90 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Harry S. Morgan
Equrotique Entertainment.
THEMES: Outdoor Sex,
STARS: Bianca, Mario, Oliver, Savila, Shantrall, Yamira
I’m always a little frustrated when there is no cast list on a box for me to start with, but when there is still none in the opening credits, I know I am in for a long day. Add to that, the fact that these are Euro-babes and I might start getting pissed. One problem, they all look damn fine and I want to review this movie, so I’ll put up with having to work around not knowing who the players are. (Hope you can all bear with me on this one.)
The movie starts right out as an attractive young couple stops their car at the side of the road and takes a walk. The view is breathtaking and with soft music in the background, they start to kiss and caress each other. Thanks to the voice over, we learn that their names are Bianca and Mario. (At least that gives me something.) His cock his fat and throbbing in her hand as Bianca goes down to suck it in with the gentle breeze blowing through her hair. It may have that couple’s feel to it, but there is no shortage of close up shots as she rides his hard rod. In fact, even the music stops and we to hear her moan as her natural tits bound invitingly during their semi-clad coupling. Mario seems to know how to work that thick beefstick of his, filling his girlfriend and pounding her on a rock. The beautiful setting has Bianca feeling extra amorous and she lets Mario fuck her ass for the very first time. For a first timer, her ass opens right up for that fat cock and he does her quite nicely. (Can you fuck someone in the ass nicely?) The well shot anal in the beautiful outdoor setting is very Private-like and that is always good. Rather nice facial as well, except for the fact that it’s in slow motion. That’s just something that kills it for me every time.
Oliver is a swinging bachelor, full of charm and he uses every once of it to win over blonde Savila. A few glasses of wine seem to do the trick and he makes his move. He works the little blonde out of her shirt in no time and enjoys her tiny boobs. With her clothes gone, she squats down and starts sucking like a pro, getting him hard in her wet, inviting mouth. Except for a tattoo on her bicep, this girl looks almost felonious, but she sure knows how to swallow the shaft. He stands her up against his bar and bends her over, giving us some nice shots of her thin, but nicely long legs. That’s not the only hole he has in mind for this date, and soon she is being banged in the butt and apparently liking it. (And she loses the shoes for this part for those of you looking for barefoot.) Again, the cumshot is in slow motion. (Sound off people, is this better or worse than full motion?)
Silvia likes to go jogging in the woods twice a week. Her boyfriend has told her he may join her later, but when she stars off, she is alone. In her tight jogging shorts and crop top, this curvy blonde looks like a good time waiting to happen. As she stands, warming up, a man sneaks up behind her. Not sure if it’s the boyfriend or not, but she resists his touch gently for a bit, but ends up finding a seculded place with him and making out. He plays with her big ass for a while before she takes his cock from his jeans and starts sucking it desparately. This lovely creature has his cock throbbing in no time and from the looks of things could suck the chrome right off a bumper. All that working out seems to have paid off because she uses her strong thighs to seriously ride his throbbing schlong. Even when he lays her on a rock and fucks her, Silvia bucks back, meeting his frantic strokes with wild hip movements. It takes a cock in her tight ass to slow the blonde down and even then, her hand is flying over her clit with each hard stroke into her tiny bud. For the third time, the facial is ruined by slo-mo and this time it’s rather tragic since it’s quite the blast on her desirable mug.
A pair of cute beach girls (Shantrall and Yamira) stroll down the sand in their bikinis. In a nice secluded spot, they frolic in the waves for a bit, but their attraction to each other is painfully obvious. (Besides, it’s a porn.) They stretch out on the blanket and start sampling one another’s sweat glistening bodies, finally losing themselves in a torrid 69. One of them conviently has a dildo so the day at the beach can become an anal plugging picnic for the two lapping lezzies.
Yamira (Back from the last scene) is laid up with a bad leg after a motorcycle accident. She has to stay off the injured leg and relax, but she finds ways to pass the time. She has a couple of male friends come over and suddenly bed rest doesn’t seem like such a horrid thing. They concentrate on the areas of her body that aren’t sore and that begins with her wondeful breasts. Her mouth doesn’t seem to be causing her any problems either since she swallows cock easily and readily. With two hard dicks, her mouth and pussy stay filled through a number of fun and exciting positions, but what stays constant is how hot this woman looks. She gets it in the ass while standing, providing us the very best shots of the scene, at least until she rides on guy RCA while another moves in to make a DP out of it. Then even that wounded leg is flailing about sexily. Yamira lies back, spreads her legs and starts double jerking the two studs like a crazed slutlet until shower her with a (THANK GOD) full motion double pop shot that she licks up greedily. (I always new Euro-babes were sluts, but God Damn!)
Yamira shows up again, this time on the beach with her pal Shantrall one more time. They spy a guy watching from behind a rock and invite him to join them. This lucky guy just sits back enjoys the feel of two women sucking him off. Like most of the scenes, there is soft music for the first one third or so, but then the natural sounds take over. Since this scene is naturally lit, the harsh shadows at times obscure the close ups, making it even more appealing to the couples crowd. With just a simple change of position however, we get to see it all. Yamira is every bit as passionate in this scene as she was with two guys poking her, and takes it again in her tight ass. The girls share the cumshot which isn’t much, but at least it’s not in slo-mo. (The idea being that the couples have all retired to the bedroom by now and only the strokers remain.)
All five scenes in this movie start out with soft music and a nearly couples feel. Eventually, they all fall into a more hard-core vein with lots of anal and facials. The outdoor settings are all very nice and I imagine this movie will still have more than a few couples retiring to the bedroom before the final curtain, but I hesitate to put it in the couples category, because of the harder sex. I like outdoor scenes and I find most of these women to be very attractive. (Especially the big butted jogger who is quite heavly.) The one thing that really bugged me was the slow motion cumshots. I don’t get them, I don’t like them, I don’t see the appeal. Someone tell me if these make women hotter please. Other than that, no complaints.


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