Cape Sin


OVERALL RATING: FOR COUPLES 10, for raincoaters 5
84 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Kris Kramski
Sin City – 1998 (5/98)
THEMES: Couples, Romance, Sex on the Beach.
STARS: Brooke April, Brick Majors, Wanda Jane, Neomi Allen, Jay Ashley.
Kris Kramski is one of those directors that everyone seems to talking about lately. I didn’t see his recent release ‘Models’ yet, but after reading some other reviews, it’s on my list. (See, I spend so much time reviewing movies, I don’t get to watch all the ones I want to anymore.) This one, I was told, is somewhat geared towards a couples audience, and from the very start, it’s clear that Kramski knows what he’s doing. The opening scenes are beautifully photographed. I think it’s safe to say at this point that gaping asshole and speculum fans can tune out and those of you who are always asking me for movies to watch with your wife can listen carefully.
Brooke April starts off by taking a walk down to the beach. She finds the crystal clear water quite refreshing and masturbates. The cinematography is top notch, reminiscent of a Playboy video, but don’t fret, the action is equally enticing. She works the cool water over her body and rubs her pussy to an intense climax. My personal favorite here is the way the wave lap up against her as she fingers herself. Very nice.
Later, while relaxing in a hammock, she fantasizes about a encounter with her big sticked husband. In another nicely shot scene, the couple get down in the sand for some very hot oral sex. I’m usually a big critic of slow motion, but given the fact that this is a fantasy sequence and with the couple’s appeal to the movie, I can see how it works. After eating her out for a good long time, the lucky guy is treated to a sexy handjob before she slides his shaft into her pussy and starts riding. They move into the shallow water for some doggy and cowgirl before he cums on her face. This is another very pretty scene with a romantic flair in spite the facial.
A letter arrives, announcing the arrival of her Brooke’s friends. From the moment the new girls get off the boat, the sexual tension is so thick you could cut it with a knife. Later that night, Brad goes sneaking around and gets a peek at the new couple making love. Very nice, low lighting here, giving the lesbian pairing a soft look that is, dare I say it, somewhat romantic to look at.
The next day, one of the new girls takes a walk with Brooke to a secluded spot and the two women get reacquainted in ways they couldn’t with hubby around. Two lesbian scenes in a row is a bit much for me, but both Brooke and the other woman are quite good looking and once again the scene is wonderfully shot. The wind whipping through the palm trees in the background, what a beautiful setting. They move down to the beach for another tryst in the sand and surf. This is one super long scene, but if you love lesbian sex, this is quite easy to look at.
While wife is away playing, Brad takes the other girl to another part of the beach and gets similarly intimate. The silhouette blowjob at the water’s edge is just beyond description. (I know, film school days resurfaced, but it really does look stunning) It’s a rather quick, one position fuck, ending with another facial, but once again the scenery is as breathtaking as the sex.
In spite their activities, things don’t become any less tense. Brad does his best to ignore them all at dinner, but the next day takes both of his wife’s friends out for some more sex on the beach. He gives them both a little tumble on the sand. He runs into some problems when they tell his wife. You see, they have an agreement. If one of them wants to sleep with someone else, they are supposed to tell the other. To make it up to her, Brad enlists the help of pal Jason (Jay Ashley) to come by and even the score.
Jay comes in and fucks Brooke while Brad watches. Just watching isn’t enough and he joins the two in the middle of their passionate fuck. For the first time, the action takes place indoors and there is a lot of heat working in this three way. The other girls see what’s going on and get in on the fun as well. Everyone really lets loose in this final scene and we get anal, a pair of facials and Brooke kissing the jizz of her two pals lips.
Cape Sin is a little tough to sum up. The film lover in me is very impressed with the cinematography. As someone who pays attention to all the mail I get looking for good couples films, I found this one very easy to recommend to those people. It’s not the kind of video I usually look for. (Too much g/g and I have never liked music over the sex.) However, I have to be impressed by the overall work. For a large segment of my audience, this tape will not work, but for those of you who like looking at beautiful people, making love in beautiful places, Cape Sin is a real achievement.

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