Snatched To The Future


Snatched to the Future

www.ElegantAngel.comElegant Angel – 1991

DIRECTOR: Bruce Seven

STARS: Sandra Scream, Angela Summers, Erica Boyer, Victoria Paris, Jamie Lee, April Rayne.

THEMES: Lesbian Sex, Toys


This is a video with tremendous upside. The hottest scenes in this tape rank among the finest examples of girl/girl sex ever. Even the not so great ones aren’t too shabby either. Bruce Seven has for years been the best of the best with lesbian sex, and the early 90’s Elegant Angel titles are some of his best work.

The story line behind this all girl vehicle is that a couple of girls (Sandra Scream and Angela Summers) are on a scavenger hunt in the 1950’s. Somehow, they travel through time and end up on the set of lesbian bondage movie set. Confused? Who cares, it’s a great excuse to get the huge titted Scream in a tight sweater, and the ever cute Summers in pig tails.

Before we can see our cute time travelers in action, we get a first hand look behind the scenes look at the lesbian casting couch. Ultra sexy Erica Boyer, the director teams with April Rayne, an actress with a special request. Erica has always been at her best with other women, and this is no exception. These two filthy talking women poke, prod and scratch their way to a shuddering climax.

Their gyrations, however, serve as merely a warm up for better things to come as Erica shows the ladies the movie set. Jamie Lee and Victoria Paris are filming their scene at the time, and, after a good bit of ass whipping, Erica joins them for a little three way fun. The usually prim and proper Ms. Paris shows a particular flare for the nasty here as she stuffs an expanding butt plug up the posterior of Ms. Lee

Moving back to the blonde time hoppers, the action really heats up. Scream and Summers have apparently decided to stay the night on the set, and console each other while surrounded by a lovely assortment of sex toys left over from the day’s shooting. Special care has been taken in this scene to linger on the disrobing of the two gorgeous women. Scream’s busty frame is just perfect in her tight sweater, and Summers is equally breathtaking in her Poodle skirt. This is eye candy even before the clothes come off. Once they do, look out.

Scream’s body can only be described as human perfection, while a pre-enlargement surgery Summers is not far behind. When these two get together, it is an erotic supernova that will make the most hardened porn veteran drop his remote and grab his cock. As the blondes explore each other thoroughly, Victoria is waiting in the wings for just the right moment to come in and lend an experienced hand and tongue to the action. Victoria introduces the young ladies to a wide array of toys and new pleasures, including a bit of toe sucking. Hell, Sandra even does a bit of self anal exploration.

Back in the lesbian film world, Boyer rewards her eager starlet (Rayne) her chance to shoot a scene with Lee. Following such a magnificent scene would be no easy feat under normal circumstances, and not even the old Seven magic can make this coupling of the less and stunning Lee and Rayne anything more than lukewarm. The pussy slapping and heavy anal toy play are good indicators of some of the action we have now grown to expect from Seven’s “Buttslammers” work. Still, this is the time to run in and grab a beer and some fresh tissues for the big finale.

As an added treat before the capper, we are treated to Erica Boyer, in one her last performances, looking fabulous as she fucks herself raw with a vibrator. She even gives a valiant effort to accommodate the fattest dildo I’ve ever seen. Talk about giving it the old college try. Hats off to you Miss Boyer.

At last, it comes down to the final scene. Director Boyer has figured out that the pigtailed blondes hanging around her set might make good starlets. (Ahhh, hello, we all knew that five seconds into this video) Scream and Summers pair up with Boyer and Paris respectively for a little dual duo depravity. Like a good square dance, the couple change partners and we again see the luscious blonde time travelers enjoy each other a bit before the whole thing becomes a free for all on the counter. Look for Boyer being stuffed with a vibe up her ass and four fingers in her pussy.

This video, a good three years before its time in many ways, still stands up as an all girl classic. Scream, Summers, Paris and Boyer look scrumptious. On the short list of ladies only videos in my collection, this one sits at the front of the shelf where it can more easily be rewatched and enjoyed.

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  1. Leanne says:

    Fully agree, I saw this on an old vhs tape a few weeks ago, I haven’t stopped toying with my cunt since, hehe :)

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