Shooting Sex


DIRECTOR: Jim DiGiorgio
Sin City
STARS: Candy Hill, Liza Harder, Matt Jade, Dina Jewel, Christian Wolf, Felisha Ann, Jennifer Lee, Alec Metro, Steve Hatcher, Jack Hammer, Rob Spallone, Luke Ford, Wayne, Eddie and Jimmy DiGiorgio.
Porn movies about porn are all the rage these days. OK, so two movies doesn’t exactly constitute a ‘rage’, but this is the second such vid I have reviewed recently. I promise not to make too many references to ‘The Pornographer’ if you all give me some slack and let me enjoy what I hear is a really funny spoof on the world of porn ‘film making.’ Jimmy D has always had a good sense of humor and a keen visual sense of what looks hot on camera. If the opening scenes are any indication, we may have a whole lot of the former. Jimmy narrates this tale of money, sex, greed and bad accents with all the manic energy and arty-bullshit bravado that often comes from the mouths of people who have fooled themselves into thinking that the average porn cares about more than gaping assholes, choke fucked junkies and stupid colon tricks. With the help of his cast and crew, Jimmy D takes us through a psedo documentary with his tongue firmly in his cheek. So, be warned, we are about to enter a sarcasm intense inviornment.
Day One- Candy Hill sees Matt Jade sitting down, in the classic ‘Thinker’ pose. She questions him for about, trying to find out just what is on his mind. Imagine her surprise when she finds out he is thinking about screwing her. (Note to women reading, always assume that a man, any man is thinking, at least in part, about getting his dick into your mouth at any given time. It will save a lot of unneccesary ‘what are you thinking?’ discussions.) Candy is not everyone’s cup of tea, but she is a very hot performer, never failing to give a rod stiffening performance. Things move at a very rapid pace here, but there is a great reflection shot of the two, using the pool as a mirror. From this shot we go to Candy riding Matt like life depends solely on how much dick she can get in her pussy. A decent facial closes out an above average opening scene.
Eddie, the make up artist and Rob Spallone as the Producer, both add their comic touches. Rob and Jimmy’s arguments over ‘vision’ are too good to miss. (And Jimmy, just who are you poking fun of? We all want to know.) With Wayne, billed as the ‘Film Crew’ and Eddie both convinced their jobs are on par with curing cancer. This ride on the pretentiousness express is close enough to actual attitudes to be a fucking riot.

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