Just Don’t Bite It 4



135 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Nicky Starks
Elegant Angel
THEMES: Oral Sex, All Black, Facials.
STARS: Janet, Caramel, Honey, Shylyte, Montana Whett, Rio, Sapphire, Pearl Tung, Treasure, Tina Burner, Foxy, Nuggett, Mary Jane, Sweet Lips, Black Cherry, Kream, Jamarous, Sunshine.
Once again, it is time for us to venture down the all-oral path with one of the three Elegant Angel blowjob series. “Just Don’t Bite It” is the all black cocksucking tape and may be the only of its kind. Nicky Starks is the man who has brought some of the hottest black women to our attention with his “SugarWalls” and “Bomb Ass Pussy” tapes, and where he finds so many young, mostly SoCal, black women to suck dick, is anybody’s guess. We’ll begin in just a moment, but I have to say, the theme song for this series is every bit as catchy as “ComeBack Pussy”, maybe even more so. Brilliant work.
Janet is a very willing eighteen year old, in town from Dallas to give porn a try. She has a big set of real tits and an attractive face. Sucking dick is certainly nothing new for this girl, but she seems to have rather well developed on camera sucking skills, looking into the camera and doing plenty of ball sucking as well as taking three-quarters of the dick into her mouth. Her head bobbing keeps him throbbing for a while, but ends up standing so he can fuck her mouth to climax. It doesn’t happen right away though, making this a long blowjob and causing Janet to have to really work for her reward. The guy fires a number of thick, heavy streams at her, hitting her chin and neck until he has nothing left.
Honey is a little older with a huge mouth, but who looks quite a bit like Angela Bassett. She gets right down on her knees and starts sucking, using just her mouth, shaking the meat back and forth between her lips until it’s at full mast. Occasionally, she brings her hands into the back, but mostly she lets the shaft fill her mouth and bobs or shakes her head back and forth. When that doesn’t bring him off, Honey mounts him in 69 and really gets down to some deep sucking. It must work because we cut her Honey back on her knees, sucking and stroking until a rather weak dribble comes out onto her tit.
Caramel is super cute with a lovely smile and an ass that looks like the perfect holiday dessert. Her eyes sparkle with mischief and lust and watch the way this girl sucks balls. Looks like she has found another food group. The sizable cock slides all the way into her mouth and Caramel seems to be having a fantastic time making his dick grow and throb in her mouth. This is the kind of girl who can have a great career in porn if she wants it, good looks, cute body and really impressive oral skills. She even takes cum on her face and in her mouth. Easily the best looking woman in this tape, Caramel is also one hell of a cocksucker.
Mary Jane is a rather explosive sexual performer and her smile tells us al that she plans to enjoy the big fat cock in front of her. (Mark Anthony from the inflated head.) It stretches her mouth, but Mary is more determined than ever to take as much of it as she can. Her attitude alone is sexy, but watching her jerk him off while sucking just the head is visually fantastic. Mary Jane also has pretty huge hooters that are just perfect for the outstanding tit fuck she delivers. More footage like this in vids would be a great thing. Mark finally delivers a shot, literally painting her face, rubbing it all over her lips and cheeks as his cum spurts out. Great facial with the camera lingering on her sticky, smiling face for a long time.
Next up is Tina Burner, who actually looks a lot more like Pam Grier than Tina Turner. She says she is thirty four, but could easily pass for a decade younger. She does a lot of licking, which leaves her mouth free to moan and declare her love for sucking cock over and over. Once she does put the head in her mouth, however, this woman bobs her head so fast for a while that she looks like Beavis and Butthead jammin to a Greenday tune. (Right about now, those who get the visual are smiling, those who don’t are wonder just what the fuck I’m talking about.) Her mouth and hands coax a load out onto her closed lips and cheeks. Pretty woman who is one Hell of a cocksucker.
Nuggett is making her on screen debut, sucking dick for our viewing pleasure. She’s a thin, medium skinned girl with a decent face who gets right to work on the dick presented to her. Her hands get going in some double fisted action that probably feels a whole lot better than it looks. (It hides everything, but I’ll bet it was Heaven for the guy.) In fact, Nuggett uses her hands better than most porn stars I have seen, stroking and squeezing like getting the cum from that shaft is the most important thing on her agenda for the day. Cum near her mouth brings a frown, but she chuckles as he sprinkles his load all over her chin and tits.
Foxy is indeed rather good looking. She has a really big ass, but a nice face and very smooth skin. Her approach to the cock is filled with long, slow strokes into her mouth and gentle hand action. Nice bit when he taps it on her tongue as she coos some nice hot talk. 69 gets her motor running in a big way and Foxy speeds up her strokes considerably. That’s all it takes to earn her a man-milk mustache.
Montana Whett and Shylyte are a couple of well put together girls with tragically bad teeth. Someone needs to tell these girls to take their paychecks straight to an orthodontist. Shylyte is the prettier of the two and when you can’t see her choppers, this girl looks plenty hot. They both have a very low energy sucking style, but if there were as spastic as some girls, they might just knock each other out. They get to share the fat cock of Mr. Marcus and he decides he needs a little pussy as well, fucking Montana a bit before spraying her partner with his load.
Treasure is a nineteen year old girl with braces and killer tits. She may be the sexiest woman on this tape (Right up there with Caramel) and someone I hope will be around at CES. This girl has the tools to be a major porn slut if she chooses that career path. She tongues the head while stroking it into her mouth. Man, this girl is super fine and I would like to volunteer to work with her should she elect to go for the “Interracial Fellatio” series. The big pop shot finishes her off just perfectly.
Sweet Lips, Pearl Tung, Black Cherry, Kream, Deja are also in the video, but to be honest, these women are really a step below the usual Nicky brings up. Rio and Sapphire and Jamarous and Sunshine team up in double BJ scenes as well. The scenes I listed early in the review are quite good, but the last third of the movie takes a huge dive and some of the women are just downright ugly. There are some choice moments with some totally hotties, but only enough for me to recommend it for the big fans of all black oral, or fans of the women featured. In short, Nicky has done better. Oh yeah, which one would make the best White House Intern? Probably Caramel or Treasure, but since the Prez likes big hooters, Mary Jane has those tit fucking beauties.


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