Wicked Sex Party




101 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Brad Armstrong



THEMES: Group Sex


STARS: Serenity, Missy, Stephanie Swift, Jewel De’Nyle, Sindee Coxx, Syndee Steele, Anna Malle, Kelsey Heart, Brooke, Brad Armstrong, Mickey G., Jonathan Morgan, Tony Tedeschi, Ian Daniels, Brick Majors, Evan Stone, Mark Davis, Mr. Marcus, Blade.



The idea is simple. Take nineteen trained professionals, bring them together on a beautiful day for a no holds barred party. Set up cameras throughout to capture the action, throw out the scripts, costumes and fancy editing tricks and just see what happens. I happen to like the concept, but not nearly as much as I like the cast. Usual Wicked suspects Serenity and Missy are joined by Stephanie Swift, Sindee Coxx, Anna Malle and a host of other lovely young women all dying for some fun in the sun.

Serenity plays host to the fun, arriving in her limo, filling us in on the particulars (and looking a lot better than I did when I just did the same.) and then diving right into a pile of hot female flesh. Before you can say “Let the games begin” they have. Around a fountain, eight or so women heat each other up with probing fingers and lapping tongues. Even if you’re not a fan of g/g sex, there are plenty of beautiful faces and bodies to make this at least somewhat interesting. We all know this isn’t my cup of tea, but I have to say the overall heat of the group action has me dying to see what comes next. Besides, Serenity and Stephanie always look awesome together. (And don’t think I didn’t notice what a cutie Jewel De’Nyle is.) Beyond that, this is a good warm up, but let’s bring on the guys for some het action.

Now topless and looking tasty, Serenity leads the ladies into the house and everyone pairs off right away. The action is all over the place and as such, will be hard for me to break down in the usual way. I’ll run down some of the highlights as best I can, but you had better not run out for a soda or you might miss something. We start with Stephanie Swift and Serenity giving blowjobs next to each other. The good news is they both look as stunning as ever, orally loving their partners. The bad news is that because five couples are going at it in the same area, we move far too quickly from one blowjob to the next. This is going to be a problem for me throughout the movie, however it will be great for those of you who keep writing me wanting good orgy movies. So measure your love for group sex against my own preference for lots of one on one action with the women I really like. When one cock isn’t enough for Swift, she ends up sucking Mr. Marcus as well, showing why I still think she is the hottest, non-contract performer in all of porn. While this is going on, Missy is getting some one on one attention and Serenity has brought Anna Malle into her coupling with Ian Daniels.

As things move on to the next round, Anna is busy with two cocks while Serenity goes from Missy’s pussy to delivering another crtoch stirring blowjob. (This is the sort of woman who everyone wants to have at a party.) She is clearly the focus of the action in these early ‘scenes’, but not the only thing worth watching. Anna Malle taking on two cocks with the help of Sydnee Steels will help remind us all what a total slut Anna can be. Sindee Coxx is right at home in the pool, sucking the dick of some bleach blonde guy I don’t recall ever seeing before. Don’t forget that busty Jewel is around, being fucked standing up no less, by Mickey G. As always, Stephanie looks stunning as she gets fucked on a blanket. I don’t think I have ever seen a bad Swift scene. There is always something to make the viewers want to loosen their jeans and enjoy themselves. Ian Daniels seems to have found Serenity to his liking since he is fucking her again (Still?) on the grass. He is fucking her about as hard as I have seen anyone give it to the blonde Goddess an that is always a good thing. His cumshot gets the slo-mo treatment, but otherwise, this is highlight reel material.

Anna Malle steals the show I the next round thanks to a great standing fuck from Brad Armstrong. Ian is also pumping away again, this time at cute Jewel from behind. This brunette has a wonderfully curvy backside and is as vocal as anyone at the party. Stephanie is still hooked up with a long haired guy and they are doing quite nicely. Anna’s facial gets the slow motion treatment, which really sucks because it looks good otherwise. Back to a shot of Jewel and Stephanie being boned side by side. Steph takes a very big load on her tight belly while the other couple just keeps going.

Back to Serenity is now pulling her legs back to her chest to let Mark Davis get his tongue acess to the good stuff. She is now with kissing distance of Jewel who is still engaged in a sweat boff with Ian. Serenity does her best to catch up with Jewel in the sweat department by grinding hard on, hey wait a minute, now she’s with Jonthan Morgan. They are joined by Brooke, who sucks Morgan clean after her fucks Serenity from behind. Morgan leaves his seed on the blonde one’s ample chest and before the spooge can dry the camera has moved on.

Somehow the party is still going on, but it appears only the most able males are left standing. Davis, Mr. Marcus and Tony Tedeschi have found a nice, quiet place to enjoy Kelsey Heart, Serenity, Swift and Missy. Another guy finds his way to the fun and dives right in. (Who exactly did I have to bribe to get into that party? Damn!) Another Serenity scene, this time with Mark Davis, is highlighted by some acrobatic RC and a shot on her chest. Missy and Stephanie take over after this, fucking Mickey and (I believe) Brick Majors, side by side. The brief pairings end with Steph taking a shower on her tits, only to suck the last drops from Micky while Missy takes her shot squard on the mug.

That caps off the party action and closes out the tape. As I said, you have to take my overall rating of this film and measure it against my dislike for group sex, and my even stronger dislike for breaking up the rhythm of a really good scene. The action all takes place outdoors and is very well lit and nicely captured. There are some nice editing tricks to keep things interesting. Too many of the pop shots are in slow motion, but other than that, the sex is well above average. Serenity, Swift, Malle, Missy and Jewel really make things worth watching. My problem, as always with things like this, is that every time I really start getting into a scene, things switch to another. So, for those of you who have written to me looking for hot orgy tapes, this is the one for you. For everyone else, watch it for the cool concept, the crisp video and to see some very hot women, engaged in even hotter sex on an even hotter day. (El Nino was in full effect here in SoCal)


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