Jail Babes




OVERALL RATING: Sexually- 3 Strictly on the event factor- 9
128 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Elliot Heathcoat and Rick Rage
Larry Flynt Productions
THEMES: Amateurs, Jail Babes.
STARS: Marti, Kattina, Katrina, Chilli, Lana, Paige, Shadow, Ron Jeremy, Coral Sands, Shelby Myne.
You know, it isn’t often we get to see something in porn that is actually original. It certainly seems like everything under the sexual sun has been done, redone and done in slow motion for good measure. With that in mind, I truly feel we are about to venture into truly uncharted territory. Not that a video with ex-cons is all the new to porn, most videos these days feature one or more ex-cons, but those are usually the guys. This video comes with plenty of pre-release hype thanks to the press on www.jailbabes.com, a web site where you can go to find penpals/love interests who are behind bars. (And people say singles bars are tough.) Now, the people at LFP have taken things one step further. The jail babes are out and on our TV screens in actual hard-core sex action. The box is not filled with Vivid type beauties, but these are real women, and I imagine in addition to the obvious freak show factor, fans of amateur videos will want to give this a look as well.
Marti is first up and she is actually somewhat attractive until she smiles and we get a look at that set of chompers. At eighteen, she robbed a bank. Her story of how she ended up taking this tragic turn is actually rather interesting. Not the usual porn faire, but hey, I’m willing to bet already this isn’t the normal porn vid. Marti is quite forthcoming, going over her arrest, her trail and her time behind bars. There is not a lot in the way of titillating conversation here, but I found myself not going for the remote at all. Finally, they bring in Coral Sands to give Marti her first taste of porn sex. Though Coral seems a bit too happy to be there, she does go right for Marti’s sizable, all natural, boobs. There is a lot of kissing and breast play between the women who really seem to enjoy each other as they slowly strip down to nothing. I’ll bet Coral looked better than anyone Marti hooked up with in jail and the notoriously veggie loving porn star gives her labes a serious licking. Marti’s pussy gets literally drippy, so all you guys who write me to ask about super wet slits, check this out, Coral’s hand is drenched with girl cum. Extensive dildo play and ass licking by Coral on the one time inmate, something she clearly appreciates. She gives as well as she gets, fingering and licking Coral’s slit and clit until the porn star actually seems ready to go out and commit a felony just to get locked up with the likes or Marti. Interesting scene that seemed genuine. (Though at forty five minutes, some editing might have been a good idea.)
Interestingly enough, ex-con Jack Hammer introduces us to blonde Kattina. She’s a little thick but somewhat cute, but really got off easy, spending very little time in county jail and no prison time. The funny thing is that she seems way more at ease in front of the camera than he does and doesn’t stumble on her lines like he does either. The interview doesn’t run nearly as long and we cut right to Kattina sucking Jack’s cock. Her belly may need a whole lot of work, but Kattina is certainly no stranger to swallowing cock. She takes all Jack has to offer easily and gives his nuts a serious tongue-bath. After this nice blowjob, the tattooed freak boy gets between her plump thighs and starts pumping away. He even stretches her sphincter a bit during some doggy play, dropping spit into her open anus. As if this weren’t bad enough, check out the monster zit on her ass. I swear, this fucking thing is bigger than Ed Powers’ cock and his bald spot put together. For God’s sake guys lance that fucking thing or give it it’s own bed. With four fingers in her ass, Jack starts fucking her in the pussy with a fat cucumber. OK, so the freak show value just went up and his hands hide the boil, but when he shoves the cuke up her ass´┐Ż..I don’t know man. (Hey, this scene is as veggie as the last one.) She does take a long, hard fuck from that big thing, so if you dig this activity, check it out. When he finishes with that, Jack gives her ass a try with his cock and I am immediately struck by two thoughts. First, after that big cuke, how can she even feel his modest at best, member? And second, I’ll bet this isn’t the first time Jack has been involved in sodomy with an inmate. (Though it may be the first time the inmate had a pussy.) Solid anal and a pretty nice facial leaves Kattina dripping with gooey white stuff.
Katrina is a twenty-five year old brunette who is the cutest girl in this tape by far. She was put away for owning and operating a massage parlor. So, in a way, doing this, isn’t totally new for her. (Performing sex for money that is.) She tells her story of arrest and brief jail time before getting naked and reaching for a bottle of baby oil. Using the oil, she slicks up her nice bod, tweaking her inviting nipples a bit, before finally moving down to seriously finger fuck her tight love hole. With the preliminaries out of the way a masked guy with long hair comes in to play with her. (Boyfriend maybe?) Not a lot of foreplay here, she just basically gets on her hands and knees and he starts fucking. It’s way too short, but he does fire a nice load onto her tiny tits.
Chilli is just super harsh looking woman who talks with great pride about her life as PCP dealer. She goes through her jail story, but then we cut to an even more frightening looking ‘woman’ Lana. They try some dildo sex for a few minutes, but luckily, Lana departs and Chilli is hooked up with Shelby Myne. Not that bringing in Shelby can make Chilli any more appealing, but at least we lose the he/she looking jail babe. Unlike the earlier g/g scene this jailbabe is not attractive enough to make this really worth watching at all. If you like g/g between pros and ams, you might enjoy it, but not me.
Paige is pretty average looking blonde who did time for pot. She only spent one night in jail and then did community service, but she just couldn’t stay out of trouble. She does a nice vibrator dildo scene and let’s someone jerk off onto her big tits. Of course, that is scalding hot compared to the final scene between Shadow and Ron Jeremy. Her story of how she ended up shooting a Federal Marshall is about as far as I really want to go with this woman. (The lengths I go for you people.) Ron actually looks scared of this whack job. (Personally, I would be scared of her too. Did you ever think you would feel sorry for Ron, having to fuck some woman?) The longer she talks the more we realize this is a mental patient, and come to think of it, talking like this is probably not a good idea on my part. Oh dear God, she has writing on her ass. No, NO, NO, she has false teeth that she removes. OK, freak show factor aside, THIS IS A NEW LOW IN PORN. Pardon me while I puke.
The quality of the women in this video takes a serious nosedive from about the halfway point in this video. There are a couple of semi-cute women in this video, but come one, no one is watching Jail Babes to see Vivid dolls fuck and suck. This is all about raw, real amateurs who happen to have spent time behind bars. It’s a freak show, pure and simple and who does that better than Larry Flynt? As such, this is a tape, I think everyone ought to at least take a look at. At times it’s like watching them pull bodies from a train wreck, disgusting, but you don’t dare take your eyes off. There a couple of decent looking babes here and some above average sex, but mostly, you want to watch to see what happen next in this side show of smut.


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