Flesh Pot



106 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Van Damage
Extreme Associates
THEMES: Hippie Chicks, Outdoor Sex.
STARS: Stryc-9, Heaven Leigh, Gwen Summers, Julie Meadows, Autumn, Jewels.
Though it would be easy to notice the psychedelic, flower-child theme of the box, I can’t help but wonder how many other guys were fixated on the awesome rack of Ms. Stryc-9. Though she is just one of the collection of cuties in this vid, she stands out. (Maybe because her freaking picture is in the center of the box?) I’ve never found the whole hippie-chick, Bezerk-ley look all that appealing, but when I interviewed Stryc9 she talked about this movie and how she took Lexington Steel up her ass. I can put up with a lot to see a scene like that.
We start out with some opening shots of Stryc-9 riding in a fully tricked out school bus. (So THAT’S what happened to the Partridge Family’s bus after Danny started dropping acid.) After a grainy opening montage that fits the theme quite well, but just doesn’t work for me, I feared we were going to lose sexual heat in favor of this editing style, but thankfully, once she gets down to some serious nakedness, the picture clears up. Next to this pint sized slutlet, his cock literally looks like a tree trunk, but ever dutiful, she puts that huge black cock right in her mouth and starts sucking. Though I would really like to see what she could do if she tried to deep throat this monster, it’s still a decent blowjob from a very cute young woman. Her pussy is tight so he only goes half way in, but the close ups of her shaved lips gripping his fat shaft are fucking hot. After their vag fuck, we get the moment we’ve all been waiting for, for this tiny little bundle of whack-ability to drop her tight little ass down on the tree trunk. Now, the laws of physics seem to be against her, but somehow, she not only manages to sit on, but lets Lex pump up into her pooper rather hard. Love the spin from reverse to standard cowgirl here, mighty find looking. Gape fans get a little gape when he pulls out. (Making me think that ass is still nice and tight, so Stryc-9, let’s finish that interview soon.) The editing of the cumshot is not ideal, but at least it’s not slo motion and he does pop on her pretty face.
Gwen Summers starts off strolling down a path, picking flowers. She is soon joined by Autumn and they both join two guys, Van Damage and Luciano on blankets for a little mid day romp. Gwen looks pretty cute in braids and Autumn’s long, straight do makes her look damn near felonious. Other than the flower child clothes, there is nothing to this scene that goes beyond what Van does so well, giving us cute women in hot sex scenes. Autumn is cuter, but Gwen seems to have better sucking skills. Though I still prefer one on one to four way fucking, neither of these women is a let down when it comes to dick sucking. Most of the tripping editing tricks are saved for the transitions, which makes them less intrusive to the sexual heat than they might otherwise be. Plus, the call come together for a while, with both girls sucking Luciano’s cock while Van fucks Gwen from behind. Some very nice shots of Gwen squat fucking with a huge smile on her face. Right in the middle, it’s time to switch partners. (Which means if Van is reading, he could tell us who was better.) Nice double facial, this time, very well captured.
Julie Meadows actually has that whole hippie look to her anyway so when she sits in the sun, strumming her acoustic guitar, it almost looks natural. Luciano is again the lucky guy who is on the receiving end of her serenade. He stops her from playing, by licking her young slit. (Where was he when a certain prima donna started in with that piano shit?) Proving that there are betting things for porn stars to do with their hands and mouths than try and be Bob Dylan, she sucks his cock. It’s a long, slow blowjob, which actually matches the background music quite nicely. Careful Van, scenes like this won’t scare away the women in the audience. Luciano keeps the little flower child’s pedals filled. After a vaginal mish, she gets on her hands and knees to take it in the butt. Nice looking shots of her butt and some good close ups of her stuffed asshole. We really need a name of the reverse cowgirl position when the woman has her legs up in the air. Julie is perfect for this sort of action, petite, with a nice looking pussy and shapely legs. Those legs are also flexible as she does the old up an over modified piledriver. Seeing a woman with her legs back over her head like that has always been one of my favorite porn sights. (Speaking of porn sights, didn’t you used to have a web site Rog?) Another nice facial left on the chin of this cutie.
When Heaven Leigh stops her car in a deserted field, she seems to be overheated in more ways than one. She has a little bed set up in the trunk of her car and she starts caressing her body in the bright sunshine. While she is pleasing herself, along comes a man in black, Van Damage, with a hard cock for her to suck. She greedily takes it into her mouth and starts loving it with her hot lips. More cocksucking here would have been nice, but who can blame him for wanting to fuck that tight little love tunnel. (Besides, it looks like it was fucking hot that day.) The trunk/bed makes things easy for him to take her mish and then to bend her over and fuck the hot redhead from behind. Facing the camera, she spreads her legs wide for some RCA that is perfectly captured. (Hey, that car thing works out really well. Lots of tight shots of her ass stuffed with cock. Is it me, or does Heaven seem to get fucked in the ass a lot, and for long stretches of time. After doing a bit of A2M sucking, it’s on to her back for some more anal. Once again we get a facial, this time one that covers her from the eyes to the chin and is perfectly framed. Break down in my neighborhood any time Heaven.
The final Flower Pot to get planted is Jewels. (Wouldn’t that be ‘planted in’?) After she paints a little hippie graffiti on the water tower, Van shows up again to led his cock to the mix. Wherever this water tower is, it allows them to have a nice outdoor sex scene with no interruptions. Jewels is a pretty decent looking brunette who can take all of his cock in her throat which is always nice to watch. They move over to a blanket where he returns the favor, getting her pussy wet and ready for some serious fucking. She is yet another cutie with real tits and an ass made for violating. He fucks her puss first, but keeps her in doggy with that butt in the air for a while, occasionally playing with her butthole. That ass is primed and ready to be fucked by the time Van slides his rod up in there and starts slamming away. No problem for Jewels, she takes it from behind and shows how much she loves dick in her ass by riding him like mad in RCA. Perhaps the best facial of the video closes this one out.
There are five scenes in this video and other than the 60’s make up and clothes, it’s not all that different from the movies Van usually gives us. All five scenes bring us cute, young looking girls, and all have real tits. All the girls take it in the ass, and on the face. Stryc9 fucking Lexington is an incredible sight and you know I love her to death, but I don’t think it’s actually the best scene overall. Heaven Leigh and Van have a great anal scene that is probably as good as Stryc9’s this time around. Julie Meadows gives the best scene I have seen her in with Luciano. Autumn and Gwen both do great scenes as well, but the attention is split up between them. As for the funky editing tricks, they don’t really get in the way of the sex too often here, which I was very glad to see. Overall, the camerawork is solid, the women are cute, the sex is hot. Very solid effort with a bunch of girls I want to see again.


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