140 Mins.

THEMES: Euro-babes, DP, Gapes.
STARS: Olivia, Josephina, Rebecca, Theresa, Nera, Cluadia, Laura, Baki, Armand, Yves Le Prince.
Ahhh Euro-babes. Brought to us as only the folks at Anabolic know how. (Name a domestic company who has made better use of the non-US talent pool.) I recognize a few of the faces in the title sequence (Which kindly list the women over shots of them for easier ID.) but most are new to me. Judging from the action shown in said title sequence, I don’t think we’ll be strangers for too much longer. Since there really isn’t a whole lot more to say, I’m going to turn it over to Euro-babe number one.
Laura, rather hard looking Czech girl is up first. She has just enough command of English to introduce herself as well as her girlfriend Claudia. From certain angles, Claudia isn’t pretty at all, then from others, she looks very good. Strange. After they play with each other’s tits for a while, Laura spreads her friend open for a little taste test. Their g/g pairing is rather standard, but does have some nice tit sucking by Laura. The brunette also provides some sexy commentary as Claudia licks her labes. When a guys finally enters the picture, things get a little more interesting as both women attack their big cocks with their mouths. Neither of them is very pretty, but they are more than adequately slutty for their chosen profession. They both get pounded pretty good, but only Laura tries to add a soundtrack to the fucking. Claudia stays pretty much silent through the whole thing. Laura lubes Cluadia’s ass up for a very brief butt boning before taking over the anal action herself. She is better able to handle the anal than her shy friend. OK, maybe shy is not the right word, especially after Claudia takes a pair of big A2M facials. The action is pretty hot, I just don’t find the women in this scene very attractive.
Theresa introduces herself to us, tells us how she loves all sorts of sex, then walks into the bedroom where three men are waiting to service her. She is only slightly better looking than the first two women but who can dislike watching the way she dives into a pile of naked men and starts sucking and jerking every cock she can get hands or pretty lips on? Since the guys are already hard and ready, they just pull her pants down over her ass and start fucking her inviting pussy as Theresa keeps right on sucking cock. Of course, that leaves one guy out, so they have to start preping her ass for a little DP action. Pretty soon, this woman has a hard cock pumping her pussy, ass and mouth all at once. No doubt the action here is hot enough to make it worth while, and while I don’t dig gape shots, they fuck her ass so open, you gaping hole fans are going to be creaming long before this trio of assfucking studs. After some really nice reverse cowgirl, they all line up and let Theresa use her mouth and hands to bring forth three decent loads, one after the other into her waiting mouth. Got milk?
We don’t even get to know who the next girl is, before she is being poked and prodded by two lucky guys. This brunette is easily the best looking woman in this tape and is every bit as cock starved as the lesser looking lasses. She has a great body and the sort of face that just screams to be stuffed with cock. The playful brunette has a really good time with one of the guys as they do a little one on one fucking for a while. After giving them some private time, the second guy comes back and shoves his cock into her smiling mouth. They tag team the leggy beauty through a long mouth/pussy plugging that is VERY well shot, showing off her legs, ass, pussy, tits, face, entire package perfectly. One of the guys eventually gets around to working it into her ass, which must suit her just fine. After begging for a harder doggy pounding, she hops up RCA and slams her body weight down into the guy’s lap. This leaves her pussy open so you know some serious DP shit is coming. With the exception of the gapes (Which I would leave out, but I know make a lot of you guys nuts with desire.) the action here is perfectly shot. This woman takes a DP like few you will see in porn today, got to love the Euro-babes. To bring this long, brilliant scene to a close, she sucks a pair of loads into her mouth and licking up every drop. Much in love am I sayeth the Yoda of porn.
Things take a bit of a strange turn as we get a little story with the next scene. OK, it’s thin as shit with a guy convincing a woman to come to his place for ice cream, only to whip out his dick. I don’t speak French, but there is a good chance this is just a re-enactment of what happened with Bill and Paula in that hotel room all those years ago. The woman isn’t bad looking, but she has such a tough act to follow, it’s hard to get too excited watching her suck dick. Just about the time she is getting really into bouncing up and down on this guy’s cock, her husband comes in with the first guy’s friend and he has to watch his slutty wife fuck both of them. Of course, that just makes him made enough to get a big hard on and help fuck her. This revs her up and she gives a high energy scene, taking cock in all three holes and really shining in the mandatory DP. Tons more gaping shots as the guys take turns fucking her ass for a long time before finally raining some big loads all over her face. I could do without hearing her called ‘bitch’ over and over, but still, she’s a firecracker and the scene works well.
Olivia does some cute into, teasing us and to speak with her heavy accent. She brings her friend Josephina out to show off as well. Olivia gives us the tour, like a demented carnival barker. “OK Josephina, now show you ass, beautiful, beautiful ass. Very nice.” Once this is over, the two women hit the bed and Olivia goes down on her semi-cute, smiling friend. As soon as the guy is brought into the scene, Olivia spreads her long legs and invites him to slam her pussy for a while. No worries, there is another dick for Josephina to suck on while she waits her turn. The side by side, matching RC is a study in contrast. Olivia, the thinner, more beautiful and vocal babe, next to Josephina who is softer, with bigger tits, a prettier pussy an stays very quiet. Oh who cares, they are both quite fuckable. A third guy comes into the mix and splits time between their two mouths as both girls get ass fucked RCA. He eventually works his way around and fucks both of their pussies as well. After a very brief A2M, Olivia takes a single shot in her mouth and drips it into Josephina’s mouth.
Regardless of anything that might be ‘wrong’ with this video, the hard-core action is absolutely top notch. (Which is the point genius.) There is a lot of hard anal, well shot DP and some nice facials. With all this, what could be wrong? Well, the women are not as gorgeous as they often are in Anabolic/Diabolic productions. Don’t get me wrong, there is not one ugly woman in this tape. However, there is only one who really made my jaw drop on looks alone. (Either Rebecca or Nera, not sure which.) So, great camera work, super hot, nasty sex, good looking women, with one super stunner. What can I say other than this tape is a winner? Oh yeah, Euro-Sluts RULE!

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