Return Of The Night Stalker


118 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Jane Waters
Extreme Associates
THEMES: Semi-Force, Guys getting it with strap ons.
CONDOMS: NONE (Company Policy)
1999 (11/98)
STARS: Tiffany Mynx, Monique, Iroc, Sabrina Johnson, Lizzie Borden, Jewel Valmont, Gina Rome, Luciano, Van Damage, Claudio and Paul Corrigan.
The last time Jane Waters let us in on the secret world of the Night Stalker, it was with mixed results. The sex was often, though the lighting was often so moody as to be obtrusive. As he did last time, the Night Stalker shows some excellent taste when it comes to women to stalk. This time around Tiffany Mynx, Monique and Sabrina Johnson are just a few of ladies who are about to find themselves in the perverted cross hairs of the notorious NS. My other problem with the last ‘Stalker video was that the scenes bordered a bit too often on force and I don’t personally find that at all sexy. So here’s to hoping the art doesn’t get in the way of the sex and that a little thing like pseudo-rape doesn’t get in the way of the whacking.
We start off with Sabrina Johnson, giving a sort of interview about how she likes to show off and how she fantasizes about teasing a voyeur who might just come in and take her by force. It just so happens, Van Damage is outside the window, admiring her goodies. When the photo session Sabrina is posing for takes a break, Van moves in. He plays a bit at the force thing, but Sabrina is all too eager to have his head between her legs and practically begs him for it. Here is where the first problem comes in. During the minute and a half of cocksucking, we cut away twice to the grainy, Oliver Stone-esque arty crap. Sorry, but when you have a woman this hot, who gives great head, there is no need for art, just stick with the smut, thank you very much. The same problem exists as Van pounds away on her pussy. I can certainly understand the need to make something look different, but this is supposed to a jerk off tape right? The non tweaked footage of Van slam fucking Sabrina’s ass is really hot, but the break ups just screw with the flow with grainy, shaky shots? Without all that, we have a very hot anal scene. With it, it’s still mildly hot, but mostly annoying as hell.
A similar set up occurs when Luciano is outside watching Jewel Valmont talk about her fantasy. She tells her tale and is ready to rock when he comes through the door. She is all right looking here, but even as the scene begins, it is ruined by the same cut aways that infected the first one. Basically, ever time the action starts to heat up, and we should get a cut an alternative angle, we get a cut to a fucked up picture. Leave the art house shit to Michael Ninn, put it in the non-sex scenes or better yet, just cut a version of this scene without and see what happens. Nice facial if you have a lipstick fetish as Jewel is giving her mouth a fifteenth coast as Luciano drops his wad.
The set up occurs for a scene between Gina Rome and Claudio, and rather than bore you with the same criticisms of this scene, (I assure you, the same annoying edit/style situation exists.) This time however, the un-fucked up footage is only average, with Gina generating only marginal heat. On the bright side, I don’t mind the cut aways so much since I’m not all that interested in the scene.
Sadly, the cutting does effect the next scene which stars the very sexy Monique. She teases Luciano through the glass door, then rewards his patience with a blowjob that defies description. Her head is moving so fast and so deep on his cock that I expect it to pop out the back of her skull at any moment. The plain footage is a bit dark, but hotter than shit anyway thanks to this woman’s totally talented mouth. Luciano bends over his perfect piece of dark chocolate and enters her from behind. It is really too bad we miss out on such a hot coupling, because I think without the cut aways, this scene would be one of Monique’s hottest. As it is, it’s just another frustrating battle to keep interested when the action gets hard to see. Nice anal and facial though.
Iroc looks pretty cute in her all too short plaid skirt. At least I think she looks good, with all the grain and distorted camera shots, it’s hard to tell. This time Luciano comes by with Lizzie Borden to do some serious damage to the poor girl. (Considering how hard I’ve seen Iroc’s ass pounded, this get up falls strictly into the role playing mode.) With Lizzie sporting a strap on, Iroc is quickly made to fuck and suck like a first class slutlet. You know, a lot is said about how good she is with her feet, but I’ll bet Iroc gives a pretty fucking great blowjob. Have to give Lizzie credit as well, she knows how to handle that strap on, fucking Iroc as hard as Luciano does. Nice DP and a good facial cap off a scene that suffers less that the others from the cuts, but still manages only half the heat it could have had.
Now for something completely different. Paul Corrigan is INSIDE talking about his stalker fantasy and Tiffany Mynx is outside, packing. That’s right sports fans, Tiff has the dick and poor Paul is about to get his pooper popped in a most unpleasant (to watch) manner. The dude ends up on his knees sucking dick. I know this is one of those things that some people really like, but it holds no interest for me. Watching her spank, finger and lick his hairy asshole is equally unstrokworthy from my point of view. Toe sucking and a guy with a plastic cock up his ass, I don’t know about you, but that pretty much defines a waste of Tiffany Mynx in my book.
I can’t begin to tell you how disappointed I am in this film. Is this actually what Waters had in mind when he made this? I am all for being different, but all the cut aways during the sex aren’t cool, they aren’t artsy, they are just annoying. Not only does Waters manage to waste a brilliant cast, but he manages to show us glimpses of a great smut vid only to wreck it for reasons I can not begin to fathom. Were it not for the heavy handed style, Sabrina, Iroc and Monique would all have earned very high marks for their scenes. What I really want is to see the video re-edited and released as a straight forward fuck flick. Maybe then it would not have been such a colossal waste of time.

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