Cherry Poppers Summer Vacation


111 Mins.
THEMES: College Girls, Anal Sex.
STARS: Shay Sweet, Katie Gold, Holli Woods, Alyssa Love
This series has undergone more changes than Michael Jackson’s skin color and somehow it just keeps right on going. This volume, titled “Summer Vacation”, boasts ‘Anal Virgins’. While this is a total crock, it can boast of four very hot young women. Actually, this video should have been subtitled ‘Texas Smut University, Class of 97.’ All four of the girls this time around, Katie Gold, Alyssa Love, Holli Woods and Shay Sweet hit porn about the same time and all hail from the state of the junior Bush. They were all even in a great Seymore Butts scene together. All of them were fresh faced, totally hot and seemed headed for stardom. Since then, Alyssa has retired, Holli has moved to front office duties, Shay has gone contract with Sin City and Katie is floating around brightening up the occasional porn video. Seeing them all in the same movie, early in their careers was too great an opportunity for me to pass up, so join for a short trip in the Way Back machine won’t you?
Holli is up first sporting the wig she often wore. (I don’t know about you guys, but I always dug her short hair big time.) She is sunning herself in a nice little red bikini when her brother’s best friend, Dave Hardman comes by. After commenting on how much she has grown up, he offers to teach her how to suck cock. (Which is the real lesson she needs to learn in college according to Dave.) She looks like she already knows her way around a dick to me. Even if she seems a little reserved in this scene, Holli has an adorable face, just the kind every guy wants to look down and see swallowing his cock deep into her mouth. (Anyone else bet Holli didn’t wait till college to start learning this craft?) She slips out of her top and finally the bottoms as well. This leaves her free to play with her pussy while still sucking his cock. To me, there are few things in porn any sexier than this sight and Holli is truly a vision here. (Yes, I admit to missing her big time.) There is a bit too much gagging here near the end of the blowjob for me, but thankfully that ends when she spreads her thighs and gives Dave access to a delicious taste of super fine Texas trim. (I hate the word, but it fits and sounds better than twat any day.) Once he gets her warmed up with some extensive finger play, Holli is ready to be fucked. They move inside where Holli sits right down on his cock. We get a nice low angle close up at first, then move back to take in all of her lovely, natural body. She does some great riding, letting us get an eyeful of how sexy real breasts can be when they are bouncing about wildly. If Holli was a bit slow at first she is in high gear while getting fucked her, screaming wildly as Dave rams her. With all that anal virgin talk on the box cover, you know he has his sights set on her beautiful, bubble butt. Holli fingers herself as they spoon for several minutes. At last, Dave pulls out and fires his load down into her mouth and onto her chin. This is certainly one of Holli’s best scenes.
Texas tart number two is Shay Sweet. Though not as platinum blonde as she is now, Shay is still a stunning young woman. Just the sort of girl you want to bring home to mom, then bone silly in the back of the van later. She swings by to see a friend, only to find that the girl’s older brother, again played by Hardman is there to see what she has learned in college. Apparently Shay has been spending a lot more time studying cocksucking than calculus and happily applies her acquired knowledge to the real world. The lighting is pretty fucked up in this scene so much of the action is very dark, which is really too bad. Shay’s lips look great around a cock and she spends a lot of time licking Dave’s nuts. He stars licking and fingering her pussy for a while and even sucks her toes for a bit before mounting the dirty blonde cutie. His cock slides easily into her shaved pussy and Shay looks fantastic, especially as he spoons her. The lube is dripping from his dick as he slides into her ass, something that doesn’t seem to really float her boat very much. Her less than thrilled expression stays on her pretty face even after Dave pulls out and drips into her mouth. Even though this is a good scene, you can really see how much more enthusiastic Shay has become in her time since this early work.
Dave is back yet again, kindly offering to help Katie Gold move out of her dorm room. She rewards his hard with a short back massage, which leads quickly to a handjob. My goodness, Katie is beyond cute. The lighting is way too dim in this scene as well, which is really too bad because the petite blonde just attacks Dave’s dick with total gusto. She grips his cock with her hand and starts pumping him into her mouth. The best thing about watching Katie suck dick is her totally cute face. When she turns her eyes to the camera, it’s a sight worth a million hard-ons. How can someone that fresh and innocent looking be such a total cock hungry slut? (How does popcorn pop? Who care? Babe.) Dave easily maneuvers her body through a couple of positions, keeping himself buried in her tight pussy while enjoying the feel of her wonderfully smooth skin. He drives deep into her pussy for several minutes before turning her over and licking that tiny little bud of an asshole. She is incredibly tight, but Dave manages to fuck her butt for a few minutes before turning her around for what amounts to a dribble of a shot in her pretty face.
The final tasty Texan of the day is Alyssa Love. She strips down to a very revealing bikini to catch some rays. (And damn if that isn’t one of the finest bodies God ever created.) Along comes Steve Hatcher with a secret to share. You see, he has long had a secret crush on Alyssa and has the love letters back home to prove it. That’s enough for the plot, you know what happens next, but I do like the shots of Alyssa walking through the park in her bikini, great shots of her even greater ass. Forgetting the letters, Alyssa starts sucking his cock instead and I must warn you, watching this is likely to send you into fits of depression that this incredibly sexy young woman left the biz so quickly. If getting a hard on in record time while a sexy girl sucks your dick is proof of a crush, then Hatcher passes with flying colors. (And is sporting wood watching this act is any indication, I’m as in love as he is.) You know, I really do consider Alyssa to have nearly the perfect body type, tall, naturally good sized breasts, round ass, perfection personified. It’s hard to tell if Hatch digs her bod as much as I do. He may just be reacting to her mouth wrapped around his dick. Either way, I’ll wager he enjoys the feel of her hot young box as his dick drives home from behind. Hatcher gives her a very solid mish fuck, with lots of close up action, then probes her ass for a second. This, of course, leads him to shove his cock right into her butt and start stroking. After banging her backside for a while, he manages a decent shot on her chin. Not Alyssa’s finest moment, but
There are a number of reasons to watch this volume of Cherry Poppers. Certainly a number of you are going to like the fact that is it a pre-HIV scare (And hence pre-condom) tape. More importantly from my standpoint is the fact that all four Texas cuties are in this movie. Alyssa, Holli, Katie and Shay all look great, play the part of horny co-eds almost too well and take dick in their asses. What more could you want from a Cherry Poppers video? The lighting for the Katie and Shay scenes was a bit of a problem, making them less likeable than they should have been. Alyssa and Holli’s scenes are better in my book. Alyssa always looked stunning and in spite the wig, Holli smokes. Great cast, decent production value, hot sex. Rent it, buy it, jerk off to it, whatever, you just can’t have mine cuz I’m rewinding to watch it again.

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