DP Virgins DP Therapy


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85 Mins

DIRECTOR: Jim Powers

JM Productions – 1999 (5/96)

THEMES: DP, Anal Sex, Nurses.

STARS: Jill Kelly, Victoria Lee, Alexandra Silk, Rick Brock, Eric Price, Ron Jeremy, Lin Dog, Dave Hardman.


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Don’t read the bios if you are easily offended by people poking fun at porn stars. Instead, check out the nicely done slide show in the photo gallery section. This is the best extra feature by far and a pretty damn good one at that.


This DVD boasts three first time DPs from its female cast members. I guess that’s great news for people who really want to see Jill Kelly, Alexandra Silk and Victoria Lee get their pussies and asses poked at the same time. If that’s not your bag, you probably didn’t bother picking this one up. Do remember something through, director Jim Powers doesn’t do anything without a few tricks up his sleeve. You see, the women in this movie don’t just get DP’d, they actually seek out such action as therapy to cure what ails them. Hey, the man is nothing if not creative.

When Dave Hardman wheels Victoria Lee in to see Dr. Ron Jeremy, she complains of a severe pain between her legs. The doc explains that she has a rare virus and needs pressure on her sphincter and cervix at the same time. It doesn’t take much convincing to get her naked and working both dicks in preparation for the treatment. Victoria isn’t all that good looking and has virtually no tits to speak of. Her sexual performance is about as awe inspiring as her rack, which is to say, uninspiring at best. Sure, she takes both dicks in her mouth, but I swear those are dollar signs I see in her eyes instead of lust. Once she has sucked enough to get them hard, the doc and his assistant begin to put some penile pressure on her sphincter. When that has been accomplished, another probe is inserted into her pussy and the DP therapy is achieved. They certainly probe her deeply enough to cure whatever might have been wrong with her. Just in case, they both feed her a dose of vitamin C for her troubles.

Jill Kelly is struggling to get out of her straight jacket. Screaming about one’s sanity might not be the best way to convince the medical staff that you aren’t bonkers. They pay a lot more attention to her when she starts crying out for cock. They free her arms to let her get a good grip on the dick now fucking her face. Helping Jill to her feet, the guys take full advantage of her naked pussy. Now, I may not be the biggest Jill Kelly fan in the world, but she is a far cry better looking than Victoria and the polar opposite when it comes to fucking enthusiasm. Eric Price seems to really enjoy fucking her hard up against the wall. Hardman moves in to add his staff to the treatment. Personally, I could do without the pink hazy lighting, but there is no mistaking the genuine sexual heat coming from Ms. Kelly as she takes two dicks at once. Price in her ass and Hardman in her puss, Jill actually does it all standing up. Color me impressed. In the end, one load covers her boobs while the other coats her face. This chick may be crazy, but she’s one hot fuck for cock slut.

Finally, Alexandra Silk stars as a nurse in this sex crazed ward. While Jeremy and Hardman discuss a very strange case, Silk shows just enough skin to divert their attention. She does a sexy little striptease for the two docs and their drooling patient. When she gets down to just her heels and hose, it’s time to probe the puss and let her mouth lube up the other fucksticks. You know, I’ve seen Alex recently and she’s a lot better looking now than she was here. Again, much of the sex takes place while she’s on her feet. Jeremy just has her bend at the waist and drives his cock home. You know, she may just be a great actress, but I would swear she’s having a great time being passed from cock to cock. Hardman gets her ass first, letting Alex sit down on him while nearly throating all of Ron’s meat. When the time is right, they fill all of her holes and my friends, Alex gives the best fuck of this movie. Super hard close ups of the action here so get ready to watch holes filled. After taking so much cock, the only thing left for the sexy nurse to do is to a few sperm shots. One on the ass, a big one on the face and a second on the mug to close things out.

Just like the box promises, we get three hard pounding DP scenes. Granted, the first one is totally worthless, but it gets better if you make it through this one. Jill Kelly does a nice job as a woman crazy for cock who gets filled at both ends. Alex Silk is one notch hotter still, taking two dicks like she can’t stand to be fucked by any less. The production values are average this time around, but it’s about the sex and two out of three times, they hit the nail on the head. I wouldn’t mind checking into this ward as long as I get to bang the sexy nurse.


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