DIRECTOR: Luis Cypher

Extreme Associates

THEMES: Grudge fucking, DP.


STARS: Jessica Darlin, Iroc, Heaven Leigh, Lizzy Bordon, Tye, Alexandra Nice, Tom Byron, Luciano, Van Damage, Chris Cannon, John West.


After starting out with an outstanding core of directors (Rob Black, Tom Byron and Van Damage), Extreme Associates has brought on some new blood and is starting to develop their own stable of young film makers. Luis Cypher is one of these new film makers and the company helped him out big time by letting him use Extreme girls Jessica Darlin, Iroc and Lizzy Borden in addition to Heaven Leigh, Taylor Moore and Tye to assure that the cast is nothing short of first rate. The box promises Jessica’s first DP and that would quite frankly be more than enough of a reason for me to want this movie. However, I am told by two of its stars that it is a very hot piece of smut so I am looking forward to some volcanic porn action AND to seeing the incredible Ms. Darling get her gorgeous ass and perfect pussy double packed.

Things start out with Jessica on the bed in her bra and panties, begging hubby Tom Byron to stay home and fuck her. This has to be acting, because I am guessing Jessica has never had to beg for sex in her life. She finally lets him go, but starts fucking her pussy right away with her probing fingers. I know I’m not the only one who would love to crawl up into bed next to Jessica and help scratch that itch. After her finger fuck, Jessica lights some candles and settles her fine bod into a hot bath, where she falls asleep and into a bizarre dream world. This world is plenty sexual and Jess watches Alexandra Nice get her pussy sucked by some horny stud. It’s intentionally dark and grainy which adds to the mood, but in my eyes, it gets in the way of the action. (I know, it’s a dream world, the style is cool, I just like the straight forward approach better.) Still, the sex is pretty hot, though I can’t help but be more interested in Jessica than Alexandra no matter who the scene is supposed to be focused on. (Dude, try not obsessing for like two minutes so you can review the scene.) Alexandra does give a very hot performance, especially when she gets on top of her stud and rides him reverse cowgirl. Plenty of tight shots (without condoms) of vaginal and anal penetration. (By the way, the strobes and effects diminish as the sex heats up, which is nice since it makes the sex easier to watch.) This long assfuck is made even better when Jessica sticks her pretty face in to be the target of his sperm rockets. A bit too much quick cutting at first, but hey, we see the shot three times, so her jizz splattered mug goes get the attention it deserves.

We see why Tom was in such a hurry to leave. Upon entering his office, he beckons his sexy secretary, (Iroc) into his office and she is under the desk before you can say ‘sexual harassment.’ The brunette is a fine cocksucker, but the door to Tom’s office is open and busybody Heaven Leigh sees the action. One quick call home and Jessica knows everything. She swears to get even with a hot grudge fuck and nasty little Heaven wants her to tape it. (My kind of slutlet.) While sucking dick, Iroc spanks and plays with her sexy ass, getting more and more into her work as she goes. The Betty Page-ish do is interesting and gives her kind of a harsh look which certainly fits the way Iroc fucks. Nothing soft and gentle here, just ball busting sex. (And am I the only one who just wants to suck her sexy nipples all day?) Tom gives her hot ass a nice spanking before sliding his cock up her tight backdoor. After sliding down on it for a while, she dismounts, does a pair of A2M suckjobs, then bends over to be fucked like a proper slutlet. Iroc may be known for her feet, but if she keeps doing anal scenes like this one, her ass is going to be her claim to fame. No special effects get in the way this time, as Tom blows a massive load across her face to end this well shot scene which is the best Iroc has done thus far.

When two men (Van Damage and Luciano) show up her door at the same time, Jessica invites them both in and we get the event we’ve all been waiting for, the first JD DP. Her blonde head is bobbing instantly and her double handjob is one of the sexiest things I have seen all year. (Does she eat with two hands as well?) After sucking them both to the root (In a way I would simply love to be swallowed by the way Jessica.) she tongues both of their asses. If you like chicks licking ass, you’re going to love this scene. I prefer watching Jessica’s mouth and sweet hole get plugged simultaneously myself. No matter how hard they pound her, and they do give her a serious boning, it’s just not enough for this now hyper-charged little fuck bunny. You all know what comes next. She squats on a hard cock with her ass and grinding as only Ms. D can. The RCA looks fantastic, but how does Van let her get fucked like this without stuffing that pretty pussy? What professionalism, what self control, what an idiot! (Dude, I think he was just following the director’s orders.) Van recovers by getting his shot at her ass and giving us even more blistering footage. That leaves only the DP undone, but Jessica does not disappoint here either. The petite Ms. Darling looks ready to explode as the two guys fill her full of hot man meat and pump the living shit out of her. As is her custom, Jessica’s mouth is wide open for the cumshot and she literally licks up every spilled drop as both studs fire right into her face. This was well worth the wait.

Jessica runs right over to show her pal Heaven Leigh her debauched adventure, but they are interrupted by a knock at Heaven’s door. Already juiced and with her motor revving, Heaven attacks the guy at the door and drags him into the bedroom. (Not that had to be taken, kicking and screaming mind you.) The fiery redhead attacks his cock with her mouth and I have to applaud the director for keeping the camera in tight on her as Heaven puts on a dick sucking clinic. (By the way, we ARE on for an interview in Vegas right Heaven?) With Jessica watching from the closet, she climbs up his body and rides his face, giving him a taste of her luscious slit. We get a very long 69, but it seems like the editor fell in love with the blur and slo-mo stuff a bit. It takes away from the heat we saw earlier in the film. There really is no need for it in a scene like this and when we get past it, the sex is blistering again. Heaven gets her ass slapped and her hair pulled as the stud drills her from behind. That’s nothing compared to the assfucking he delivers. (Anyone else see now why Heaven did so well in the net poll with fans?) Tons of close up shots of her tight sphincter getting filled from every angle until he drops a nut right into her mouth. Bursting out of the closet, Jessica takes the cum from Heaven’s mouth. (Hey Jess, if you’re that thirsty……)

Back at home, Jessica is exhausted and falls right to sleep. This puts her back in the funky, black light dream state. This time, Jessica takes charge of things and leads a little group grope with Taylor Moore, Tye and Lizzy Borden. Once the strobes and day glow paint portion of the scene is out of the way. (It’s cool looking mind you, but we want the pussy.) Be warned, this is not for the squeamish. Jessica spitting into Lizzy’s mouth is a little extreme even for Extreme Girls. Boy Tye sure looks tasty and the girls dive in on her sweet meat. This is about as rough as g/g sex gets, so if you don’t like spitting, choking and the like, you might want to skip this scene, but if hard lez sex is your thing, it doesn’t get any nastier than this. Jessica getting lez banged is the highlight however, as the other girls use her every pleasure zone for their own amusement.

Tom overhears Jessica talking to someone and assumes it is her boyfriend. He orders a hit on his wife and sits in his car waiting to
see who the guy is. When he finds out, that it is not a guy, but another girl between his wife’s thighs, he is stunned. Not so stunned that he can’t think straight however. Tom dives in to pick up where Heaven left off and soon finds his appreciative bride working on his fat cock with her oh so talented mouth. It takes quite a good little cocksucker to handle all of Tom, and Jessica does it with relative ease. Stunning oral sex here, and I know I am not the only one who is just dying to sit down with Jessica and find out just how she got so good in the back seats of cars. (What do you say Jess, got some stories to tell?) Of course, if you have been following the story, you may pick up on the fact that while Tommy is getting one hell of a gymnastic fuck in the back seat, something not so good is about to happen. Before that, however, we are treated to another butt pounding anal scene with Jessica’s little ass stretched to the max by Tom’s tool. It looks like the frustrated wife is finally getting what she has always wanted and one has to wonder why he wasn’t giving it to her sooner. After an amazingly long anal, Tom fires a load right into Jessica’s mouth, feeding the greedy little seed slut all his jizz. It was quite a fuck, but is it enough?

It is exceptionally rare to see such hard pounding anal sex in a feature. Scripted porn is usually reserved for the couples crowd who aren’t quite as inclined to seeing sphincters stretched or pretty faces basted in ball batter. To his credit, director Luis Cypher has done just that with Vengeance. While no one is going to confuse the plot with that of say “The Spanish Prisoner”, for porn, it enough to keep things moving a decent pace. What little dialog there is, is generally well delivered. There are a few occasions when the effects and mood of some of the scenes gets in the way a bit. Not as bad as many films these days and thankfully, it is usually reserved for the beginning of the scene so that strokers can settle in and just enjoy the nasty fucking anal sex. In fact, a little bit tighter rein on that sort of editing and this could have been a perfect smut flick. Enough about the plot and technical skills, what about the sex? Jessica Darlin is as hot as ever in this film, maybe even hotter. We all know she is one of porn’s great anal queens, but her DP and final assfuck with Tom rank among her best scenes ever. Heaven Leigh also gets her pretty pooper porked quite nicely, showing once again what a hot little number she is. Iroc gives one of her best scenes to date and Alexandra Nice also gets butt boned. The four way lesbian fuck isn’t my speed, but it’s a scorcher for those of you who like the rough veggie sex. In short, there was just enough plot to make this a credible feature and just enough anal sex to kill off a small army of soccer moms. Oh yeah, and if anyone is looking for a reason to give Jessica Darlin Best New Starlet hardware, or even a Performer of the Year statue, this is your highlight reel baby.

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