Sodomania Smokin Sextations 2




133 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Patrick Collins

Elegant Angel

THEMES: Virgins, Anal Sex, Facials, Interracial Sex, Student/Teacher, Drugged Women, Revenge Sex, Euro-Babes, Double Anal.


STARS: Nici Sterling, Alex Dane, Mark Davis, Kelly O’Dell, Tom Byron, Nico Treasures, Julian St. Jox, ‘Lil Bit, Buck Adams, Tiffany Mynx, Nyrobi Knight, Marc Wallice, Stephanie Swift, Anita Blonde, Lollipop, Baby Doll, Frank Gunn, Shonna Lynn, Anita Dark, Sean Michaels, Nellie Pierce and Tonisha Mills.


Let’s see, a compilation of scenes pulled from Sodomania. Given the fact that this is one of the very best ongoing series in the history of porn, I’m betting that this tape isn’t going to suck too badly. Hell, I’d love a chance to cut a compilation from these videos. At 27 movies, I think I could come up with a pretty hot two hour compilation. In fact, if you pulled the very worst scenes from Sodomania’s past, you would still have a tape that blows the doors off most tapes on the shelves. Let’s hope they didn’t pull the worst though, just so we can enjoy the next couple of hours.

Nici Sterling is in the first clip, with Alex Dane playing her daughter as she sucks off boyfriend Mark Davis. In spite her protests, Alex can’t convince her ‘mom’ that it isn’t yet time for her to be initiated in the ways of a full fledged slut. Nici’s dialog is pretty hot and so is Alex’s. After Mark does the requisite age check, he just enjoys a great double blowjob from two hot women. Talk about great eyes, these may be the two finest sets in all of porn. And while we’re at it, Alex did look better before the implants. Tiny tits or not, she was perfect. She sits close by in her schoolgirl outfit watching Nici get fucked and playing with her pussy. For a first timer, Alex sure learns to cum like a total slut with Mark sucking her little cunny. Wanting to make sure her daughter learns everything, Nici talks them through a colossal fuck. Somehow I don’t think I virgin could take this kind of pounding and have it hurt “just a little.” After tasting her on Mark’s cock, Nici shows Alex how good it feels to be fucked in the ass. “I feel like such a whore when he fucks my ass.” She moans while having her sphincter stretched. Great anal action from Nici but that’s the just the warm up act. Little Alex gets fucked in the butt just as hard and Nici adds the dirty dialog. Greedy Nici takes all the cum, nicely captured by her amazing tongue. If we were to stop the tape right here, this would be a perfect ten, that’s how great this scene is. (By the way, in true Sodomania style, there is a kicker at the end, but you have to watch it to find out.)

Next we venture into a little series called “Bottom Dweller” where Kelly O’Dell made a nice little comeback scene with Tom Byron. She has put on a few pounds but they good on her, especially the added weight in her upper body. Another thing she seems to have picked up is a far more visible lust for hard cock. She goes after Tom’s cock like a starved beast, nearly taking it all down her throat. He practically has her begging to fuck him, which is a total turn on, especially when such a beautiful star is doing it. I’ve never seen her this vocal or this ready to be slam fucked into a mattress. Tom has her pulling her legs back to her ears and then fucks her shaved slit from behind until Kelly is screaming into the pillows. In such a prone position, it seems only natural that Tom would give her virgin asshole the workout it needs. For her first anal scene, Kelly picked a big cock and the little slut just loves it. She stays face down for much of the scene and Tom just fills her ass with cock. To finish her off, Tom strokes over her face, while Kelly plays with her pussy. Great facial, hot anal, fantastic scene.

Nico Treasures and Julian St. Jox are having some office sex in a scene from Sodomania 19. She’s got the pencil in her hair, the glasses, a total secretary look, except for that super tiny dress she has bunched around her waist, the tongue stud and oh yeah, the big black dick in her pussy. She seems to like the size because the harder he pounds, the louder she screams. Turning the tables, Nico bends Julian over the desk next. (Chill guys, she doesn’t have a strap on.) While stroking his cock, Nico licks his asshole for a while. (I wonder if he gets a 401K as well, or if having a blonde slut for a secretary is the only perk on this job.) He actually fucks her neck for a while, which is a little strange, but could be the new rage. (Think of how well you could fuck some triple chinned beast like Andrea Dworkin.) Julian bends her over the desk again, this time to fuck her while she stands there. Nico is very good at assuming the position and taking one for the team to so speak. In fact, she takes a big load right in her face. (Hey, I thought Nico didn’t do scenes with……nahhhhh.)

Lil’ Bit and Buck Adams play a little game of first time sex. Since this little hottie already looks like a walking felony, when she begs him to be the first to touch her, it’s no wonder he nearly has a heart attack. If she weren’t such a great cocksucker, I might almost believe that it’s her first time. (Anyone else miss the shit out of this perfect little slutlet.) She nearly walks out when his protests become more solid, but Buck quickly comes to his senses and agrees to be her first fuck. Buck takes her by the hair and starts fucking her from behind, and damn if this isn’t some of the best doggy fucking I’ve ever seen. Lil’ Bit wiggles her cute little ass, fucking back against his big cock like we all wish those horny young coeds would do every time we encounter one. No wonder his cock is hard, with a hottie like this begging for his dick. Most of his seed ends up right in her mouth. This great scene is brilliant and makes me want to personally go out, find Lil’ Bit and get her to come back.

Tiffany Mynx, Tom Byron and Nyrobi Knight hooked up in Sodomania 18 for one of the hottest scenes ever. Tiffany plays a bitchy wife who treats her husband and maid terribly. They hatch a plot to get even. After drugging her, Nyrobi leads a raid on wifey’s prone body. She goes down on the boss while Tom watches, stroking his cock, undoubtedly thinking of all the times she sent him to bed with a hardon. Even in a half daze, Tiffany’s ass opens up for the vibe Nyrobi fucks her with as she administers a nice spanking. Even as she wakes up, Nyrobi still takes control, sucking Tom and fucking him while making Tiff masturbate and watch. (Foot play during the intercourse for you toe guys.) Though more of Tiff getting fucked in the ass would have been nice, this is still a fantastic three way with great anal and Tiffany licking cum from Nyrobi’s ass.

Marc Wallice is very hot to fuck Stephanie Swift (and you wouldn’t be?) There is something evil going on, but who cares about that when you have this gorgeous creature who sucks cock as well as she does. First comes a nice tease sequence where she squats over his face and makes him lick her sweet slit while he strokes off. Hard and ready, Marc sits back while Steph drops down and fucks him hard. One good turn deserves another and Marc takes her doggy, fucking her as deep as his little pecker will allow. She begs to be beaten and fucked hard and that’s exactly what she gets. It’s not just her pussy that needs to be filled however and on her side, she gets her ass jammed nice and hard. You know, contract girl or not, porn fans will always remember this Stephanie Swift, the one who looks like the girl next door and fucks like her life depends on it. Another killer facial caps yet another perfect scene.

It’s off to Europe we go for a scene between Anita Blonde, Lollipop, Baby Doll and Frank Gunn. He wants to try them out for one of his movies which means sampling the goods himself. Only Anita is really stunning, but Lollipop has some app
eal as well. Frank has to have the girls play with each other a bit so that no one gets left out. Compared to the other scenes in this comp, this one is only mediocre, but Anita always makes a scene worth watching and Lollipop’s pussy looks as sweet as her name. Nice anal from Lolli as well as stunning RC from the wonderfully real breasted Ms. Blonde. Baby Doll gets the facial which is rather sad, but it’s still a decent looking four way thanks to Anita B.

Shonna Lynn is one of those porn slutlets who was never a stunning beauty but had a cock hungry way about her that made her perfect for this business. Her scene is from the double anal adventure, so we get to see this naturally big titted skinny slutlet take not one, but two cocks in her ass. Add to that the fact that the dicks are black and you have something for everyone. (Unless of course, Shonna herself is black, something that has often been debated, in which case, this is not an interracial double anal.) She first rubs her pussy for a while then tells us all in gory detail what she plans to do. Fuck, who cares that she isn’t a classic beauty, I’d party with this girl any time. She gets both cocks hard in no time, which is no shock, but they rush a bit to fuck her. With one big cock in her pussy from behind, she slurps on the other like it’s a great big candy stick. Moving quickly again, she squat fucks in RCA for a bit. This sets the stage for a brief, but totally hot DP with Shonna looking dwarf like between these two large men who fill her to the brim. The double anal really is not appealing to me, but I know for guys who dig it, these scenes are rare. Little Shonna does take both dicks in her butthole and she lives to tell about it. In fact, she lies in a piledriver and fingers her asshole while the guys jerk off over her. They drop loads on her stretched asshole. Short of a facial, I can’t think of much more I would have wanted to see in this scene.

Anita Dark doesn’t have the best English skills in the world, but Sean Micahels is able to teach her the things we want to hear as he prepares to fuck her. She’s in handcuffs as she plays with her pussy but wisely he lets her hands loose to help him as she rubs oil all over her ass. Anita talks to his cock as she strokes it, licking at the head and cooing her love for it. Very fucking sexy. She squats over his cock, lowering herself slowly until it looks like she’s about to be split in two. Sean fucks her good and hard, reminding me again why I seek out Anita Dark videos at every turn. This lovely woman has tons of sexual charisma. (and she’s got great tits too Rog.) No facial, but still a very hot pairing.

Finally, Nellie Piece and Tonisha Mills pair up to fuck Tom Byron. I just reviewed this scene not that long ago in my review of Sodomania 21. (Note to self, review all volumes of Sodomania sometime in the near future.) Tonisha and Nellie get down to a serious double blow job, with the busty porn vet using both hands to stroke his cock while she swallows it. I know I say it all the time, but damn I miss Nellie. What a slut next door quality she has and what an ass. Speaking of ass, she was wonderfully unshy about taking big cocks in her butt and Tom gives her everything he’s got and she just keeps her tongue buried in Tonisha’s blonde beav. The best shots of this scene come with Nellie on her side, leg in the air taking it in the ass. Tonisha takes a super hard vag fucking and then shares the facial with sexy Nellie.

Ten scenes and not a loser in the bunch. I shouldn’t need to recap which ones were the best after this a long a review, but in case you have forgotten, I’ll give it a shot. The Nici/Alex/Mark three way is a scorcher with some awesome anal. ‘Lil Bit’s teacher/student deal with Buck Adams is a total nutbuster. Watching Kelly O’Dell get her ass busted is hot as well. Nico Treasures desktop boff with Julian is something most of us won’t forget. Come on, I’m not going to go through them all again. This tape rocks, and is a must have for smut fans who like hard, raunchy sex with hot, sexy babes.

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