Before we get to the regularly scheduled review, I wanted to address an issue that has come up a few times in the various Email I get. (A disclaimer for the smack-impaired: Read this with tongue firmly inserted into cheek.)

By now, everyone who has read anything I have written must know that I consider Kaitlyn Ashley to be the very best adult performer in all of porn. Her beauty and on screen sexuality are second to none, and because of this, I grab everything of hers that comes out the day it arrives. Some have suggested that because of this obvious bias I have for the delectable Ms. A, I not review her videos. Some have even gone so far as to argue them invalid because of this preference. Well, after some time with a cold one, Rog pushed his dome to the limit and came up with this cranium bending retort. .FUCK YOU! Your arguments have been heard and determined invalid based on two points. 1. Just because Siskel and Ebert would suck the puss from a zit on Martin Scorcese or Spike Lee’s ass, does it make their reviews of the movies invalid? No, it just means that as a reader (Yes, MENSings, they do actually write as well.) have to know their tastes and gauge against your own. I am not so ego driven as to think that you rush right out and rent or buy based on my reviews. A good number of you probably do just the opposite, and more still, probably are going to rent what you want regardless of what some asshole on the internet says about who sucks cock better, or what director hides the boom mike more consistently. This IS porn after all, not Citizen Cane. And 2. A review is my opinion. I am not writing a cook book, and this is not God’s word, so that means I can write whatever I want, have any bias I want and all you can do about it take it for what it is. There is no right and wrong here, just my view and the opposing view. So, that rant out of the way, let me enjoy my Kaitlyn video all right.

Zane- 1996
DIR: Jay Ashley
STARS: Kaitlyn Ashley, Alexandra Silk, Cort Knee, Micki Lynn, Marina, Kyle Stone, Jay Ashley, Steve Hatcher, Alex Sanders
Have you ever noticed that one thing Zane videos all have in common is a no nonsense approach to box cover art? For the past few years, anything from this company, the good and the bad have all had eye catching packaging that makes them impossible to ignore. That was my second thought upon picking up this video. My first was “Fuck yeah, an new Kaitlyn Ashley video.”, but that is beside the point. The balls to the wall hardcore pictured on the box usually mirrors the sort of no nonsense action that will be inside the tape as well. When you put an incredible woman like Kaitlyn on the box, you know that half of the battle is one. What is on these Zane tapes has often ranged from classic smut to complete wastes of time. Which will this be? Come with me and find out.
Director Jay Ashley has taken some major steps in the right direction of late, vastly improving the productions he has taken on. Right away, the video quality is noticeably better in this one, and I for one, am glad to see that I will actually be able to see what is going on this time. To briefly set up the story here, two beautiful blondes, Kaitlyn Ashley and Alexandra Silk go into the basement where they find a cryptic note. With the help of some mirrors and a book of off the wall poetry, the mystery begins to unfold. The first key to the future to come from the past is Kaitlyn’s baby-sitter, played by skinny brunette Cort Knee. In a shocking display of the way things used to be, the baby-sitter plays with Kaitlyn’s two brothers and her father. Kyle Stone, Jay Ashley and Steve Hatcher are on her so fast, there is barely time to say all this for three fifty an hour.
The action moves very quickly here and in no time, the baby-sitter is down for some sweaty reverse CGA where she bucks around like fish on dry land. Then, to turn up the heat, we get a two position double pussy penetration. Not my cup of tea, but a nasty feat to be sure, and very well shot. For the capper, we get to see a face, that does in fact look like the girl next door, get one, two, three pops in succession. Wish they weren’t in slo-mo, but hey, when they look this good, who is to complain. As demons from a troubled past go, this little hotty is one we should all be lucky enough to have.
The next passage from the book leads Alexandra into the mirror land with two studs. One of them is apparently Kaitlyn’s boyfriend. You know, just a quick note. By now, on a lot of these Zane demon-fests, I have long ago given up listening to the lame dialog, but here, I am not only listening, but actually interested in who the people are and what they represent. I mean, it’s not the Exorcist or anything, but it is compelling. Props to the writer, and props to Jay for making it interesting in between the fucking. Speaking of which, Alexandra is very cute with a tight little bod, but she could use a bit of work on her fucking. For much of the scene she is rather unresponsive. Still, with eyes this cute, any oral shots of her are bound to look good. She seems to awaken a bit during the DPP, which I suppose is inevitable. Hey, fans of this activity will love this scene, as there are plenty of close of shots of two hard cocks sliding in and out of her stretched to the max pussy. Little Alex is not only a double pussy girl, but also a three input and she opens her ass for a short anal to prove it. The whole thing ends with a pair of well aimed pop shots onto her schoolgirl gone bad face. Great end to a scene that is better than average.
Meanwhile the real Alexandra is still outside the mirror world, watching two pair of horny people go all out to fuck each other silly. Micki Lynn and newcomer Marina are naked and fingered in no time flat. There has always been something I love about Micki. She is just so white trailer trash looking, it is incredibly sexy. She looks so at home with a dick in her mouth, wow, what a cutie. Marina is a rather good looking brunette who, while not quite as hot as Micki, is a pretty damn hot fuck as well. The two couples switch partners and fuck in standard three position pussy penetration before turning up the sleaze factor and going backdoor. After nearly being fisted by Micki, Marina takes a good DP pounding before turning one stud back over to Micki for a pair of facial creamings.
The final trip into the mirror is a bit on the wild side, as Kaitlyn sees her own mother (played also by Kaitlyn.) unlock the mystery. Mom is paired with some sort of beast (played by Alex Sanders), complete with horns and fangs. Classic Zane. It’s kind of funny to watch Alex try to eat Kaitlyn’s pussy through his fangs, but like a trooper, he manages somehow. Hell, I’d stick my tongue through broken glass for a taste myself. (Yeah, wishful thinking.) Alex is well rewarded for his efforts with a killer blowjob from Kaitlyn. Memo to any director in porn, when you have Ms. Ashley in a scene, shoot tons of footage of her giving head. Then in the editing room, leave as much of it in as humanly possible. I guarantee it will instantly become a classic. In just a pair of thigh high leather boots, Kaitlyn looks spectacular in her doggy and spread missionary fucks. Being a Zane video, you know there has to be anal, and no one does it better than Kaitlyn. Again the facial is shot in slow motion, which is not my fave, but as expected, Kaitlyn plays with it like the nasty queen of X I know and love.
The ending of the story is pretty cool, but I won’t spoil it for you. Suffice it say that it was worth getting to the end of the tape for. You know, I grabbed this tape with mixed feelings, on the one hand, it had Kaitlyn and Micki Lynn in it, on the other, so many of these Zane demon fest vids have bugged me. This one, however surprised me on several levels. The sex, always nasty in Zane stuff, is actually well shot, and as hot as it is nasty. The women are all sexy, with the obvious faves rising above in my book. Props here to Jay Ashley for a really good piece
of directing. The script, credited to Lex Anders is good enough to keep you interested in between the sex. This one should go to the top of you should see list, especially if you like anal sex or anything off the wall in terms of plot. I loved it, bottom line, take that for what it’s worth. Oh and P.S. Kaitlyn for President!
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