Puritan 22


110 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Various.
THEMES: Anal Sex, Lesbian Sex. Maids.
STARS: Temptress, Nakita Kash, Natasha Blake, Raquel Devine, Rodney Moore, Heaven Leigh, Tamia, Jennifer Leigh, Tye, Blake Leigh.
In the realm of featurette porn, few series have brought as many hot, twisted, often fetish oriented scenes as the Puritan Video Magazine. They take a number of diferent directors and turn them loose to give the viewer a diverse view at sex on screen. Considering how good they are at naming the directors, I sure wish they would spell out who is who in the scenes. Some of the faces I recognize, but you’ll have to bear with me a bit.
Jim Powers directs the lovely Heaven Leigh in the first scene. She and her hubby (Played by some guy I recognize.) are playing host to an out of town friend who wants to see some of the Hollywood “freaks.” The guy is his cousin, but when he goes for drinks, Heaven suggests they all fool around. At first, hubby resists the idea, but she a way of pursuading him. It takes even less convincing to get the cousin to go along with the idea. In fact, her perfect little boobies in his face does the trick. (Guys are so easy.) They take turns, one licking her sweet, red slit while the other gets treated to a superfine suckjob. They are both hard and throbbing in to time, and Heaven seems ready to fuck the entire state from all the pussy lapping done on her pretty pie. Nicely shot and wonderfully long oral foreplay on this scene. You know this is leading to bigger and better things, beginning with Heaven begging for a hard fuck in between sucks on cock. Watcher her get nailed is quite hot and she knows how to scream for the camera. Her ass is just begging to be fucked and we get a great close up a she gets filled from behind. (Check out that shaved cookie, tasty no?) That leaves one guy with nothing to do, so they give her a very quick DP before rewarding her hard work with two very nice loads on her sexy face. DP is too short, but the hot facials make up for it big time. Heaven Leigh is simply Heavenly.
Dow Jones takes over to direct an all girl fantasy involving a maid and a couple of lingerie clad hotties on the bed. I recognize all three of these women, but honestly, other than Temptress, I can’t put names to the faces. They are good enough looking and do some decent finger fucking and pussy lapping, but something is just missing for me in this scene. Lesbian scenes have to have an intesnse spark and this one is just average. They do some serious anal finger fucking, so if that’s your thing, be sure and check it out.
Jim Powers takes over again, directing a fantasy scene where a woman hooks back up with her wild college galpal. When she arrives at the home, the shocked woman finds her friend bound and gagged and is soon in the middle of a wicked bondage game. With wifey struggling on the floor, her husband punishes his bad bride by having her pal suck his cock. Heavy latex and bondage fetish going on here in addition to the well shot blowjob sequence. Again, I don’t know the names of the two women, but they both have that young tailer park look that is just so appealing. He fucks the brunette friend hard then makes his dirty blonde wife suck all of her cum from his dick a few times. Wifey is pretty fucking hot and screws like a sexually deprived jackrabbit on meth. She gets fucked in the ass and takes jizz on her face and tits. Find me the name of the girl, I want her in the worst way.
Rodney Moore directs the next chapter, playing himself in a scene with Raquel Devine. She comes to his door looking to sell life insurance. When she fails to close the sale, Racquel tells him that she is neck and neck in a sales contest and really needs this sale to put her over the top. Any guess what Rodney wants her to do before he writes her a check? They engage in some wonderfully playful and totally erotic dialog. Rodney does this better than anyone and Raquel is perfect as the smoldering saleswoman, willing top open her mouth and swallow cock to close a deal. Rodney shoots awesome POV blowjobs and Raquel has a way of making the viewer really feel like they are getting sucked off. Not letting her off with just a blowjob, Rodney fucks the dirty blonde in mish and a brief doggy. After that, we get a long shot of her sucking him again, this time from the side on her hands and knees. Very nice shot here. In the end, the insurance saleslady gets a big mouthful of cum and some photos that could start her on a whole new career path. (And a spoonfed bit of pure protein.)
Finally, Jim Powers directs a scene called “Interracial Fantasy”. The twist is that the one doing the crossing is Kyle Stone. He and his wife Gwen Summers are shooting pool with a gorgeous young black woman. When the subject of interracial sex comes up, he gets embarrassed, but she soon has him naked and watching as she plays with her cute friend. They tease him merciliessly for a while, but finally Kyle gets some chocolate/vanilla swirl sex. They share oral duties, making his cock the centerpiece of their midnight snack. I can’t remember the name of the black girl, but she is really cute, and so is Gwen. Though the lighting in this scene is a bit less than optimal, the action is quite hot. Kyle really enjoys his first taste of chocolate pussy and Gwen keeps pulling his cock out to suck it clean. He really pounds the petite beauty hard from above, making this scene get hotter and hotter with each stroke. Not to be left out, Gwen takes a hard slam from behind as her friend sucks balls and rubs clit in support of their fucking. Kyle settles into a nice rhythm, switching from one to other often as he enjoys his newly crossed boundaries. Speaking of boundaries, he goes all the way, fucking the little black babe in her tight ass, and she just loves it. Gwen takes the A2M shot and drips it into her friend’s mouth, proving that a good bit of fucking can solve any racial tension.
Three of the scenes in this video are really hot. The Heaven Leigh three way is more than worth a look. Racquel Devine and Rodney Moore do a great scene together and the final interracial three way had me going as well. The other scenes touch on some fetish areas that I don’t happen to find stimulating, but if you happen to be into them, they are well shot with attractive women. Solid production values as usual, and enough strokeable moments to make it worth a look.

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