Sodomania 25




108 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Patrick Collins

Elegant Angel – 1998 (7/98)

THEMES: Euro-babes, Group Sex. Cheerleader uniforms.

STARS: Rachel Teez, Emanuel, Katee, Vanda, Greta, Barbara, Cindy.


Nothing like revisiting old favorites to brighten ones day. With all of the Elegant Angel defections recently, it would be easy to forget that two of the biggest assets at EA have stayed put. Patrick Collins and super camera guy Michael Cates have always shot incredibly hot fuck vids and as long as they keep teaming up, Elegant Angel will have a secret weapon to fall back on. As he has done many times before, Collins heads off to Europe where he found a whole bunch of hot little Euro-nuggets. Well, I see Brockton O’Toole making his way out of the bushes. Time to dive into the deep end and enjoy another Sodomanious evening.

‘The Game Table’ stars Frank Gunn as a man who needs to rent a table. Blonde Vanda shows up to deliver the table, but instead decides that she just HAS to get naked. I know it doesn’t make sense, but check this hottie out. No way Frank is going to be thinking about furniture when he gets out of the shower. Oh wait, I get it, Vanda IS the table. Wow, now there is one adornment that really lights up a room. Being the single guy that he is, Frank drips yogurt all over his new table, but at least has the decency to lick it all off. After a heavy snack, there is nothing better than sitting back and having your dick sucked by a sexy little Euro-blonde. Frank seems to grasp this concept nearly as firmly as Vanda does his unit. All the while, he drips hot wax onto her body. Interesting twist, but I can’t say it turns me on at all. The fucking in the scene is very well shot and Vanda looks great, but they seem to fade in and out, as if their hearts are not always in it. The facial at the end is certainly a keeper though.

When Rachel Teez strolls through the door in a classic cheerleader uniform, I can only think that Leslie Taylor is in for one super wild ride. When she calls to have her furnace repaired, we enter into that scary world of porn cliché³ where every hot looking babe is just waiting for some guy to come over and flush her pipes, straighten her antenna or something like that. (Was every early porn loop written by the same frustrated pizza delivery guy?) Staying true to her name, Rachel only lets him at her a little bit at a time. Tease or no tease, this woman is hot. Her face is just the perfect blend of fresh coed and raw slut. I would have loved to see her suck cock for a while longer, but I’m not going to tell this guy he has to wait for a shot at her hot box. For you guys who dig the uniform, Rachel stays in it while he fucks her. When she hops off his unit, this time we get a much better look at her hose honking skills and I have to say, I’d hire Rachel as my intern any day of the week. She even knows how to keep the incriminating evidence off her dress.

Making sure to keep her long, blonde hair out of the spray, Barbara prepares for a pair of studs. Eventually, she goes for the full shower, soaping up her very lovely tits. The men seem to be in a battle for Barbara’s affections, but really, who the fuck cares? This little babe is built for sex and more than ready for a pair of rock hard pricks. One problem, she is asleep. Going down a road well traveled, Collins shows us how much he loves the idea of stroking a sleeping lovely. I’m far more interested in how she reacts when she wakes up, finding two guys working on her pussy and tits. They don’t waste a lot of time, finding a hole and filling it. Barbara is not even close to the most beautiful woman on this tape, but her petite frame is quite appealing and she fucks like a jackrabbit. She takes cock in her pussy and ass at the same time as if every inch inside her gives her more pleasure than you can imagine. It’s a short scene, but the double facial at the end is freaking awesome.

Cindy and Emanuel are a couple of cuties oiling each other up for a day in the sun. Cindy has a really pretty face, but I like Emanuel’s body better. When they spy the pool guy (Now there is an original set up.) they just have to call him over so he can cool off with them. If scrubbing pools allows you to pull a blonde and brunette hosebeast, then what the fuck was all that college for? (So you could learn to butcher the English language this well genius.) They all get in the empty pool and strip down. The only thing better than a girl in a bikini is a naked girl and this guy has two of them sucking his cock hard. Wisely, he chooses Emanuel first, taking her from behind while he plays with Cindy’s tits. The action quickly turn anal with the sex being incredibly well captured and hot at times. Once again, the facial seals this as a very worth while scene.

A six person champagne brunch quickly moves into a full scale sexual buffet. Katee and Greta are at the center of the action, which starts off immediately with the two women moving around the circle of men, sucking each one hard. I don’t know if it’s the pacing or what, but this scene never really kicks into gear for me. Nothing wrong with the women and I can’t really explain it. I just didn’t get into it. I actually wanted to rewind and watch some of Rachel’s scene again.

There is plenty of good stuff in this video. Start to finish, it may not be the very best of the Sodomania series, but Rachel is highlight enough to make any tape worth watching. The scenes are not as clever and well set up as I am used to from Collins, and that is a disappointment. However, what you can always count on is the great camera work from Cates. The Euro-babe filled cast is pretty damn hot, with Emanuel joining my gal Rachel Teez as the stars of this movie.

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