Ya: Young and Anal 11


YA 11


78 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Jim Powers


THEMES: Young Women, Teacher/Student.


STARS: Allysin Chaynes, Molina, Cameron Caspain, Allison Kilgore.


Ah yes, the old stand by. When all else fails, put some white knees socks on a cute young woman and have someone fuck her in the ass. It’s been working for years now and with the eleventh volume of YA, this series just proves that perverts everywhere love to see their favorite porn starlets in pig tails and on their knees. Somewhere, Max Harcore is smiling and some editor is screaming about how JM Productions ripped off their teen magazine cover. Meanwhile, here at home, Rog is ready to watch Allison Kilgore and Allysin Chaynes get busy with some very lucky guys.

Allysin, looking a bit too teen-ish in her flowered outfit, is lead to the back yard. With a lollipop firmly in place, she plays around on a motorcycle while her boyfriend gets changed. After some very trite lollipop related dialog, Allysin starts sucking his dick as he uses her pigtails as handlebars. I can do without some of that, but you know, she really has a pretty face and a really tight little body on her. The little girl speak wears more than a little thin, but once we get past that, she really is an enthusiastic fuck with a sexy, all natural body. After some standing doggy and a long mish fuck, he slides his dick back around that takes her anal cherry. (I love the way ‘virgins’ are so ready and willing to assfuck on a first date in these movies.) The doggy anal gives us some nice shots of her plump, shaved lips and a few gape shots for you lovers of the open asshole. Allysin proves her full slut potential by taking a big A2M cumshot.

Dave Hardman brings Molina out to the hot tub where Jack Hammer is waiting. She is a little shy at first, but ends up getting naked for a dip in the water. After a little coaxing, she is stroking their cocks in her hands. I don’t know what it is, but there is something really sexy about this woman, even before she starts swallowing sword. She manages to get both dicks in her mouth at once, which to me is more freakshow than hot porn, but when the break off to fuck her mouth and pussy, the action heats up quickly. They start splashing about with Molina in the middle, taking every inch of cock they can give her and then some. She does some really nice squat fucking by the side of the water that sadly, doesn’t last too long before they lay her on her side and start in on that tight ass. Dave buggers her bum while she squeals around Jack’s cock. No DP action for this cutie, but she does end up wearing a couple of sticky facials. This face pasting is a keeper.

Allison Kilgore, who is such a fucking cute girl I can hardly stand it, plays a frustrated student. Her studies are giving her problems, but professor Herschel Savage comes by for some one on one tutoring. Yes, you all know where this is going, so I’ll skip forward to the fun stuff. Herschel starts by showing Allison exactly how to give head. You see, her boyfriend wants this and she is just afraid she won’t know how to do it right. Professor Savage kindly offers his own unit as a teaching tool. (You see, this is the kind of dedication you just don’t see every day.) No way this is the first time this cute blonde has had her pretty mouth around a hard cock, but hey, this is all fantasy and as fantasies go, watching Allison inhale pole is a pretty good way to go. Since Allison has such big, beautiful, real tits, it seems perfect to have her do some tit fucking, too bad it’s still cut so short. Just about the time the couple gets a good rhythm working, Allison’s boyfriend walks in. He is a bit upset to see his virginal gal fucking her professor, but some quick explaining and everyone is happy again, and we can continue the scene. With Herschel now fucking her from behind, Allison shows her boyfriend (JJ Michaels) how quickly she has learned to suck dick. Now that she’s broken in, he wants a piece of her pussy as well and gets it when she starts riding his unit, showing off those great tits as Herschel prepares to bust her buns. The prof bones her in the backside, but the best anal comes when JJ has his thick shaft buried into Allison’s pale, amble buttocks. All that is left is for this curvy blonde hose beast to take both of them at once, which she does with complete ease. (Where were chicks like this when I in college?) Both guys feed her their loads at the same time, decorating her already cute face with a mask of liquid lust.

The final scene has Cameron Caspain as a girl who needs to take a break from her studies. When she gets caught drinking beer on campus, she has to agree to an outdoor buttfuck to get out of trouble. (Hold on, the campus doesn’t allow drinking, but public sodomy is fine?) Alec Metro is more than happy to trade sexual favors for his silence. Cameron is the least attractive woman in this tape by a long shot, but sucks cock pretty well and that will grow on a viewer pretty quickly. He spreads her out on the blanket and gets her tiny shorts off to gain full access to her hot little hole. Her body is as average looking as her face, but again, the enthusiasm Cameron shows while being fucked is a big plus. Alec fucks her upturned ass really hard and it hardly seems to faze this new girl. I’d say that Cameron’s own school days were filled with a number of similar ass expanding interludes. (Care for another Cameron?) After letting her slam her full body weight down on his cock for a while, Alec rewards the freshman with a load of cum that stretches from her tits to her forehead. If this is the worst scene in the tape, it’s still a butt fucking good time.

Three of the four scenes in this tape are really appealing. Allison Kilgore has the best of the bunch, taking two cocks and showing of her cute face and killer rack. Allysin Chaynes has a pretty good tumble as well, but I could have done without some of the dialog. Molina, who I find strangely attractive, does a very nice two on one fuck as well. Even Cameron’s scene, though the least entertaining on the tape, is worth a look, just to see a pretty average woman take a hard buttfucking. The action is well shot, often outdoors with a nice mixture of close up and long shots. (And gaping shots if you like them.) If you like the younger woman theme, hot anal sex or just want to see Allison and her big, beautiful tits, grab this tape and enjoy it.

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