Baby, Please



82 Mins.
Sin City
THEMES: Story, couples.
1998 (9/98)
STARS: Jill Kelly, Taylor St. Claire, Tina Tyler, Alexandra Silk, Herschel Savage, Eric Price, James Bonn and Cameron Steele.
Roy Karch is one of the big names Sin City brought to shoot features a while ago. The plan to make decent movies, with some plot, couple’s appeal and super high quality box covers seems to be working. I don’t remember seeing more Sin City movies on store shelves then I have lately. Not all of the movies are great, but you can almost always count on good production values and a story of some sort to keep you busy in between those medalsome sex scenes. Speaking of which, it is the sex scene (and hopefully sceneS) with one member of the cast, Ms. Tina Tyler, that actually has me looking forward to this movie more than anything else.
We open with Jill Kelly and Eric Price in the shower. Considering their dialog is pretty important to the groundwork of the film, the bad sound you get in a shower is really distracting. They leave the shower after a conversation I had to give up on, and head for the bed for sex scene number one. I know last time I promised to lay off Jill, but you know, she doesn’t have a half bad body and at about the half way point of this scene, she almost seems to be alive in her scene. Nice change from the stuff I have seen. OK, enough. Regardless of the performers’ heat, or lack thereof, this is a nicely lit scene that features some really nice cameral work. In all fairness, while I still can’t say I get a thing from watching Jill, I will say this is one of the best scenes I have seen her do. Maybe there is a change of heart in the future for Rog.
No annoying sound to get in the way of the dialog as Taylor St. Claire and Cameron Steele. Not that they are saying much or that many of you will care what Taylor says once you get a load of those fantastic tits and million dollar smile. The pool is the perfect place for this loving couple to get amorous. He spends a long time licking her pussy and bringing her off with his fingers. (The women in the audience are nudging their guys, pointing out how well rewarded he is going to be for this act.) Reward is a great way to describe what James gets from the willing and able mouth of Taylor. She sucks him hard and then offers what looks to be a snug but very wet slit for his pleasure. (and ours.) Taylor is naturally busty and has a wondefully round ass. Both are in full motion as Bonn drives his dick home from behind. After the well shot, two position fuck, James messes up Taylor’s pretty face with a thick load of cream that she plays with, savoring the moment nicely.
All right, Eric is having this huge party, that has been the premise of this whole movie. I know, not exactly ‘Spanish Prisoner’, but that gets all the characters in the same place at the same time. Of course, before they get there, they have all been having fun. Apparently, Tina Tyler is alone for her pre-party warm up sex. (And why didn’t she just call me? Tina, you owe me an interview and I would have been happy to scratch that itch for you.) Oh shit, after some very nice, and I mean VERY nice, finger fucking action, we see that Tina’s fella, James Bonn is in the other room. Dude, put down the crack pipe and get your ass in there, fool.
Eric and Jill are having problems. Eric wants to be able to trust Jill, but he really wants monogomy. He thinks he may have found his one true love, but Cameron thinks differently. He bets his pal that he can seduce Jill that very night, under Eric’s own roof. (With friends like these�.) James and Tina finally arrive and as the group engages in small talk, Cameron is trying to score with Jill, to no avail. At some point, Herschel Savage and Alexandra Silk have arrived. They sneak off with Tina and James for a little bit of swapping. Herschel does some dirty dancing with Tina to get things warmed up while Alexandra makes out with James on the couch. I am very into watching Tina, and I rather like Alexandra, which makes it tragic that Karch chose these two scenes to intercut. I don�t know about any of you, but I have been in love with the sight of Tina sucking dick since ‘Face Dance’ and if possible, she has gotten even better at it. So when we cut away from this lovely sight to Alexandra, who also has some good oral skills, I can’t help but be a bit let down. (So to speak.) I know it’s a personal taste thing, but the cutting here really ruined the one scene I was dying to see. Still, when we stick with Tina long enough, the sight is a ball busting delight. She brings a beauty and enthusiasm that is just awesome. Tina Tyler I love you. Alexandra Silk, next time insist on not being intercut with one of the hottest women in all of porn.
While Camereon is never able to talk Jill into bed, she falls into Taylor’s arms. Got to love a woman who is there to help a friend during and emotional crisis. Too bad this is the final scene. It wraps up the story nicely, but any positive reaction I had to Jill’s earlier scene is gone in this very dull g/g scene. Taylor is hot looking and the action is well shot, but there is just no life to Jill and nothing really to recommend in this scene. In fact, I only finished it to see how the story turns out.
There is a lot to like in this movie. First of all, the video quality is really excellent, as is the camera work. The story is watchable and makes sense. Sex here, is always well shot, sometimes really hot, always vaginal only (which may be a plus for couples.) and at least in one case, very strokeworthy. Tina Tyler and Alexandra Nice both do great scenes, I just wish they hadn’t been cut so as to step all over each other. Taylor St. Claire was a very pleasant surpise as well. I’ll look forward to more of her. As for Jill Kelly, well, I did say her b/g pairing was on the best scenes, so I will leave it at that.

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