Sweet Loads




90 Mins.


THEMES: Oral Sex, Facials.


STARS: Lexus, Marie, Lashonda, Shanice, Melanie, Jasmine, Peaches, Saphire.


Since December has been deemed oral sex vid month (by me), our attentions turn to this new series from Xplor Media. I’m not sure if it’s just a blowjob tape like the others, but the photos on the back promise us an all-facial outing with eight brand new girls. Seems like a winning formula to me. Let’s see, new girls taking cum on their faces. I hope they’re paying the genius who thought that one up a whole lot of money.

The video starts right out with blond Saphire coming in for her interview. She is a twenty one year old with a decent face and a slightly heavy, but wonderfully stacked figure. After a brief interview, she gets her mouth around the camera guy’s dick He does a bit too much Max-speak at first, but seems to mellow a bit as she works his dick with her mouth. The point of view shot is very nice, especially when we get to see those big, all real tits as well as her stuffed mouth. This is clearly not the first time Saphire has sucked a cock, but as the end nears, the constant banter is grating on my nerves. Someone needs to tell the guy that silence is sometimes a very good option. On the other hand, he does pack a serious load and blasts Saphire’s face full of sticky jizz. She doesn’t even flinch and sits around afterwards with a cum facemask on. Good show Saphire.

Jasmine is up next and while she has on baggy clothes, she has a cute smile and really pretty hair. He has her stand up and get undressed. She has tattoos all the way around her waist. Her face is much cuter than the body art though and we soon get to watch as she takes his dick into her mouth. He goes into his Max act again, which someone needs to beat out of him. See, when she starts talking dirty in French, it is ten times hotter than hearing you call her a “fucktoy” over and over. (I know, it’s just my opinion, but then again, this is my review isn’t it?) Not content with just a blowjob this time, he puts her on the desk and starts fucking her shaved pussy. The first person camera work gets a little shaky here, but she still looks pretty good. He even manages to take her anal cherry. (Or so she says, and rather convincingly at first.) In the end, she goes back to her knees to take the load in her wide open mouth.

Damn, Lashonda is a super cute nineteen year old who looks like she’s ready to skip down to the beach for some sun before class. Instead, she starts right in with a stream of steamy dialog that should serve as starch in the most relaxed of shorts. Fuck, her tits are as awesome as the rest of her. OK, when you have a cute girl who is a great dirty talker, why do you have to babble on over her vocalizations? When she has a little trouble swallowing his cock, Lashonda starts licking his balls. (Editing note- When the girl says “I’m gonna fucking puke” it’s not a bad idea to cut that part out.) That seems to take some of the enthusiasm away from her, but she still looks cute. The scene runs a little long and she clearly loses interest near the end, but recovers in time to take a really big load on her face. It streaks her face chin to hair. I want to see this girl again, but someone really needs to tell the director to just let things happen, no need to force things like that other guy I keep mentioning.

Shanice is an eighteen year old black girl with a nice face and a trim, somewhat toned body. Her thick, lovely lips are coated with thick red lipstick which looks great as she deep throats his cock. He likes the feel of her tight pussy so much, Shanice gets a desktop fuck as well. (This time with a condom.) The brief boning is capped off with a close up of her face, mouth wide open as he unloads long streams of penile paste that streak her face. No doubt about it, this guy knows how to shoot facials and has the goo to complete the job.

Marie is a twenty four year old brunette who already looks younger than her age, even before he has her pull her hair into pigtails. With her husband in the next room, he has her get on her knees for a blowjob. Marie is really cute, but you can tell she is a newcomer. No matter how much she tries, keeping her eyes on the camera is just not natural for her. Making it easier on her, he puts her on top of his desk and fucks her. The rough camera work is one thing, but he just never shuts up. In the end, another cumshot right into her mouth caps off a scene that could have been a lot better. (Memo, chicks blowing bubbles with jizz is neither fresh nor remotely sexy.)

Peaches is a twenty four year old woman whose boyfriend is waiting outside to do their scene. (Is it me, or does this chick look like she normally wears glasses? Her eyes have the same ‘searching for focus’ look people get when they take their specs off for photos.) He has her show off her body a bit as a preview, and after hearing that she has never cheated on her boyfriend, you can guess where this is going next. Peaches is either doing a very good job selling the fact that she is unsure of each new step, or she really is moving into new territory. Since she ends up sucking his dick, I would vote for the former, but you never know. She gives some decent looking head, but he seems to have more fun fingering her asshole. When she gets into position for the facial, he actually has her make goofy faces. Interesting twist, but in the end, she gets a big, sticky load of jizz on her face as well.

When Lexus comes in looking for a secretarial job, she is saddened to hear the position has already been filled. No worries though, her real passion is for sucking dick. (Then why not apply at the White House for an internship?) She has a really attractive face, a little like Jennifer Lopez actually. I have found a way to make this video a lot better. Find your favorite CD, pop it into your player and turn it up just loud enough to drown out verbal barrage and just enjoy watching this sexy brunette swallow sword. (By the way, Billy Joel has become less listenable with each passing decade. Agree or disagree?) For a woman who says she loves to suck cock, her skills are average at best. However, the face is so cute, the scene works anyway. Another nice facial sends Lexus home without a job, but with quite a protein shake.

Melanie is a blonde who looks a lot better on film than the picture on the box would seem. She can’t give him the kind of dialog he wants. (Oh no, more of his talking.) Actually, he breaks form here and starts fucking her right away. Their fuck is hard and fast, making the camerawork even more shaky, but once again, he blasts a nice load on her pretty face.

Let’s start with what’s really good about this video. The facials are, almost without exception, excellent. Lots of jizz, well shot and the camera does just enough lingering to earn some bonus points here. For a first timer, pro-am type tape, the women are well above the norm. Most are cute, with a few of them falling into the very cute category. LaShonda is the best looking and certainly would have a nice porn career, if she ever decided to head down this way. That said, there are problems with this video. The actually fucking ends up way to jerky to be enjoyable, so perhaps next time, this should just be an all oral tape to avoid this footage. Still, the biggest problem in this tape is the guy behind the camera. While his facials are fantastic, he also takes much away from this film with his constant, berating babble. I have asked this many times with Max, but who gets off hearing guys talk this way? I mean, no offense, but do guys call other men for phone sex to hear them degrade women? I found this tape MUCH more enjoyable when the women were talking, no one was talking, or when I just cranked the CD player to drown him out. Overall, a nice effort, especially for fans of facials, new girls and new girls taking facials. Could have been better of course, I
mean, do we really need a Canadian Max Hardcore?

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