Steve Drake’s Sex Offenders 5




96 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Steve Drake


THEMES: Interracial Sex, Big Dicks, Big Tits.

CONDOMS: Yes (In every scene if I’m not mistaken.)


STARS: Cherry, Deja Blew, Allison Kilgore, Leanni Lei, Mary Jane, Dee, Eve, Steve Drake, Mr. Marcus, Jake Steed, Mark Anthony.


I haven’t followed this series too closely, but the one volume I did watch one afternoon was pretty decent and this one has Leanni, Dee, Mary Jane and Cherry (AKA Stryc-9, AKA Cherry-99, AKA Stryc Nine, AKA just about any other combination of the aforementioned letters.) The box touts this as a gonzo series that “won’t make your girlfriend run from the room.” Nice sentiment, though the only thing that makes my girlfriend run from the room is when my wife comes home unexpectedly. One thing it does seem to have a lot of is, interracial sex, so already, fans of black on white, will want to perk up and pay attention. Drake has the women tell us about, and act out their fantasy scenarios. I don’t know about everyone, but I kind of like watching the little role play, it gives the scenes that little extra.

The first fantasy comes from Mary Jane, an Amazonian black woman with super big tits. She is modeling for Drake and tells us how she began fantasizing about and eventually had to seduce the photographer. He may need a little encouragement, but give Steve credit, he goes right for it once he gets started. Bending MJ over, he licks her asshole, making her quiver. Before he can even get to her shave pussy, Mary Jane is showing him just how good her thick, inviting lips feel pressed tightly against the base of his cock. Damn can she make dick disappear. Nice tit fucking here as well, with MJ dropping her heavy funbags around his shaft. Mary mounts him and does some nice looking reverse cowgirl, where she shows of her strong thighs and (IMHO) not so well done breasts. (Condom) When she turns around, we get a good look at her sexy big ass and Steve starts playing with her rosebud. This leads us to the anal portion of our program and MJ looks mighty fine with her legs thrown back over her head, having her buns busted. After another quick tit fuck, Steve drops a thick, sticky load on her face. Nice scene, very nice facial.

Eve’s fantasy is to be with two men, so Jake Steed and Lexington Steele come in to give her what she wants. That’s a lot of cock for one girl, but sadly, Eve isn’t much to look at. Watching her try and stuff both huge dicks into her mouth at once is pretty entertaining, but without much sex appeal, this scene just never gets off the ground. Unless you just really get off watching white girls suck and ride huge black dicks, there isn’t a lot here. Eve is not that pretty and isn’t all that into her scene. She does take Lex (with ‘dom) about half way up her ass, so there is that element. After two weak shots on her face, this scene mercifully comes to an end.

Dee talks about what a great relationship she has with her girlfriend Leanni Lei. These two frolicking in the water in shorts and tank tops is quite possibly the single greatest argument for heterosexuality (And interracial sex) ever known to man. They share a drink and slip easily into their ‘first’ lesbian experience. (Oh yeah, I’ll buy that like never.) It’s a slowly paced scene, with both women exploring each other’s bodies, but it works. Both these women are head to toe hot, so watching Dee lick her way down to Leanni’s hot box is wonderfully sensual. She breaks out a dildo and starts slowly filling the Asian beauty’s tight hole has me re-thinking that whole g/g thing. Returning the favor, Leanni shows that she too, knows how to give a woman great pleasure.

Next up is Cherry, you might know her as Stryc-9, but this was shot before the went to Extreme and changed her name. She says she has always gotten a lot of attention from men (Gee, couldn’t be because of those world class hooters you have there could it?) so she got a job as a stripper. This way she can be in control while still being the center of attention. Her one on one show for Jake Steed is so hot he dives right to the floor and starts licking her asshole. She seems to be rather impressed by his huge cock and struggles to get her lips around it. As always, she looks fantastic and really does her best to work his shaft with her lips, tongue and especially her hand. (Drake, would it have killed you to have her do some titfucking?) Jake does some deep pounding, but not for very long. Jake a nice blast that ends up hanging from her chin, he just did it way too fast for my taste.

Allison Kilgore says she is a ‘sex worker’, but the way Mr. Marcus describes her, she’s just a call girl, there to scratch his itch when he feels like a big titted blonde. Allison is quite busty and looks not un-like a tramped out Baby Spice for those of you into celeb look-like-porn. She takes his fat cock into her mouth and starts sucking like it’s the sweetest thing on earth. Nice reverse cowgirl here, but only if you like watching big tits bouncing. Allison has a tendency to sometimes tune out during her scenes, but she seems to be getting a lot of pleasure from Marcus pounding her from behind. She asks for and gets a nice hard assfuck before Marcus sprays a very nice load onto her face. Good scene. Not sure how couple’s friendly interracial anal with a monster cock is, but hey, it works for me.

Deja Blew says she writes erotic stories and sometimes uses her own experiences to create her work. When Mark Anthony stops by to call a tow truck for his disabled vehicle, her living room soon becomes and interracial wonderland. Since I have never found her all that attractive, it should come as no surprise, that this scene has me itching for the fast forward button from the start. OK, she’s rather tiny, he has a huge prick, I see the appeal, however, she is not even marginally attractive (Though not down right ugly either) and takes about two inches of it in her mouth. Anyone still see the appeal? She seems somewhat alive and is vocal as he fucks her from behind, but again, I see only the contrast in size as having much appeal. Deja takes about half of him in her pussy during their vag fuck and she jerks a load of cum out onto her face to finish off a scene that pretty much did nothing for me.

This video is billed as couple’s friendly gonzo and I suppose, to an extent that is what it is. Frankly, I didn’t see anything in this video that would do a thing for Mrs. Rog, but if your SO is very into interracial sex, big dicks and/or big tits, it might be what it is supposed to be. Cherry is sexy as hell, though this is far from her best scene. The same can said for Allison Kilgore who is always a treat. Mary Jane gives perhaps the best overall scene with a fine facial. Eve and Deja have no interest for me, but fans of white women with huge black dicks will want to check them out. Dee and Leanni, though I would have rather seen them with guys, do turn in a very hot g/g scene that further cements them in my mind as two of the hottest women alive. Sex Offenders Five is a technically sound, sexual average video that will appeal to some, but is nothing to go breaking doors down over.

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