Max World 16


90 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Max Hardcore
THEMES: Anal Sex, Facials.
STARS: Cherry (Stryc9), Candy Hill, Blair Segal, Mylena, Jessica Jewel, Max Hardcore.
No matter how many Max movies I review, no matter how often I end up slamming him for the stuff I don’t like, I keep coming back in the hopes that he will shoot the kind of sex vid he used to back when I was on of the first to heap massive praise on the Maxter. He is off to a good start with a cast that should sell a few thousand tapes on their names alone. Super sexy, incredibly cute Cherry (Stryc9) anchors the roster, and is joined by do-anything slutlets Jessica Jewel, Candy Hill and Blair Segal. These girls can certainly light up any video, so let’s just see which Max Hardcore shows up this time dish out the dick to these hotties.
Candy Hill joins Max in Cannes and acts as his special corespondent. After a rather amusing exchange, complete with technical difficulties, Candy spies a barely legal cutie and escorts her back to the room to meet Max. (Check out the view, Max is traveling first class all the way.) After doing the mandatory age check, Max and Candy start feasting on young Mylena. This skinny brunette is moderately attractive, but seems to be eager to show that she can play with an older, experienced slut like Candy. She bends over and Max fucks her from behind while Candy gets down and lends a hand to her tight slit. With some help from Candy, they hold her up in the air for some standing RC that shows off her all-too-skinny thighs nicely. With one hole now plugged, Max works his dick into her tiny asshole and again, Mylena takes it with no problem at all. After a quick blowjob, they all move inside to complete the corruption of Mylena. Keeping the petite girl in his lap, Max has her riding his dick with her ass as Candy holds her pink pussy open. Though Candy seems to be doing a bit of forcing as she feeds Mylena a long toy, the anal action is absolutely top notch. This is what Max does as well as anyone and I have nothing but glowing praise for what we see here, a petite slutlet riding RCA on his cock as she bucks like a desperate whore dying to get deeper penetration. It must have all been a dream since we cut to Max masturbating alone. He tells the stunningly attired (Bikini top, tight skirt and heels) Candy of his dream while she strokes his cock. Making her face available as a target, Candy finally helps Max get relief as her face gets plastered with goo. Nice scene that features some incredible anal from tiny Mylena.
Next up is a scene that needs to be applauded. I often dislike the things Max says to women in his videos. I just don’t find the misogyny funny. However, this time, he shows a fantastic sense of humor. A mainstream reporter, Jessica Jewel, comes by to do a piece on Max. She comes into the interview with an attitude and it is clear that Jessica wants to nail Max to the wall for his controversial treatment of women. Her interview questions are hard hitting, but Max has all the answers and shows a wonderful sense of humor. If anyone needed proof that Max is more than happy to laugh at himself, this is all you need to see. Eventually, Jessica seems the error of her ways and decides that she needs to actually experience first hand, just what all the fuss is about. With his cock down her throat, it sounds like she is trying to continue in the interview, but Max just fucks her face until she gets a clue and settles in on a wet, deep blowjob. Wanting her to get the full feeling, Max puts her up on a bathroom counter and imbeds his cock in her butthole while spreading shaving cream all over her bush. You see, to really get the scoop, Jessica needs to have a bald beaver. Every once in a while, Max finds a woman who can more than take his antics and Jessica is just such a girl. She can take some of the biggest cocks in the biz in her ass so being sodomized by Max is no problem at all. Also, one thing I love is when he lets the women do the bulk of the dirty talk and motor mouthed Jessica spews forth a litany of hot talk.
Now that she has been warmed up, Jessica gets to wear the official fucktoy uniform. In her pokadot top, micro-mini skirt, lace socks and fuck me pumps, the big asses brunette sits that plump rump right down on Max and starts fucking for all she’s worth. No doubt this girl can grind with the best of them and no matter how hard Max gives it to her, Jessica always seems to be begging for more. Now, in the middle of this hard, hot fucking, they take a little break so Max can toe-fuck her. It’s different, for sure, but is it hot? I’ll let you be the judge of that. When he is finished, Jessica licks his toes clean then the anal sex resumes. Though Jessica is not petite by any stretch of the imagination, Max is still able to turn her out in some more spectacular RCA. (Big tit fans be aware that Jessica’s super huge hooters are on full display here and flopping about like mad as he fucks her ass.) A long piledriver anal ends this scene with Max spraying her ass and trying to make it gape. (Thankfully, her sphincter stays nice and tight as he blasts his wad.) Another super hot scene with a great sense of humor.
When sexy Cherry (Stryc9) makes her way up Max’s walk, we all know what is waiting for her. She looks dangerously cute in her private school uniform and long, straight hair. Modeling is on her mind and Max is the man to see for young girls looking to get noticed in a big hurry. He takes her inside to do some test shots of this bubbly young babe. Max cuts right through the BS and shoves his hand right up her skirt. Cherry is the prefect model, proudly displaying her assets and beckoning him to join her. On her knees, she goes right to work sucking cock and damn she looks so fucking good, it’s unbelievable. With hand between her thighs, Cherry goes about taking a face fucking that is a little heavy on the drool for my taste, but reminds me of another young girl Max once had in a video, Kaitlyn Ashley. (Obsession Round Two?) Max lays her on her back atop his counter and starts burying his cock balls deep in her sweet mouth. In response to her incredible oral skills, Max rains a huge load of jizz on her pretty face. It’s oral only, but this is the best thing I have seen Max do in a long time.
Blair Segal has been to Max’s before and he sits watching her, wondering why he can’t meet more sluts with such willing holes, who should arrive, but Blair herself. Holy coincidence Batman! Max is happy to see her again, but a little disturbed to find that Blair has seen the video of their first encounter. No worries though, she isn’t angry, in fact, she wants to become a star. Her skills seem to have improved and Blair goes right to work showing Max just how much she leaned while away at camp. From the looks of things, the boys at camp must have been filling her pretty face with dick twenty-four seven because she is a dick slurping sucking second to none. I could do without all the excess drool, but overall, this is still quite hot.(Alert, this is one of the much talked about Max-condom scenes.) Blair shows that her other holes are juiced and ready for action as well by straddling his lap. If you like watching girls really work their hips, this is a great scene. Little Blair isn’t afraid of a little hard work if it means she gets fucked nice and hard. After a little pussy licking, (Condoms and cunnilingus from Max? The end is near.) Max stuffs her tiny butt with cock and slams her but good. The doggy is particularly attractive as Blair holds her cheeks open to get rammed from behind. Max has her hold her ass open while standing over the cute girl and unleashing a flood of cum that leaves Blair a sticky mess.
Yes, I have been hard on Max in the past, but when he hits one on the screws, there are few smut makers who can reach the heights that Mr. Hardcore can. Of the four scenes here, not one is ruined by his less than erotic antics. I like watching Candy Hill, even if she is paired with a semi-attractive woman. This scene could easily have gone too far, but Max pushed the envelope without ripping it open. The Jessica scene is just too funny. Great interview followed by a really hot sex scene. I don’t think I have even seen this hosebeast turned out any better than she is right here. Jessica and Max should have been nominated for best anal sex scene for this one. Cherry’s all-oral scene is brilliant. She looks fantastic and sucks dick so well, I’m sure a good number of you are going to rewind and run this one over and over. Blair isn’t nearly as hot as Cherry or Jessica, she does take everything Max has to offer and finishes this video off in fine fashion. Four very strokable scenes, all well shot with plenty of goo left on pretty faces. Bravo Max, fucking bravo.

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