Mission Erotica



116 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Michael Zen
THEMES: Plot Porn, Asian Women.
1997 (1/97)
STARS: Kobe Tai, Asia Carerra, Chloe, Stephanie Swift, Heather Hunter, Missy, Sindee Coxx, Randy West, Peter North, Nadia Moore, Mark Davis, Vince Voyeur, TT Boy, Jon Dough.
Careful everyone, this is three features in a row and this one is a Vivid film. For this one, Michael Zen has brought out the big guns. Kobe Tai, Stephanie Swift, Asia Carrera, Heather Hunter and Missy headline an impressive cast in this big budget action movie. Hell, if you’re going to make porn with a plot, you might as well use women who can bring heat to their scenes. Therein lies the biggest problem with most porn features, directors who care enough to make an actual film, often forget that most of their audience is watching with one hand on the remote and the other on their home entertainment units. With any luck, Zen won’t go down that road and waste the sexual talents of his cast and along the way maybe he can even dazzle us with his movie making abilities.
Kobe Tai, plays Teri, just your common street whore. (Yeah, the next time I see a street hooker who looks one tenth this good will be the first time, but if the masses can believe Julia Roberts in such a roll, why not Kobe?) When she gets a mysterious page from her home phone, Kobe comes home, only to be jumped by a couple of thugs. In a flash of fists and feet, she dispatches them without breaking a sweat or a nail. From the shadows comes Mickey G, a mysterious man from Teri’s past. They exchange some dialog that may or may not speak of a secret life. Before we have too much time wonder what’s going on, the beautiful Asian Princess is straddling Mickey’s face. I’d stop to complain a bit about the rapid pace of this scene, but we cut quickly to Kobe sucking cock and that is simply one of the hottest sights known to modern man. She wraps her tiny lips around his cock and swallows him to the root, making Mickey damn glad he didn’t become and insurance salesman. I am always amazed that such a petite woman like Kobe can stand the hardest porn pounding around and still beg for more. Thanks to her vocal, active fucking and a solid slamming from Mickey, this scene is a cut above your average pairing. Really hot doggy here, ending with Mickey shooting a sticky load right on Kobe’s asshole. We’re off to a nice start smut fans.
Someone wants to cause Kobe some problems and with the help of some gas and chloroform, they knock her out, pop a cap in Mickey and leave her sleeping with the smoking gun in her pretty little hand. The plot gets a little complex here involving spies, double crosses, a paranoid Senator and a beautiful central figure. (Asia Carrera.) I’ll let you sort out the details for yourselves. Before I could even begin to outline it, Asia is spread on the couch, beckoning the Senator to join her. Damn, those are some irresistible thighs. Like her or not, Asia is gorgeous and as well put together head to toe as anyone in porn. Randy eats her pretty pussy until it nearly drips with desire, but that’s nothing compared to how climax-ready she makes Randy’s rod. Her mouth makes him throb in no time and as good as it looks, probably has most of the viewing audience beating in unison. He gets to do what the rest of us just dream of doing, fuck her pretty little pussy nice and hard while Asia verbalizes her growing lust. When she pulls her leg back behind her head, this scene goes from hot to volcanic instantly. The single position fuck ends with Randy dropping a load on Asia’s tightly trimmed bush, but it’s still well worth watching.
When he leaves her place, the Senator leaves with a bug in his suitcase courtesy of Ms. Carrera. She is cahoots with an arms dealer, Jon Dough, who has a good system for reliving his stress. When the tension gets too much for him, he just curls up with hotties Sindee Coxx and Chloe to enjoy the fruits of his profession. Great double blowjob here as the blonde and brunette battle for oral supremacy. As much as I like Sindee, Chloe wins the dick sucking trophy here. They both get fucked, but again, Chloe is at her best with a dick in her and Sindee seems to enjoy the g/g aspects of the three way more. Check out the look on Chloe’s face as Jon hammers her from behind for a long time. This woman is too fucking hot for words. With Sindee holding her cheeks open, Jon splashes a load onto those exposed cheeks. Another hot scene, but is everyone allergic to facials?
In jail, Kobe is haunted first by nightmares and then by mocking inmates, Stephanie Swift and Nadia Moore. They taunt her before putting on a jailhouse display of lesbian lust. Stephanie is too cute and Nadia loves the work her little tongue does on her clit. Watching nearby, Kobe can’t keep her hands off of herself. Neither can Asia, who is monitoring the whole thing and doing a little finger dipping of her own. The lesbian pairing and both masturbation scenes are hot and even with the action jumping around, it is evenly paced and strokable. Into Asia’s office strolls Missy and all of a sudden only Kobe is resigned to solo action. Even with two very nice g/g pairings going on, it is Ms. Tai’s solo that squeaks by as the hottest, just edging out Missy finger fucking Asia and Nadia squatting over Stephanie’s face.
Asia sends for Kobe, getting her out of jail and bringing her into the group to keep her close in case the killers come back to finish her off. She is reluctant at first, but Asia convinces her to train with the group. What follows is Kobe going through a “La Femme Nikita” version of training until she is a ready to rock kick ass machine. They send her back on the streets, with one small catch, they will ask her to do a job down the road. The first thing she does at her new place is run, literally, into Mark Davis. They share some nice dialog, clearly striking up a budding sexual attraction. The dialog may be good, but it’s nothing compared to the heat these two give off when they give in to the lust and ravage each other. His cock looks huge in her hand but she sucks it hungrily while he fingers her pretty pussy. Watching her work almost all of his huge cock into her mouth is something so fucking hot it makes the whole movie worth watching, but it’s just a warm up. That fat prick slips all way into her puss from behind in some doggy that leaves her panting and screaming and will leave quite a few of you with sticking hands. We finally get our first facial and it is well worth the wait. Mark drops a big load right into her mouth and Kobe sucks it down. Hot scene from a very hot lady.
Things are getting even more involved as Mark is not exactly what he seems. (And you won’t believe who he is talking on the phone with.) The dreams are haunting Kobe again and it seems the agency is ready to call her into action. There is a plot to assassinate the Senator as he makes his bid for the Presidency. It is Kobe’s job to stop the killing. She pays a visit to a sleazy bar owned by Peter North where she exchanges a bag for an envelope with a picture of the assassin. Before the deal can be completed however, Peter orders Kobe to service his two thugs, T.T. Boy and Vince Voyeur. She takes on this assignment with total abandon and is naked in the blink of any eye. T.T.’s tongue has her writhing on the table so he earns the first shot at her pussy while Vince fills her mouth with hard dick. Sadly, in the middle of this hot three way, Zen decides to cut in a scene between Peter North and Heather Hunter. Heather with her mouth full of cock is not something I want to cut away from, no matter what the other shot it. Both Heather and Kobe know how to suck cock for the camera and both are wet dreams come true for anyone who loves gorgeous women swallowing sword. As an added bonus, the two guys really fuck Kobe hard, bending her over and making her earn her money. Having to cut between this action and the awesome head Heather is still giving is really a criminal misuse-use of editing power. In keeping with the agreement, the guys pull a switch and Kobe gets her share of Peter’s big cock while Heather gets a double dose of white meat. Both women continue to shine as Peter fills the tiny Asian and Heather proves to be a party girl extroirdinare. She takes a pair of facials from the guys, leaving her just plastered. Kobe takes a North blast on her back, but Heather’s monster gooey facial is highlight reel material for sure.
The identity of the assassin has Kobe upset, but before we can share her pain, the plot twists again and we get an unlikely threesome between Mickey, Missy and Stephanie. Of course, Missy is no stranger to Mickey’s dick, but Stephanie is so hot for the two of them she looks like she might just fuck them both to death. How lucky is Mickey to have Missy hold open Stephanie’s pussy while he fucks her from behind? Now that they are all with Wicked, do you think these three hook up on weekends for stuff like this? Missy gets it from behind (Minus condom by the way) and takes the load on her fine ass to finish up a hard and fast three way.
With the plot getting so complex it is sure to either interest or aggravate every member of the audience, things come to a head. On the run and unsure who to trust, Kobe ends up in the arms of Asia. Whether or not this is a good idea, it does give us a g/g scene between the two beauties. By no means a huge woman, Asia dwarfs Kobe as they lie naked on the couch. (Sort of an Asian Xena and Gabrielle thing for you cheesy TV fans.) Kobe crawls up between Asia’s legs and enjoys a delicious treat. I think I could stand to spend some time lapping at either of these ladies should they ever find themselves in need. (Not bloody likely.) This may be a short g/g scene, but it’s hot, damn fucking hot.
If you like porn with a plot, this one certainly has one. The dialog is decent and most of the stars can read lines just fine. Of course, the key to a movie like this is whether or not the sex is hot enough to carry us through the story. In this case, the answer is an astounding yes. Michael Zen has done something I wasn’t sure he could, make a movie with enough strokeable scenes to appeal to the non-Vivid audience as well as the core of fans who will tune in to see Kobe, Heather and Asia. Sexually, Asia and Kobe carry most of the weight, but Heather’s double facial is so fucking hot it needs to be mentioned. The jail cell lesbian action with Swift is hot as well. In fact, not one of these scenes is bad. Very solid effort that will have high appeal to fans of plot porn, Asian women, and even the hard-core fans who just like watching pretty women get balled silly. Oh, and Asia, Kobe, Heather, Stephanie, Missy or Chloe, should any of you read this before CES, feel free to contact me. We can do an interview and I can show you all how much I appreciated your performances.


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