Lil’ Women Sorrority Anal Initiations


85 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Harry S. Morgan.
THEMES: Euro-babes, Anal Sex, Facials
STARS: Helga, Ruby, Christa, Anna, Marika, Dominique, Jacques, Sean , Damien.
I’ve seen ads for the Lil’ Women series of vids for a long time, and have even watched a few of them, however this is the first time I have ever sat down to review of one. As seems to be the norm with these vids, the Euro-babes on the cover are absolutely stunning. Women this beautiful, doing the sort of totally depraved sexual acts that are pictured on the box, are the staple of Euro-porn and explains why so many American porn fans have turned to Lil’ Women, Private and the like to get their fill of super pretty women taking big, hard cocks in their asses. Now, if we could just get Vivid to follow suit in American porn. (Fat chance.)
The dialog is dubbed in (I believe) French, but we get a little synopsis every now and again in English. (Besides, our need to know the plot of a movie like is rather minimal.) Basically, a couple of young hotties arrive in town and split. Inis goes to see Christopher, who has been writing to her on the internet for months. Christopher is a mechanic, so when he hugs the dark skinned brunette, she gets oil on her shirt. He kindly offers to wipe it clean and you know where that is going to lead. Allowing his friend to stay and join him, Christopher goes to work on Inis, stripping the naturally busty girl and attacking he soft flesh with his mouth and groping hands. This woman is incredible looking, with a model’s face and a silicone free, centerfold body. With her shirt pulled up over her fantastic breasts and her skirt tossed aside, Inis squats and shows both guys that she sucks cock like a wet dream girl. With his cock spit slicked, Christopher turns her around and bends her over so she can ride his rod while sucking off the friend. Great standing fuck and suck here with a terrific looking woman giving great head and lots of close up as her shaved slit is stuffed with un-condomed cock. The guys toss this petite hottie around into some amazing positions and she takes every inch of meat they can dish out. In the middle of this, the friend takes off, leaving Christopher alone with this hottie. He puts her on the car and starts slam fucking her hole. (Her white boots stay on for those of you searching for that.) We get a low angle extreme close up as he moves from her pussy to ass and starts fucking the stuffing out of her butt over the hood of the car. This nearly perfect scene is capped off with a nice big wad of jizz fired into her open mouth. Fantastic scene with this pretty woman taking a pounding like a true anal slut.
Two other girls, Sandra and Dawn are getting to know each other in a hotel pool, frolicking about naked and getting very friendly with each other. I swear the blonde in this scene is Draghixa who impressed in a number of import vids a few years ago. She sticks her ass out to receive a thorough licking from her brunette friend before turning to expose her lightly haired treasure throve. The women exchange oral sex for a while and even sip cocktails of each other’s bodies, but are not alone. The waiter can see it all and eventually, he gets invited to share in the sexual delights. They pull him into the water, clothes and all, but are more interested in what he has under his garments. The girls team up for a very hot looking double blowjob, but it is clear most of you will agree with me that the lighter haired lovely is hands down, the hotter of the two starlets. (Not that being sucked off by the other one would be a chore by any means.) With the action in full swing, Christopher’s friend hops into the water. Talk about good timing, he leaves a hot three way only to land smack dab in the middle of a another scorching sexual encounter. After a rather brief four way fuck, a third guy enters the fray to turn this into an all out group grope. Just about the time they get into a good rhythm, Christopher and Inis show up as well. In my eyes, this is just too many people for one scene. I know a lot of guys dig the big orgy thing, but we end up trying to watch so much, it’s harder to let a good rhythm develop. Example, Draghixa is floating on her belly in the water, giving a fantastic blowjob, but we cut away to Inis riding cock. Nothing wrong with either, but I prefer to watch scenes like this one at a time. OK, personal observation over, all three women are dynamic fucks, actively fucking and sucking any dick that gets close to them. Inis takes on two guys while nearby, Draghixa gets fucked up against a wall nearby. The third girl is relegated to only the occasional cut away as these two sexual dynamos hog all the camera time. Things even out a bit at the end as each girl gets a shot of protein pudding on their pretty faces.
The whole gang hits the town and goes into a swinging nightclub. Ever the horndog, Christopher stays outside to work on the girl in the ticket booth. They do some sexy groping through the ticket slot, but this woman shows great promise. I think we will see her again later. As soon as their friend Wendy arrives at the club, they put her up on a bar to dance and the fun begins. This woman knows how to move and gives a great tease performance as she writhes around on the bar. Some of the other women eventually join her and the sexual tension just becomes too much for the poor guys. This pre-sex tease footage is really top notch and should have the viewers already stroking madly even before everyone starts to pair off.
Redheaded Wendy takes a guy upstairs to the porn theater where she starts making out with the lucky stud in front of another man. She can’t wait to get her lips around his already throbbing cock and he is smart enough not to make her wait. The lighting is necessary dim, but we can still see as she gives his cock a quick suck before dropping into his lap for reverse cowgirl in the theater seat. I would have liked more in this position, but he quickly bends her over the seat and starts fucking the pretty woman in her ass. This high octane fuck scene ends when she spins around and takes an A2M facial, not stopping until his dick is licked totally clean.
Downstairs, the bar has filled up and the ladies get a treat when one of the guys starts dancing for their pleasure. His performance heats the women up enough for the whole room to explode in an all out orgy. They may be a bit disappointed, when he retires behind the bar with another guy. (Don’t worry, they don’t show that sports fans.) Still, the remaining partiers, get down and dirty with each other. Christopher finally gets free access to his ticket girl and drops her body right down onto his cock. With only minimal cut aways, we see Christopher push her against the wall and start fucking her tight butthole. The other coupling has Draghixa being fucked on a barstool by a very lucky guy who repays her spectacular blowjob by athletically fucking her sweet honey hole. Seeing the ticket girl bobbing up and down in RCA, he leaves Draghixa in the arms of another woman so he can help Christopher DP the horny ticket girl. They pump her full of prick on the stairs until they are interrupted by people who need to get by them.
Unfazed by having their DP broken up, everyone just rotates around and keeps right on fucking. Wendy joins Draghixa and Inis for a three way lez fest while everyone else pairs off and we get wall to wall fucking. Again, I like more one on one scenes, but holy shit, this is just packed with hot stuff. Draghixa and Inis both get long fucks in their tight asses before taking facial shots that leave them both dripping with goo.
No doubt the women in this video are stunning and all shine in their sexual performances. There is more group action than I prefer, but when the fucking is this good, I can work around that problem. Inis and Draghixa are the two favorites here, but all of the women are good looking. Except when the scene calls for it, the lighting is very good and the camer
a work is exactly what we need. Lots of great close up action, hard anal sex, no condoms, sexy Euro-babes, sex in water, Dps and even facials. What more could you ask for? Don’t worry about a plot, just watch this for wall to wall boning.

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