Fade To Black 2



112 Mins.
Ground Zero/ToXXXic
THEMES: Black women, Black men, all-black. (Mostly)
STARS: India, Leanni Lei, Carmel, DeLiah, Mary Jane, Porsha, Obsession, Solveig, Jake Steed, Mark Anthony, Byron Long.
By now, everyone should know the drill with Toxxxic movies. Wall to wall sex, totally unrelated scenes held together by a central theme. (Anal, big dicks, whatever.) In this one, the focus is on a mostly all-black cast with sexy Latin babe Dee behind the camera capturing all those ebony poles pounding into sweet chocolate holes. So, if you don’t like the darker meat, step aside and let this one pass. If, however, you see, as I do, the beauty of all flavors, dig in, there is plenty for everyone.
The first pairing has super hung Jake Steed feeding his hose to the painfully pretty India. She can’t get too much of it in her mouth, but uses a lot of tongue and looks stunning with a dick stretching her lips. (And wow does she look like a darker Stacy Dash.) After lapping away at her shaved pussy, Jake picks her up and sets her down on his fat rod. In this position, she has no trouble with the size, grinding her lips down on the base of his dick like he’s Ed Powers or some equally elf-hung guy. Jake responds to her serious hip action by bucking up to fill her pretty pussy to the brim with hard meat. Turning around, we don’t get the great view of her face and tits, but check out that butt. A little thin maybe, but India is just drop-fucking-dead gorgeous. Jake is careful at first, on top of her, but soon starts fucking India as hard as I have seen him fuck anyone. India responds with a smile and by pulling her legs back to take it even deeper. Her pretty face gets a closed lipped facial to close out what can only be called a really hot opener.
Mary Jane, a busty, attractive woman hooks up with Mark Anthony and the two get right down to business. He gets her nice and juicy with some extensive finger and tongue action on her sweet slit. In return, she wraps her full lips around the huge head of his cock and starts pumping his prick into her mouth. Mary has to struggle with this oddly shaped unit, but she is a fine cocksucker. It seems to fit just fine in her pussy as she slams her hips back to meet his while he fucks her doggy style. When she gets up on top of him, her tits are all we see. Though, she probably could have done with out the big, far too wide apart, funbags, her body does look rather inviting. Her ass much give off that same vibe since Mark manages to shove that fat head past her sphincter for some deep, probing anal action. For her hard work, Mary is given a nice coat of cum colored lipstick.
DeLiah is a light skinned woman I just reviewed in a blowjob tape. This time, she starts out sucking Byron Long’s dong, and from the sparkle in her eyes, I’d say she loves the shape and size he has for her. She handles the first three quarters of it with ease and has him throbbing in her mouth, thanks no doubt, to a fantastic tongue. After head like this, Byron seems intent on giving it back to her just was thoroughly, so he laps at her clit for a long time before even venturing a finger into her snug slit. Even with all this prep, his cock still stops halfway into her pussy. Nice close ups of a very tight hole gripping a thick shaft on each stroke, very nicely shot. It’s slow going at first, but DeLiah falls into a good rhythm and eventually is filled with that entire cock. Nice legs-on-his-shoulders-mish to get this deep penetration. (A very under-used position if you ask me.) By the time she is ready to get on top, her pussy is plenty wet and he just slides right in. (Condom in this scene, BTW) The third position in this tryst is a very nice doggy, with DeLiah taking deep hard strokes on her hands and knees until Byron can stand it no more. She stares into the camera as Byron fires a load across her open mouth and down her chin. This girl can take a big cock and love it.
Solveig hooks up for a little g/g with Leanni Lei, who may not be black, but she is just about the hottest thing on two legs these days. She is one of the few women I will watch and love no matter who she is hooked up with. Solveig isn’t hard to look at and she really enjoys having her labes lapped by the too-cute-for-words Asian doll. Viewers who like lesbian finger fucking will want to take special notice of this scene. (Which has no condoms by the way.) Leanni uses both hands and at one point does some four finger exploring of Solveig’s folds. When it comes time to switch, we are treated to the visual delight that is Leanni’s perfect, petite frame. I would literally crawl on my face through broken glass to lick that sexy bod head to toe. (Dude, literally means you would do JUST that. Back away from the extreme sports challenges.) Since there needs to be a black cock in every scene, Leanni ends up fucking Solveig with a big black dildo for a while before her friend counters with a thinner, clear cock.
Carmel is a nice looking girl who is already busy sucking Jake Steed’s cock when we cut in. (Hey Jake, you have a sexy woman sucking your cock, feel free to mix in a smile now and then all right?) This woman is not only pretty, but seems to effortlessly finish of two thirds of Jake’s big tool. Regardless of Jake’s never changing facial expression, his cock responds to her technique and is hard enough to slide easily into her body in no time. She just loves the deep penetration as he takes her doggy style. You can’t really call this a high energy scene. Jake never really does wake up and Carmel, though she does the bulk of the work while riding his cock, is only a half notch more enthused. She takes the load in her mouth, but this is a marginally hot scene at best.
Porsha and Obsession do a double team on Mark Anthony’s big cock. Both of these light skinned lovelies seem a little dazed at times, like their minds are elsewhere. Porsha just seems to bob her head up and down on his cock like she’s passing time. She also looks pregnant here. Obsession picks things up a bit with a nice ride on Mark’s big unit. Obsession does some anal, and takes most of the weak facial. (Porsha flat out turns her head away.) I have just seen both women do much better scenes and this one doesn’t live up to the earlier pairings by a long shot.
Things start out very hot in this tape and seem to taper off at the end. Still, Dee has put together a nice batch of scenes for us to enjoy. India is just a fucking gorgeous dream come true and her scene with Jake is a winner. Mary Jane has a very fuckable appeal and takes a super size prick in her ass. DeLiah is good looking and knows her way around a cock, watch for her to keep getting better. The Leanni Lei/Solveigh scene is one of my favorite and you all know how rarely I praise a g/g scene this much. (Leanni just fucking kicks ass.) After that, things tail off. Carmel looks good, but she seems bored and Jake can hardly keep his eyes open as they fuck. Obsession tries to save the final three way, but Porsha, who I usually like, looks out of shape and bored senseless. Watch the first four scenes, rewind and watch Leanni again, that is the best to enjoy this better than average, wall-to-wall, black-themed movie. (And Bpat, it’s no “BAP”, but you still might want to check this one out brother.)


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