Lewd Behavior


123 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Van Damage
Extreme Associates – 1998 (5/98)
THEMES: New(ish) girls, Threesomes, Anal Sex.
STARS: Tiffany Mynx, Blair Segall, Amanda, Lady Bug, Peris Bleu, Sheena, Chandler.
Van Damage hasn’t really changed his formula all that much since heading out on his own six months ago. He still brings us a ton of new-ish faces and makes sure that they are not fucked by a short, black sock wearing troll who hasn’t been innovative since, like ever. (But I digress.) Instead, these fresh hotties get seriously fucked and we get to watch. What could be better? Well, he has added Tiffany Mynx to the mix, and she is always a bonus.
We don’t start with Tiffany though. Instead, brunettes Paris Bleu and Amanda lead things off. I can’t say that either of these women do anything for me at first glance. They are OK looking, but hardly the sort that stand out. Besides, they hook up together, in a lesbian warm up before the main attraction. During this prelim, Paris takes the lead with a rather nice body and a more active tongue. That tongue comes in mighty hand when the meat is introduced to the mix. Van Damage gets a good dose of oral loving from both brunettes before choosing a pussy in which to park his pork. Paris wins this award and friggs her clit while Van fucks her raw. Maybe Amanda needs to be fucked in order to get into her scenes, but she is rather lifeless while Paris gets boned. Yes, she does get going a bit with Van working her pussy, but even then, you can see how active Paris is. She is truly the star of this scene. Both girls do anal in this scene, but neither of them are that into it. They share a rather impressive facial to close out a scene that shows promise from Paris.
Blair Segall starts out by rubbing her shaved slit and looks more than ready for fun when sexy Sheena comes sauntering in. She gets Blair warmed up only to have Van come in with another stud to give the girls a double dose of dick. Van gives Sheena’s toes a taste before plowing into her from behind while the new guy fucks Blair’s face. All that sucking gets her ready to be fucked and we get a side by side doggy fuck until Sheena decides she needs meat in her mouth. She may be a nasty little hosebeast, but Blair has my attention. This little honey has a very pretty, shaved pussy and just looks like she’s having a great time being drilled. Got to love a girl with spirit. Never fear anal lovers, the girls’ back roads are also well traveled in this double fuck. Sheena maybe a do anything wild child, but again it’s Blair stealing the show with a super hot DP. Each girl takes a facial to close out a very memorable scene, filled with plenty of anal debauchery.
Speaking of debauchery, the legendary Tiffany Mynx hooks up with Randi Storm. To be honest, I don’t care what Tiffany is doing, or to whom, I’ll just stay glued to my set, watching and wanting all night long. Of course, she is one of the few women who do g/g scenes that I actually enjoy, so that makes things quite fun to watch. They go from fun to supernova the instant Van Damage brings in his cock and Tiff starts working the most magical of porn mouths on his member. Oral sex just can’t look any better than this. (Unless of course, if it were my unit she was drooling on.) Don’t go thinking Tiffany is just a one trick pony. When Van starts fucking her, she just goes nuts, pinning her legs back and taking a super slamming. Yes, Randy gets fucked as well, but come on, how can she compete with Tiff. Ms. Mynx takes the anal but is nice enough to share the facial. I love the scene, but you know, Tiffany really deserves to not share the spotlight with anyone, and we need to see more of her and less of anyone else. (No offense to Ms. Storm.)
Chandler has a tough act to follow, but this sexy redhead is fast becoming a star on her own. Pairing her with Jake Steed should make things quite interesting for the petite cutie and the viewing audience. She has her hands more than a little full with his big cock but after a short suck, straddles him and impales herself on that monster pole. It’s a tight fit, but brings squeals of joy from this lovely young thing. Great closeups when Jake gets on top and nearly fucks Chandler right through the mattress. You would think that after being so well stuffed in the pussy, Chandler might back away from anal. Instead, she backs her ass right up against Jake’s cock, fucking back against him as if her life depends upon is. More nice close ups as he saws in and out of her tight butt, filling Chandler in a way most women can only dream of. After taking one of the best assfuckings of the year, Chandler happily sucks down a big load of Jake’s love juices, smiling as she licks his head clean.
The final girl in this lewd fuckfest is Lady Bug. This girl is pretty good looking, with pierced nipples for you guys who like to have something other than tits to play with on a woman’s chest. Van once again chooses to sample this new girl, but brings along a friend so that she has two cocks to play with. Lady Bug’s appeal grows greatly as I watch her sucking cock. She does a great job keeping both rods stiff and wet until it’s time to take one of them into her pussy. Van gives her a nice, slow doggy fuck while the other guy as LS work in his big cock with that mouth. I don’t like the big tat on her stomach, but LB has a tight, shaved slit and is very eager to please. That counts for a lot. So does the fact that she is just as skilled at having her butt plugged. In fact, she takes both cocks in a very hot DP that has her matching their strokes with some superior hip action. They reward her efforts with a couple of very messy facial pop shots.
Once again, Van Damage has brought us some new blood to lust after. Blair Segall has to be the best of the this bunch, with Chandler a close second. Paris Bleu and Lady Bug also show some potential as top flight fuckers. The highlight of the tape is easily Tiffany Mynx. Her scene is yet another in a long line of brilliant oral and anal exhibitions. This tape is worth watching just for her scene, but there are other reasons as well to make this a must see. Great work.

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