World Sex Tour 16





DIRECTOR: Christopher Alexander.


THEMES: Euro-Babes, Big Cocks, Interracial Sex.

1998 (9/98)

STARS: Eva, Szonja, Sylvia, Ildiko, Brigitta, Greta, Judit, Juliana, Vince Vouyer, James, Lexington Steele.


After reviewing a number of features this week, the smut fan in me had me dying for some good old wall to wall sex action. No scripts, just slits. No choking on bad dialog, just choking on big cocks. No worrying about anything but the hotties and the big cocks that keep them filled. Where did I turn for this dose of hard core reality? Why Anabolic of course, and the World Sex Tour series. All I need to know here is where the gang is headed and what the names of the overseas cuties are. I know for a fact the sex will be hot and I won’t have to try and figure out anything more complex than “Holy shit, how does she fit that big cock in her tiny asshole?”

Before we start with the sex however, we get a visual update on a story that has been buzzing around for a while. It seems that the Anabolic team ran into some serious assholes over in Hungary and were lucky to escape a knife attack with their lives. We join Vince Vouyer and his cameraman in the hospital. Beyond being just way too fucking scary, we get some rather gross shots of the various wounds. Thought we never do find out exactly why the attack took place, we do learn two things. First, the good folks at Anabolic are not afraid to show us just how real shit can get and second, if you ever end up in a hospital in Budapest, pray it’s not for anything serious. A few minutes of watching this should cure anyone of their complaints about the US healthcare system. Seriously, glad to see you guys made it through and all the best on a total recover gentlemen.

With that unpleasant business out of the way, the first two Euro-hotties grace the screen. Blonde Judit and redhead Juliana pair up with Vince and Lexington Steele for a four way fuck. Judit seems lost in her own world as she enjoys Vince’s cock, but the big shock is that Juliana actually seems unfazed when Lexington unleashes his horse cock for her to suck. Judit gets a good look at it as her friend sucks it and comes over for a little double blowjob. Hell, that thing is big enough for three women. In fact, even with Judit starts fucking him, (Check out the way her thighs tremble as she lowers herself onto his rod.) Juliana is there to suck his balls. Vince moves in from behind to fill her pussy. Once Vince is able to pry Juliana away from Lex, he gives her a stirring fuck. This only serves to warm her up so that Lexington can come and bottom out her wet hole. I have to say Juliana is by far the hotter fuck even if Judit is slightly prettier. Both girls start out with the sensible choice and take turns having their asses busted by Vince. Not that he is small by any stretch of the imagination, but he serves as a warm up for the monster prick that Lexington shoves up Judit’s ass. Not to be outdone, Juliana takes Lex in her puss while Vince pounds her ass. This is super hot stuff and it’s only the first scene. One cumshot for each face and both girls drip their loads into each other’s mouths. Messy, that’s for sure.

It’s always fun to watch the new guys get bagged on by the old guys. Listening to them lay into Lexington for falling into deep infatuation with Sylvia is pretty damn funny. Of course watching her drool all over his dick is more likely to get a positive reaction from most of you. He kneels over her head and feeds her his massive meat. Sylvia is a bit thick below the waist but has a very pretty face and she knows how to suck cock. Of course, even as wet as it is, that massive cock barely slips past her lower lips. Her shaved pussy can only take about half of that huge cock (Or Lex is only willing to give her half of it.) which I should tell us that she could take quite a pounding with a normal sized unit. Even less of it fits into her ass as Sylvia squats on him and takes just the tip into her butt. The facial is pretty nice, but this scene proves that you can have too much of a good thing.

Nineteen year old Brigitta has some incredible fucking tits and sheds her clothes for Vince and Lex in a heartbeat. (Two highly important qualities in a woman.) She looks unimpressed by the two big dicks in her face, but does wince a bit as Lexington penetrates her pussy. Vince pacifies her at first, but within a few strokes, Lex is balls deep and Brigitta is moaning around the second cock in her mouth. Taking it kind of slow, he fills her from behind while she sucks Vince, but things pick up considerably when the two men switch places. Vince is able to slam fuck her and Brigitta does some great work on the fat cock now in her mouth. Having successfully fucked them both, Brigitta lets Alexander know that anal with Lexington is out of the question. With a little bit of convincing, she agrees to try sitting on his cock, but it’s just too big. Of course, she doesn’t mind bending over and taking Vince’s dick in her ass while still sucking away on her big chocolate lollipop. In fact, Lex is able to get into her pussy while Vince bones her butt and this DP action seems to wind her way the fuck up. After this DP, Lex picks her up and lets her writhe in his arms for a while, making me think that at nineteen, Brigitta has already done her share of coital gymnastics. She is well warmed up and he fucks her hard while Vince jerks off onto her face. One question though, what the fuck is that on Vince’s dick, shit or blood, and by the way, why the fuck didn’t he wipe it off? (Unless of course that’s just the bruising, in which case it might be even more disturbing.) Lexington drops his load on top of Vince’s and Brigitta plays with his shrinking cock, smiling through two loads of jizz. What a hot little Euro-slut.

According to Vince, Greta is his favorite, and watching her strut up the stairs in her cut offs and crop top, I can see why. When was the last time you saw real tits that were one tenth this good? The short haired blonde gets her mouth right down onto Vince’s cock (Which is bruised by the way, disregard those blood/shit comments.) She does her best to work Vince and Lexington hard in her eager mouth and does a damn fine job of it if you ask me. This woman is pretty fucking close to perfection. A pretty face, fucking awesome body and she just loves getting fucked from behind while standing up with a second cock in her mouth. Even Lex, with his foot long pussy poker, can slide balls deep into this hot, wet little honey. You would think that kind of pounding would wear the poor girl out, but she rolls over onto her back and lifts her long, fine legs high in the air for tons more tit shaking fucking. The guys take turns fucking her mish before rolling Greta over to let the anal games begin. Vince gets his dick into that butt first, and how can something THAT tight, not hurt that bruised unit? Maybe the pleasure just overtook the pain. She sits slowly on Lexington, but check out the look on her face as he works more and more of that hard rod into her ass. Greta looks amazed and enthralled by being so full of man meat. Seeing how well she is handling one dick, Vince pushes her legs back and this becomes a DP in record time. Her pussy is so smooth, Vince pops inside of her and Greta reaches up into her wet slit to lick up every drop she can. No such work is needed for the second shot as Lexington fires a very sizable load all over her pretty face. Memo to the Anabolic team, bring Greta to the States for more movies, and an up close interview with yours truly.

Eva is a nineteen year old beauty who speaks no English at all. Through a translator we learn that the petite brunette is new to videos and has never even tried anal sex. She is paired with her boyfriend, who seems to know just how lucky he is to be hitting such a total nugget. They kiss and grope for a while on the couch before he goes down on her. This woman really is about as cover girl-esque as you are going to find in porn and if you like tiny women, Eva will have you all busting nuts before this guy even gets his tongue out of her cookie. With a dangerously cute smile on her pretty face, Eva starts sucking slowly on his fat, already hard, cock. Sadly, the cocksucking is far too short, and the pace of this scene is much quicker than the rest of the movie. They slow down a bit for an extended RC, which makes sense since we get to see her face as well as her tiny body and tight pussy. Wow, there are so many shots of just her face, this scene might actually make a cable cut. Of course, when he pulls out and hoses her face, all thoughts of soft, pretty sex vanish in a hail of semen that leaves the gorgeous Eva looking totally glazed and ultimately desirable.

The final two hotties, Szonja and Ildiko are very young, totally sexy and willing to get down with Lexington. He has this wonderful grin on his face as he gives them both a quick once over before showing them his massive member. Blonde Szonja seems a bit shocked by it at first, but seems to love the taste. These two little cuties can’t get much of his cock in their mouths, but it’s big enough for both of them to suck and lick the shaft and these faces so close to a dick is enough for most guys to be sporting big time wood. She watches as Ildiko gets fucked first, and Szonja seems to be rethinking the whole thing just a bit. Once he actually gets his cock in her, she starts moving her ass back to meet his strokes, taking as much in her tight little pookie as possible. The sight of this sexy little blonde getting boned is so hot that Vince actually manages to get his dick hard enough to fuck Ildiko. (He was sidelined with his injuries that day.) The guys switch partners so that Szonja, who has an ass to die for, but the way, can get poked in her pooper. While that is going on, Lex is getting acrobatic with little Ildiko, who seems fine even when impaled on his cock. That’s nothing compared to watching Szonja take Lex in her ass. She looks to be in a bit of discomfort at times, which I don’t find particularly erotic, but she manages to get through it with a smile, and looks beautiful. Both women take shots in their mouths then pass it back and forth, swapping semen and keeping their pretty faces nice and sticky for the camera.

This version of World Sex Tour feature some really beautiful women and some hot assfucking. Eva is absoultely gorgeous and even though she only fucks her boyfriend, it is nice to see a woman with covergirl looks get down and do some serious fucking. Greta is my overall favorite, the perfect combination of a great face, a body designed by God and an incredible sexual appetite. With no duds in the bunch, you can take you pick from this batch of hotties and enjoy watching Vince and Lexington fill their orifices with cock. If you like watching pretty white girls fucking huge black cocks, then this video will keep you up all night and half of the next day. Great work, but I have to say it again, get Greta over here for more work!

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