Booty Duty 7


116 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Dion Giarrusso
Elegant Angel
THEMES: Anal Sex
CONDOMS: None Noted (Very sure there were none here.)
STARS: Jill Kelly, Candy Hill, Phylissha Anne, Alexandra Nice, Charlese LaMour, Aniya, Lari.
One thing I’ve learned watching Dion Giarrusso vids is that I won’t have to try too hard to follow the action. He brings us hot women and has them fuck. Not exactly brain surgery, but hey it’s porn, we’re watching to see pretty faces get sticky with jizz, tight ass stuffed with cock and pretty pussys boned raw. Dion brings us that, so all is good. With a short intro, he gets us right to the sex. So, if you like your smut served lean, feast on this.
Alexandra Nice is up first and his Euro-slut has a pair of guys (Dave Hardman and Tice Bune) dying to strip her naked and fill her full of grade A USA beef. (Or is dick considered pork?) Alex has her mouth wide open, ready to give these two guys a super fine blowjob. (Note, the double suck looked hot, I would have liked to have seen the shot last longer.) She does a great job taking one doggy while sucking the other. A little tag team action has her screaming and bucking back like a horny porn slut. (Typecasting?) They take full advantage of her very willing nature, fucking her in the ass while keeping a cock balls deep in her mouth. While in RCA, Alex asks for and gets the second cock in her pussy, making for a hot DP with the Euro-babe fucked VERY hard from both ends and loving every filthy second. The first guy pops on her tight belly, with the second painting her face and as an added bonus, guy number one drips a few more droplets onto her tongue. Very high energy opening volley.
Jill Kelly is next and for her opening she repeats over and over how she loves to get fucked hard in the ass. Hey, all her talk is about sucking dick and taking it in the ass. Could that be because she’s really a��(Nahhhh). She starts off by licking her way up Eric Price’s leg, but soon settles in on his cock. Before she can suck it, Eric has her turn around so he can inspect her pussy and finger her ass. She returns the favor by licking his asshole and sort of mounting him for a dry hump. (Come on, this one is begging for it.) (Don’t forget how comfortable Eric is looking like he’s getting his rump pumped.> (Which as Inari reminds us, doesn’t make him gay anyway.) All kidding aside, her blowjob scene starts off very hot with Jill doing a great job. However, this scene quickly suffers from TMD syndrome. (Too Much Drool.) I just can’t get into looking at a nine inch slobber limb hanging off Eric’s nutsack. He actually gets in her pussy for about two seconds before pulling it out and making her suck on it again. It is nice to see Eric paired with Jill since they obviously love fucking each other so much. There is some toe sucking and brief footjob for you ped lovers out there. Well shot anal with Jill sitting in Eric’s lap for a bit before moving on for a long buttfuck. With a shot in the mouth, this scene comes to a close.
Lari and Aniya are a couple of cute and totally horny black girls who know how to talk dirty even before the scene begins. They team up on the fat cock of Mr. Marcus and this is such a visual treat I don’t even know where to begin. They both have full lips and suck dick just right for the camera. The trouble is we don’t get more than a minute or so of sucking before Aniya sits her ass down on Marcs and starts riding him with her hot slit. She gets in some serious hip action, fucking him in way that looks awesome and must feel like Heaven. Not to be outdone, Lari faces away from him and squat fucks like she wants his cock to come out her throat. These two girls know what fucking on film is all about and I want to invite them both to do a sit down interview with me ASAP. (Rog, if you are thinking either one of these women is going to ‘sit down’ on you like they are doing to Marcus, then you have had too much beer and it’s time for bed.) After fucking him, the girls again take turns sucking Marcus’ dick. Aniya then takes him from behind, begging for him to do her deeper and cumming rather loudly when he does. Not to be outdone, Lari rolls onto her side and take him in her tight little butt. Things are really close up and a bit hard to see at times, but she takes it all in the ass. Aniya gets her again, this time with her legs back up to her shoulders for a royal slam fuck. This brings a load out onto her hot bod. As an added note, a semi-limp Marcus comes back to drop a tiny bit of semen into Lari’s mouth. Fucking hot scene, start to finish.
Charlese LaMour, a blonde with a very dirty mouth, is next. All she wants is to be fucked good and hard in her ass. Well, she has come to the right place since we all want to see her sphincter stretched. Rick Masters puts his head between her thighs and has her cumming in about two minutes. Nice work Rick. For some reason, he keeps putting his hands on her throat while she sucks is cock, but the oral section is over too fast for me to even really wonder why. For all her talk of loving sex, Charlese actually seems to love dick as much as she professed. She fucks Rick hard, then throws her legs up for him to give it to her hard. Using her hair for leverage, Rick fucks her ass from behind until she is screaming loud enough to wake the dead. After a violently RCA (In that she is slamming her weight down full force), she backs up for an A2M 69. (Note, she has stockings on here, for the people who have written in for scenes like this. They are quite prominent in the shots as he sodomizes her from behind.) At last, he explodes, painting her face with white cream and leaving Charlese one well fucked booty slut.
Candy Hill and Phylissha Anne are quite the picture of contrast. I’m not sure just how old Candy is, but she certainly looks mature and Phylissha is just felonious looking. (White trash step mom fantasies come to mind.) Alex Sanders joins the two horny babes and immediately has his dick in Candy’s mouth. She takes him easily to the balls while Alex and Phylissha make a meal of her pussy and asshole. When they team up on his dick it’s like a competition to see which one can send him over the edge first. Getting her ass read, Alex fucks Candy’s butt with three fingers and she just smiles back at him. Not to be outdone, Phylissha curls up between Alex’s thighs and licks Candy’s ass while she rides, making her mouth available to clean his cock as well, right from the other woman’s dripping slit. With a burst of energy, Alex fucks the younger woman as hard as he possibly can, warming her up for a good butt boning. While she gets fucked in the ass from behind, Phylissha delivers a super hard vibrator fuck to Candy’s butt. When that isn’t nasty enough, the older slut makes her mouth available for numerous A2M suckings right out of her partner’s backdoor. This bit of super slutty behavior earns Candy and equally hard ass pounding. Watching these two hot porn sluts get nailed in the ass is raunch at it’s best, capped up with a shot of jizz all over their faces.
This video is everything we should expect from DG, hard, fast, hot and nasty. Well shot action, plenty of anal and enough sticky faces to make me want to buy stock in Kleenex make this tape well worth a look. The final three way with Candy and Phylissha is pure filth and it’s awesome. Alexandra Nice proves again why she is quickly becoming one of my favorite Euro-Imports. My single favorite scene is the three way with sweet chocolate treats Lari and Aniya. These two ladies know to fuck and they give me one serious case of Jungle Fever.

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