84 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Sherrie Foster
STARS: Cassandra Knight, James Bonn, Herschel Savage, Johnni Black, Tina Tyler, Anthony Knight, Charlie, Allysin Shaynes, Montanna Gunn, Bobbi Stone and a special appearance by Kiss.
This is the first movie from a new company, dedicated to brining the audience quality, features for couples. (See my interview with director/star Kiss for full report.) There is a plot, some original music, a script that was actually written more than a day before the shoot and a cast filled with some hot women who are capable of at least handling some dialog. Porn certainly needs something to fill the gaping hole between raincoater vids and the generally insipid crap that some companies pass of a couple’s material these days. (Oh yeah, I hear all you people shoving Andrew Blake at me, but unless your woman is into 90 minutes of slow motion lesbian sex, that just won’t cut it.)
Well, for a plot driven porn, this one sure starts out like a ‘coater. Tina Tyler is working out in the gym, (And looking super hot.) when James Bonn comes up behind her and starts groping. (Can you blame him? I had to sit on my hands when I interviewed her.) Tina gives his barbell a little workout before he helps her out of her clothes. There is a bit of the slowed down, digitized effect thrown in and even some black and white, but thankfully, we still get to watch the sex pretty much unobstructed. (Couples’ film or not, I just hate slo-mo during the sex.) Tina spends a long time using her all real breasts to keep Bonn on the verge of exstacy. Frankly, I don’t know how he made it through that long a Tyler blowjob without losing it. The intercourse is a little more laced with black and white and slow motion than I like, but other than that, it’s quite hot. Tina and James are very into each other and that always raises the heat level of a scene. After a rousing three position fuck, Tina takes his cock in one hand and plays with his ball with the other until he shoots onto her breasts. It’s a slow motion shot, so someone tell me, does this have more appeal to women? Slow motion cumshots? Now is your chance to tell me and tell film makers if this is a good or bad idea.
The plot shifts to a weekend of fun for a whole group of friends aboard a yacht. Herschel Savage has come on this get away with his very lovely wife Cassandra Knight. Bonn has brought his special lady, Johnni Black and the whole boat seems charged with sexual energy. Down below, Bonn gets to enjoy the skills of another very fine lady, Johnni Black. Watching her give head, I always get the impression that she genuinely loves her job and that giving the best performance she can is her ultimate goal. I like the camera work here. No slow motion, just solid shooting, a little further back than a ‘coater vid, and some shots in a mirror, very nicely done. So why do we go slo-mo as soon as shte intercourse begins? Someone still has to explain that to me. When not slowed down, the pair engage in a very hot bit of doggy, with the camera shots showing off Johnni’s body nicely. A nice mish as well, but it is mostly slow so it kind of had me frustrated. I guess even a couples’ scene can have anal, and James gives it to Johnni in the backdoor rather hard. Alas, though Johnni gives a great hand/blowjob, we get no popshot. Another chick thing?
Into the happy mix comes Montanna Gunn, a friend of Kiss’. The problem is that both Herschel and James are screwing around with Montanna on the side. Herschel takes her below. The idea of fucking her with his wife so close is a turn on to him, and she is usual, total slut self. Guys if you are watching this with your woman, tell her what a turn on it is to have a woman this aggressive and starved for cock. Herschel gives her all he has and though I don’t find Montanna attractive, she does put a lot into this scene and it is well shot once again. She also takes a facial right on her tongue.
The problem with this happy pairing is that Herschel’s wife Cassandra sees him and runs away crying. Never fear, the sexy boat owner, Kiss, is there to console the poor woman. It doesn’t take a lot of prodding for the caring hug to become gentle kisses and the a full on make out session. Those of you who want more kissing in your scenes will love this. The two women kiss for a long time, even holding their liplock while Kiss undresses Casandra. Way too much slow motion for me, and g/g scenes aren’t my bag, however both women are attractive, into the scene and if this is your kind of scene, you couldn’t ask it to be any sexier.
Cassandra is still not over the shock and while she is clearly gazing at the deck hand, a party below deck has just begun to heat up. Charlie, Montanna and Alysin Chaynes take each other down on the floor for a long, three way pussy fest. Lots of close ups often make it hard to tell who is who, but watching Charlie do anything is fun, she has such a pretty face.
Cassandra’s fantasies have reached a fever pitch and she can see herself entwined with the muscular deck hand. (Anthony Knight, her real life husband.) Once the early scene, quick cut editing is over with and the scene starts rolling, these two are hot for each other. Cassandra is a hottie and Anthony is a well chisled, big dicked black (Or mixed) man. She gets on her knees and sucks his big cock until it throbs in her face. He bends her over at the waist, admiring her long legs as he slides his cock home. She goes back for a long blowjob, this time in black and white before a standing mish. (Oh and since they are a couple, no condom in this scene for those who care.) Fear not guys, there are a lot of close up shots here, especially when he takes her from behind again. No slow motion on the cumshot this time, but it’s shot at a rather unusual angle so we miss out on seeing that pretty face plastered.

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