Danish Cherry Poppers





110 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Uncredited


THEMES: Euro-Hotties, Bareback Sex, Young-ish Women.


STARS: Nanna, Lora, Karina, Kaia, Rebekka, Michella.


With most of the American cherries already plucked by the plethora of co-ed themed videos, Zane has decided to go overseas to add to their “German” series. This time though, they end up in Denmark for some Danish Cherries. Actually, a cherry Danish sounds really good right now, but that really isn’t the point of this is it? What I notice right off the bat, is that the Danish girls look a whole lot prettier than their German counterparts. It also appears from the box shots that the overseas Zane productions are exempt from the condom policy, so that should make some people very happy.

We start out with Rebekka, a tall, somewhat thin woman with her hair in long pigtails. She gets a letter that makes her hot and is on the phone to her boyfriend in no time. Though I can’t understand a word she’s saying, I am guessing the guy is going to come over and get lucky. She rubs her pussy for a bit, then we see the airport. I guess that means this guy flew in from somewhere. She has some funny dialog about why he is reading dirty magazines with her so close, but I am distracted by her hideous blue leg warmers. Leg warmers? He finally figures out that the real thing is better and gets her out of her denim shorts. His brief oral efforts pay off because Rebekka is hot, she just has to suck his cock. This little Danish slam hound stays dressed at first, dropping her pussy down and grinding on her lucky boyfriend. He goes for her ass rather quickly, mishing her ass with his thin member. After a bit of RCA that makes her cum, Rebekka sucks his semi hard cock for a while. Back to a vaginal which allows him to cum on her trimmed bush. Not a bad start, but why the legwarmers, why can’t this guy get full wood, and what’s with the conversation she has on the phone afterwards?

I guess it leads us to the next girl, Michella who speaks better English, is cuter and does a really nice solo scene while talking to someone on the phone. Love the frantic finger fucking and her sexy moans. (and she looks a tad like Aja.) When that isn’t enough, she uses a banana looking vibrator which seems to make her nearly mad with sexual desire. This great solo scene finishes and Michella rushes out to find some real cock to play with. She rolls around on the bed with this blond guy for a while, her ass looking totally delicious in her cut offs, before he finally just pins her down and goes for a taste. Michella looks fantastic and ends up begging him to fuck her. Like a wise man, this guy hops right on top of the brunette cutie and starts drilling her through the mattress. Keeping her little orange tank-top and big clumpy shoes on, this Dutch doll makes her way through a hot vaginal fuck. She’s great, but the scene loses points for the faked oral cumshot. (No anal, but I don’t take points off for one non sodomy scene.)

Blonde Nanna is the centerpiece of the cover shot and is the best looking thing in the video. (It could also be that I would swear, this girl is now known as Dina Jewel and is one of my favorite Euro-hotties) She is posing for a photographer who really likes what she has to offer. (Again with the leg warmers though) After he paws at her for a few moments, Nanna gets her lips around his cock and the real fun begins. Sadly we don’t get nearly enough cock sucking for my taste because this blonde knows how to orally please a man. He positions the young blond on her hands and knees and starts laying the wood to her from behind, holding her, big round ass as she cries for it “harder.” After being fucked just long enough to get good and juiced up, Nanna sucks his cock clean, then mounts him for round two. Once again, she hops off to taste herself on his cock. Damn, this woman is hot as hell. I actually like that this scene doesn’t follow the usual three position pattern. This guy fucks her from every angle and has her all over the bed, enjoying her young, tight pussy until he shoots a big load all over her tits.

No preliminaries for little Lora, who just gets tossed down on the bed and manhandled by her blond guy. Rather cute in the face, this brunette also possesses one very fine backside. It would have been nice to see the guy play with that butt a while longer, but she is too busy trying to swallow his cock while fingering her shaved slit. Lora really gives that muff a workout, juicing it up for his penile invader. He too goes for the ass rather quickly, but Lora doesn’t seem mind. In fact, she drops her full weight down on his rod with considerable force. When she tires of that, it’s back to vaginal, and this time we really get a chance to ogle her awesome ass as she grinds. Nice close up shots as the guy holds her cheeks open and fucks her pussy from below. A quick hop off and a very well delivered hand/blowjob leads to the best facial of the video by far.

Kaia is a cropped haired blonde, who is super horny, a little harsh looking, but somewhat appealing in that ‘fuck me raw’ sort of way. She can’t keep her hands off her thin body and begs for a man to come and take her. (Mr. Script Writer, please accommodate.) No guy comes until after she has given a rousing finger fuck and pummeled her pretty pink pussy with a plastic prick. Very hot footage for those of you who like solo scenes, especially if you like a woman to be quite vocal and active as she gets herself off.

Finally, Karina, another rather cute young thing, comes in to find her boyfriend reading a dirty magazine. Instead of acting like a real life woman and being pissed, she pulls the porn alternative and joins him. (Warning fellas, don’t try this at home.) Clearly not pissed off, Karina starts sucking his cock, letting her man read his smut mag while showing her love in that most special of ways. Finally putting down his reading material, he starts eating her pussy. The hair must bug him, because he breaks out a razor, lathers up her bush and proceeds to shave her totally bare. Fans of shaving will no doubt enjoy the three or four minutes of action as he smoothes her out for more easy tongue access. As he resumes his tonguing of her tight twat, I am still struck by why the makers of this film used this silly scarf thing around the girls’ necks. I don’t know about you, but it looks stupid to me, like these girls are stuck in a Boogie Nights time warp. Now fucking her newly shaved pussy, the guy manages to show all the personality and enthusiasm of a paper sack. This, in spite the fact that Karina is cute, with nice tits, a tight pussy and seems to like having his ham slammed into her tiny twat. Dude, don’t be afraid to actually show that you’re alive. Again, the scene moves from position to position with some oral sex thrown in, making for a nice change of pace from the often formulaic porn fuck and suck. Nice, but short, reverse cowgirl squat fuck here, showing off a great set of legs. Longer and nearly as hot is the reverse mish where he bounces her into the mattress from behind. Nice facial to close things out and she doesn’t even wince as he shoots her mug.

There are six girls in this tape and not one of the them is hard to look at. Some of the clothes are little on the odd side, and they often stay at least partially on during the sex so they can be a distraction. Nanna is by the far the hottest woman on this tape, none of the others come close. Probably the second sexiest Dane is Kaia, who shines in her solo scene. No condoms in this Euro-Cherry vid, but also not a lot of anal or facials. What I actually liked best about this video was the way the scenes did not follow the same pattern each time. The positions varied and there is often oral sex thrown in between. Very nice to see this sort of change of pace. Very solid effort this time, with good technical quality, decent sex and at least one stunner, Nanna to stroke to.


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