Lewd Behavior 3



121 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Van Damage
Extreme Associate
THEMES: Toe sucking, Anal Sex, Interracial Sex.
STARS: Tiffany Mynx, Stryc-9, Amber Woods, Monique, Jewels Valmont, Alanna, Cherry, Cartier.
With rumors about his future with Extreme whirling about, this may be the last time I review one of his tapes with the Extreme name on the box. For the record, I hope this isn’t the case, because Van’s stuff has gotten significantly better since leaving Elegant Angel and he will not be easily replaced. Since similar rumors abound about Tiffany Mynx’s future with the company and considering that Stryc-9 is already gone, this movie could soon be re-titled, Lewd Behavior 3- The Ex-Tremers. OK, with that, I covered two of the reasons I would want to watch this movie. (Mynx and Stryc-9). At least three other good reasons come to the forefront as well, Monique, Alanna and Jewels Valmont, all three total hotties who are worth a stroke or ten.
Jewels enters the picture first, led in on a chain by Stryc-9 (Decked out in this killer red dress that is simply awesome.) Stryc-9 puts her cute slave girl to work right away licking her shoes and ankles. This is a rather artsy scene for Van, with some hot music in the background and a not of close up shots of legs, breasts and other body parts. (Almost like someone put Viagra in Andrew Blake’s Perrier.) It’s interesting, it looks good and it’s pretty hot. (But remember what a chubbie I have for S-9 and take that into consideration.) Nice close ups as Jewel tongues a perfectly sweet, shaved slit. Spanking fans will also likely love the way Jewels’ ass gets spanked by the crop until it glows nice and pink. With a tug on the leash, she is brought face to face with a hard cock and Jewels knows just what to do with it. Of course, she is nothing compared to her hot little cocksucking mistress. I’m not sure I’m down with some of the fancier stuff Van’s going for here. You’ve got one really hot woman and another who is better than a kick in the nuts, why not just shot them? When he does just that, things are really hot here. Jewels seems quite at home as a sub and Stryc9 just sends me into fits of self abuse every time. (Foot alert- Stryc9 does some toe sucking while Jewels gets fucked.) Really nice shots of Stryc9 doing anal cowgirl, her tight asshole stuffed, her cheeks being squeezed like firm mellons. I can do without the gapes, but if it’s for you, Stryc9’s ass opens right up. Nice shared facial to end a good scene that is hampered a bit too much by some stupid edit tricks. (NOTE- Post cumshot footage of the women with sticky faces lasts over a minute and a half.)
Alanna is really cute and starts off with some nice solo action. Again, the editing is a bit much. Cuts from color to black and white and the like cool the building heat of watching this little blonde fuck herself with a dildo. Hey, I appreciate the art in editing, and I even like this sort of stuff when it is used as intro, however, when you’ve got a woman fucking herself with a fat toy, that should be sex, not intro. Save the style for the non-sex stuff. After a bit of toe sucking, Van and Ian Daniels (Thankfully, he lost that long hair.) come in to give Alanna as much cock as she can handle. They quickly take advantage of her open mouth and juiced up pussy. Don’t let her petite frame fool you, Alanna can take a serious pounding and seems most at home with her mouth stuffed with cock. There are some nice close up shots showing Alanna riding a cock while her asshole gets fingered. I know gaping is all the rage, but I actually prefer seeing an ass this tight as it stretches to take new invaders. The fingers, of course, are just a warm up for the hard cock which soon stuff her sphincter. For a woman this tight to take two cocks at once would be just, well, just lewd now wouldn’t it? With no fear of offending morals or having her bowels busted, Alanna takes both cocks and appears ready for more. Nice double facial, leaving her pretty drentched, though we cut away as soon as the second dick stops spurting.
Another blonde, Cartier, is next. Though not bad looking, I am going to have a seriously hard time getting over that tattoo on her belly. Again we start out with solo action, but again it’s hampered by the editing. I know it’s not easy to put something like this together, but I just much prefer these tricks not take away from what I see as very valuable smut material. (Of course, if you don’t dig solo scenes, you won’t be missing much.) The lighting is still less than optimal as the scene starts, so much so that the whole scene has an orange tinge to it. On the one hand it makes it really hard to enjoy, but on the other it hides that hideous tat pretty nicely. There is some rimming, spitting, hair pulling and of course anal sex in a scene that really does suffer from the lighting problems.
Next up is a scene pairing the totally hot Monique paired with the not so hot Cherry. Againg the lighting is fucked up as Monique rubs her pussy, but when Cherry comes in to lick it, things get better. The guy is introduced and the two women all but shove each other out of the way to get a taste of hard cock. (Small tip, never make Moniqu share a scene with someone.) (Tip 2, what the FUCK is with the strobe lighting? Didn’t anyone notice this sexy black woman with a dick in her mouth? Hello.) With the women locked in a 69, Van fucks Monique from behind, making her howl and claw at the sheets. (Damn, she is fine.) Cherry gets it in the ass, first doggy, then in mish, but it is Monque’s backdoor I want to see violated. When this finally happens, we get some good close ups, but a few unnessaryily distracting visual effects as well. RCA brings us to a pop shot on Monique’s shaved slit.
Finally we get Tiffany Mynx, who is paried with Amber Woods, but only after Tiff does a nice tease in her solo. After licking her toes, Amber moves right to the sweet pussy of Ms. Mynx and who can blame her. Even when Van comes in, there is a decided lack of heat in this scene. Tiffany is usually a sure thing, but this is not one of her better efforts of late. (Much of that could fall on the shoulders of Ms. Woods since Tiff seems to perk up when she gets Van’s cock in her mouth.) As always, that smoldering look in her eyes as she tastes tubesteak is worth a thousand hard ons alone. Like the last scene, this one suffers from one too many women. Had Tiff and Van just fucked each other silly, I would have liked this even more. As it is, every time he turns his attention to Amber, things go downhill in a big hurry. Both women take it in the ass, but again, Tiff is scalding, but Amber well below lukewarm. I like the facial and the cumswapping, but I really wish this had just been a one on one scene.
Five scenes, three of which feature two girls and one guy. Alanna’s DP fuck is the best complete scene here. Stryc9 and Jewels little master/servant thing is pretty hot as well. Tiffany and Monique both suffer through scenes that are dragged down by their female counterpart. Sadly, because of this, much of the really good anal by these two hotties is lost in between some rather dreary footage of the other women. Cartier’s scene is totally ruined by the freaky lighting. In addition to some spotty sex, this movie suffers a bit from overly amitious editing tricks. I know Van likes to make the women look pretty, but mixing in Andrew Blake-like stuff just doesn’t work when you have the quality anal sluts he has here. It’s far from a total loss, it just can’t measure up to some of the hotter tapes Van has done lately. More of Tiff, more of Monique and less of the editing tricks during the action would make this a much nicer ride to Lewds-ville.

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