Max Extreme 4


88 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Max Hardcore
Film West/Legend
THEMES: Young, WAY too young girls, Pedophilia, Incest.
STARS: Regan Star, Heaven Leigh, Julie Meadows, Lolita.
What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than to spend some time with the woman you love and Max Hardcore video? Nothing says love, respect and caring like shoving a lighted speculum up her rectum so you can see what she had to eat three days ago. What woman won’t melt in your arms with love and devotion when you tell her that she is your one and only “Cocksocket” your true “Fuck Toy” now and forever. (Or until the next school bus rolls by.) All kidding aside, Max has assembled a nice little collection of porn slutlets for this volume so maybe this tape is the perfect Valentine’s gift for the raincoaters spending this holiday alone with a twelve pack and a bottle of baby oil.
From the East Coast Video Show, Max and special correspondent Regan Star take a break from their diligent reporting on the events to enjoy each other’s company. Regan is only so-so looking, but she is very willing to play Max’s games and quite ready to take it any way he wants to give it to her. She lies in the middle of the bed, spreading her pussy while Max prepares to violate her. Way too much choke fucking and slobber on her face for my taste, but Regan at least seems to be having a decent time. HOLD THE FUCKING PHONE�..”You can’ tell anyone Max, cuz I’m only twelve and a half years old.” God damn it, Max the fuck is that about? Sorry folks, this scene just ended on my end. The erotic content just fell from very little to none at all. Challenge the law all you want, but that shit has no fucking place in any tape you expect me to jerk off to. (Note, after this, I ff scanned, but did manage to catch Regan telling Max how her teacher fucked her in a broom closet and how her uncle liked fucking her.) Hey, be thankfully I gave up on this piece of shitm pedophile scene so I didn’t have to rag on the use of the fucking speculm. What a fucking waste of thrity minutes of tape. Max, even you should be ashamed of this fucking garbage.
For some reason Heaven Leigh is out walking on a trail in her too short plaid skirt and pigtails. (See, the clothes and the hair should be enough.) Max catches her reading a dirty magazine and playing with her pussy. He explains to her that she could be in a lot of trouble if he told anyone about her stealing the magazine. After discarding her panties, Heaven sits down on Max’s cock and starts riding. He does on and on about her having a hairless pussy, but at least half the time it is Heaven doing the talking which is a thousand times hotter than his pathetic ramblings. I feel sorry for Max. He has a totally hot dick sucker and instead of taking advantage of the situation, giving us a great scene, he tries to shove that pint sized prick of his down her throat, turning something that should be hot into a totally worthless, mysogonistic crap. (Actually I feel more sorry for anyone who paid for this movie as so far, it has been fucking horrible.) It gets better when she starts riding his cock with her ass. Now her sexy talk drowns out his grumbling and her pussy looks pretty inviting. After some more totally unappealing choke fucking, he actually fucks her pussy for about forty five seconds. Then he goes back to her ass, fucks it literally raw and shoots a monster load all over her stretched sphincter.
Damn, the next girl’s name even sets the stage. Add to that, the fact that Max picks up Lolita on a swing and gets her to go with him after offering ice cream. Pushing things is one thing, but you know, my desire to seduce little girls is zero, so how is this supposed to be a turn on? (Yeah, I know, she has a tongue stud gives away her age, but she is still supposed to be a little girl) This girl is cute and with the sound down, the scene looks pretty good. I just don’t dig talk of ‘mommy’ and how she does it with her ‘teacher.’ Actually, this is where I could just kick into the easy review mode. This scene has zero sex appeal, it sucks and it’s not worth the tape it was copied on.
The final girl to venture into the Max zone is another cutie I have liked in past performances, Julie Meadows. At least she comes right out and says she just turned eighteen and is here to see if Max can do for her what he has done for her friends. (Turn them into anal sluts no doubt.) Within seconds, she is bent at the waist and being fucked on his doorstep. He takes her inside to continue and Julie just smiles and begs for more. After a long, from behind anal, he moves her on top of the pool table to come in from way above her ass, fucking her hard, but hardly filling it at all. Though the lame ass kiddie porn talk is gone, we still have to sit through Max trying to pull her pussy apart. No thanks, if I can’t fill a hole with my cock, I don’t feel the need to manaually pull it open. I do like the RCA, simply because Julie looks hot. Of course, her smiling and talking to “daddy” had me turning down the sound again.
OK, where do we begin? How about with the things I actually liked in this video. Heaven Leigh does a farily hot scene if you can turn the sound down when Max is growling. Julie Meadows’ reverse cowgirl is very hot, again with the sound turned all the way off. The Lolita and Regan scenes were too filled with vile bullshit to have any positive elements.

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