California Cocksuckers 4


85 Mins.
Sin City
THEMES: Oral Sex, Facials.
CONDOMS: None (It’s a Blowjob tape)
STARS: Nikki Anderson, Gina Ryder, Melanie Stone, Katie Gold, Jill Kelly, Dee, Blair Segall, Inari, Racquel Divine and Wendi Knight.
I’m not really sure if California Cocksuckers are any different from say Connecticut cocksuckers, since I have only had Cali girls in my life. However, I do know that at least one of these women is not from Cali. In fact, Sin City has brought one of my favorite Euro-babes, Nikki Anderson, into the fold. (And yes JJ, I know they didn’t fly her in.) The Sin City all oral series has only ten scenes, which is not as many as some of the others, but at least in this one, the cast is a nice mix of big stars, super sluts and personal faves. By the time we are done, you will no doubt have figured out which was which.
Gina Ryder is sitting on the toilet with one hard cock in her mouth and another waiting right behind her head. She manages to keep them both pretty happy, bobbing the knob in front then spinning around to take the other while keeping her hands busy as well. Gina does a healthy amount of ball sucking as well as the usual sucking. Though she can’t go very deep, we get lots of eye contact, some dick slapping and a fair amount of dirty talk with a minimal amount of over-drool. (Yes, I like wet, sloppy blowjobs, but I don’t want some chick spitting all over herself until you can’t tell the cum from the slobber on her chin, hence over-drool.) Her face is dry and ripe for a simultaneously fired double facial that certainly works for me.
Next up is sexy Nikki, who is absolutely one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen on screen. (And for the record, she is twice as pretty in person.) Even as she rubs her body through her white lingerie, you get the idea that his is going to a special moment in the history of oral sex. (That’s it, no more Monica testimony for you.) Once those pretty lips get wrapped around the hard cock, it’s clear her only interest is getting a big mouthful of hot cum. (By the way JJ, fuck you ya lucky bastard.) Nice eye contact as Nikki uses heavy hand action, stroking the cock right up into her mouth, waiting for the explosion. She gets it right on her tongue and keeps on sucking, no shying away for this awesome blonde.
I know that Inari is really pretty and all, but every time I see her suck dick, she ends up with the most severe case of over-drool I have ever seen. It takes about two minutes for her to have a big long string of slobber hanging down from her chin. Even with two dicks to suck on, she manages to have too much spit to keep her pretty face from looking like a toxic waste explosion for much of the first half of this scene. When she wipes off, and starts sucking again, I can see the beauty this woman brings to the table. This is a face that looks better with cum on her face than spit.
Melanie Stone has a very clean, girl next door look, even when she has a cock halfway down her throat. This look is well represented in this scene as she alternates between smiling up at the camera and pro-sucking the fat meat in her hands. She looks good, this scene is well shot, but I actually think the short long shot with Mel on her knees may be the highlight of this otherwise warm, but other than that, it’s a pretty average scene with a nice facial to cap it off.
I’ve always had a thing for Wendi Knight (and just where has she gone?) and of course I love chicks in bikinis so this two on one suck scene has a bit of a head start. Of course, the fact that her eyes light up when she sucks dick isn’t a bad thing either. (For the record, this isn’t actually a bikini Wendi is wearing, but rather a bran and panty set.) Wendi looks beautiful and really puts her all into sucking both cocks with equal vigor, working with her hands and lips. Again the facial is top notch with Wendi smiling and gulping down every drop.
Katie Gold is going to 40 and still look like she’s too young to be doing this. Even with her hair all done up, Katie looks like she should be cruising around at the local mall instead of slurping on a big salami. (Since when are the two exclusive Rog?) As always, she sizzles as she sucks, treating the cock in her hand as if it contained the sweetest nectar known to man. I do have to wonder why the guy just can’t seem to get fully hard. (Nice job by Katie hiding most of with her hand, but man if this little slutlet can’t get you up, go work at McDonald’s and give someone else a shot.) Really nice dick slapping here. He does finally manage an acceptable shot that Katie rubs all over her lips. Katie, next time you need a hard dick to suck, give me a call.
Now, had the last guy been working with Jill Kelly, maybe I could accept his lack of wood. This woman still does nothing for me. The harsh lighting doesn’t help much, but I have to give Jill some credit, this is a pretty enthusiastic and well executed blowjob. That’s about as good as Jill is going to get from me.
Unlike Jill, Blair has something that I find sexy so watching her work on two pricks at once is a good way to recover from that eight minute ice bath I just got from the last scene. With a decent looking face and a clear love of cock, Blair devours the two cocks and could clearly handle a dozen more with little difficulty. She suffers a bit from the over drool problem, but not enough as to cause the scene to lose heat. Decent facials and Blair licks up every last drop.
One of my personal faves and one of the most perfect women in all of porn, Dee, is the next to fill her full lips with hard cock. I love Dee’s long hair, it’s really beautiful. (Oh yeah, and so is her body in case anyone thinks I failed to notice.) She takes on Tony Tedeschi and gives him a text book blowjob, plenty of hand action, deep sucking, everything we love except for a cumshot. Ooooops.
Raquel Divine also adds her mouth to the talent list, but this is one of those funky digital scenes that really took away any enjoyment I might have otherwise gotten from watching this hosebeast work her mouth magic.
Unlike some past volumes in this series, the lighting in this one is fine. Of the ten scenes, eight of them are quite good, with four reaching that outstanding level thanks to Nikki, Blair, Wendi an Katie. Fans of good oral and pretty girls will enjoy this video. Good lighting, solid camera work and no intrusive editing make it technically sound and the lower number of scenes means less filler.

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