.) get a look at this stacked blonde hottie, the old times come flooding back. She likes the way their cocks have grown and shows her appreication with a very wet blowjob. I need to find out who the cute young girl with the perky tits and the sexy moan actually is. JJ bends her over at the waist and gives her a really nice shagging while his partner in poontang sucks those inviting nipples raw. Speaking of raw, the way he fucks her in the ass is bound to leave her sitting rather gingerly for a while. Once she gets comfortable with one dick in her, blondie opens up her puss for cousin number two to give her rough DP before she crawls around on the floor, watching as they unload onto the marble floor so she can lick it up like a horny little kitty. (ZOE) (JESSICA)
Allison, Brooke, Jessica and Zoe. All four of these women give hot performances. Zoe and Brooke are the best, but that should be expected. Allison’s scene was quite hot, especially if you really dig interracial sex. She handles a super sized slab of meat quite nicely. Jessica keeps impressing me with great performances that go beyond her average looks. Pick it up for Brooke, her scene with Rodney, complete with super hot sexy talk, is worth the price of admission. Miss you Brooke, seriously.

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