Panochitas 2


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140 Mins.



THEMES: Latin Women, Outdoor Sex, Big Cocks.


STARS: Cherry, Jasmin, Naomi, Victoria, Sherry, Isabell, Francina.


With a limited number of Latina themed videos on the market, Diabolic’s Panochitas has made a name itself by featuring real Latin women. Director Mike John goes to great lengths to bring us real girls, not seasoned professionals. The result is a line of videos that has tremendous upside and a few minor quirks. The women are all natural, rarely if ever tattooed and totally fresh. That sometimes gives us scenes that lack a little bit of heat. After all, it’s one thing for a stripper to get fucked on camera, but something very different for your typical shy Catholic girl to fuck and suck for the world to see. If you’re looking for the usual, don’t bother, this is a unique line and you have to take the good with the bad.

Cherry looks yummy in her bikini as she sits next to a roaring stream. Vince comes over, takes her by the hand and leads her to her first porn experience. I love this woman’s rack, but those lips were just made for dick sucking. She has a big smile on her face and knows enough to look into the camera from time to time to make for a better blowjob. Cherry seems to have no problem taking all of Vince in her pussy and even has him pounding away pretty good. Those hard nipples and grin give her away, this south of the border sweetie is getting into it big time. Anal seems to give her a little less pleasure, but she takes it fine, letting us enjoy the sight of this fresh new girl taking it right up the butt. With her mouth wide open, Cherry takes a load of Yankee love sauce like a champ.

Someone seems to have wound Isabell up quite nicely before her scene. She is all smiles as she prepares to take on the massive prick of Lexington Steele. His size opens her eyes a bit, but check out the way she playfully nibbles at the head of that monster. No doubt Isabell has tasted trouser trout before. Lex takes it easy on her at first, only putting a few inches of his cock into her tight hole. Eventually, she takes most of it from behind, but I’m most impressed with watching her awesome tits wrapped around that thing. He holds her in his arms, easily allowing her weight to drive that pussy down on his prick. Thanks to the gentle start, Isabell is more than happy to take all of it before she’s done. Vince adds his cock the mix, dropping his balls into her mouth while Lex goes pumping for oil. This also means that after Lex drops his baby bomb on her smiling face, Vince gets to add a second load. I’m convinced that this young woman could fuck her way right to the top here in States.

Francina starts out with both Lex and Vince ready to bang her box. Very nice ass on this young lass and her face isn’t too bad either. She takes Lex in her mouth while Vince just starts fucking away. They both seem to like the skills that the eighteen year old girl brings to the table. More so than anyone so far, she is also an exciteable fuck, loving every inch of hard dick pumped into her. Check out the way she takes Lex doggy style to see just how much she fucking loves it. The look on her face is priceless. Though she clearly loves being fucked by big American cocks, Francina does shy away a bit as the cum starts flying towards her pretty face. Still, a big assed teen like this who loves big cocks would be a star anywhere in the world.

Cherry does a quick blowjob scene with Lex by the stream that is very nice looking. (The stream and the blowjob by the way. He fires a big load onto the big eyed babes smiling face, giving us something else to remember her for.

Naomi is not the prettiest girl in this movie, but she has a rack to die for, a big ass and nipples that looks like Hershey Kisses. She also has no problem at all getting down and sucking two dicks at once. Following a bit of a pattern, Vince fucks her while leaving Lex to fill this chicks mouth. No one has to hold back in this scene, in fact when Naomi isn’t getting it hard enough, she actually fucks the guys with her hot hole. Great shot of her on her back with her head hanging over so she can be fucked at both ends. In the end, she takes cum on her face with a bigger smile than anyone so far and that alone makes me love her.

Victoria on the other hand is so damn beautiful I can’t believe it. She hesitates a bit at first, but then gives Vince an awesome two fisted blowjob. Lex is way too big for her mouth, but she does her best, working loads from both guys onto that incredible face. Damn.

Sherry has a great look in her eyes as she works on Vince with her mouth. It’s nice to some women with personality, even if they can’t speak English. Lex moves in from behind and starts fucking her sweet pussy. She is super wet and takes his whole cock on the first stroke. Too bad we didn’t get to see Victoria worked over like this. Both guys are rock hard and take turns fucking the leggy babe. As Vince takes a break, Sherry shows us exactly how she would fuck Lex if there were no cameras around. He bends her over a table, with a lot of lube dripping from his dick, actually gets it into her tight ass. She may not take it all, but even half of a dick like that is an impressive anal feat. Sherry ends up DP’d, ass fucked and becomes a lovely target for sperm rockets.

Like on the video, we get a cumshot recap, so if watching just the pretty faces get splattered turns you on, this may be your favorite chapter. To close things out, Vince works with a totally shy babe named Jasmin. He has to help her along more than the others, but she’s so worth it. We find out that this is only her second time having sex in her life. I’m not sure how reliable that part of the story is, but it might explain why she isn’t quite the little fuck bunny that some of the girls are. Either way, I think Vince has left his mark on little Jasmin, fucking her hot holes quite nicely before depositing his load on her on her tongue.

Like I said, this movie is not your typical porn romp. It’s filled with natural girls, out in the country, fucking for the first, and probably last time on camera. Comparing it, for example, to some of the World Sex Tour movies isn’t really fair since these chicks are more amateurs than porn stars. Still, the sex is well shot, with facials, anal and even a DP. If you like Latin women, then you don’t need me to recommend this line to you, I’m sure you already love it. If you like seeing real, fresh girls, definitely give it a try, just cut them a little slack if they don’t

always act like porn stars. Come to think of it, isn’t that a good thing?

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