Seymore Butts Backdoor To Buttsville



Ultimate Video- 1995

DIR: Seymore Butts

STARS: Shane, Tera Heart, Yvonne, Vanessa Chase, Olivia, Tom Byron, Butch, Jake, Seymore.

THEMES: Anal Sex



Why is it that the five or six minute recap of the previous Seymore Butts adventure contains more hot action in it than just about any other X video in its entirety? And what does that say about the state of porn today? More importantly, what does that say about how much I enjoy this fantastic series? Hey, even a reviewer has to have his own personal favorites, am I right?

Anyway, the new action begins with Shane on her knees invitingly blindfolded and being spanked mercilessly by Seymore. Why she is being spanked is important for the plot, but for our purposes here, let’s just say that the extended swatting scene makes for an interesting little bit of kink. I have never been into spanking videos per say, however, this was an erotic bit of forbidden fruit. Shane gets so excited by the beating that she just has to break out her favorite vibrator and get off a few times. Now that is a thing of beauty to watch every time! Even better looking is the stunning blow job she gives Seymore in return for a job well done. Seymore then finishes her off in one of my favorite positions, with Shane’s legs stretched so far back, Olympic gymnasts would be put to shame. After spraying a load all over her beautiful shaved box, Seymore is ready to take on the day. Hey, beats coffee!

The next day Seymore has to race home just in time to catch a poolside tryout for a nasty newcomer named Olivia. This sexy blonde just screams porn star from her bleach blonde hair, to her pierced tongue, to her somewhat overdone silicone hooters. What I love is her perfect set of lips that look simply stunning wrapped around T.T. Boy’s cock. Her lower lips are also adorned with a bit too much jewelry for my taste, but they don’t take away from the fact that she has a very nice, shaved pussy that seems to be a sensitive as it is nice to look at. Luckily for T.T., and for us, Olivia’s backside is as accessible as her front. After her ass gets good and fucked, Olivia opens wide to let T.T. coat that studded tongue of her with goo. Very sexy outdoor scene with a killer facial.

Later on, T.T. is back at Seymore’s this time with Sophia Ferrari and Jake Steed. This Italian wench is hotter than she is pretty, but she is more than willing to take on both studs and everything they have to offer. Sophia is one nasty woman who gives wet and sloppy blow jobs and just can’t seem to get enough of Jake’s monster trouser snake. Her RC anal with T.T. is fantastic and puts most porn starlets to shame. Add Jake to the mix and you have one supersized DP that leaves the foreign fuckdoll screaming for more. (More? Maybe if you went out to the stables.) For good measures, she demands out loud that they both cum on her face. The double facial that follows is nothing short of dripping wet, white hot nastiness. Even though, I don’t personally like Sophia, I have to admit, this scene is one of the best I have seen in some time.

Tom Byron is along for the ride, this time as a birthday boy treated to a triple treat of Tera Heart, Yvonne and Shane. With gifts like this, it’s no wonder someone is always have a birthday around Seymore and Shane. Fuck, Yvonne sitting on your face, Tera sucking your cock and Shane licking your ass HAS to be better than a free dinner at Denny’s. As has become his custom, Tom has the girls spend a lot of time playing with his asshole. Yvonne and Tera take the pussy pounding, with Shane relegated primarily to the role of cheerleader. She comes back in a bit to help Tera use some anal beads on Tom. (Oh yeah, this looks like fun.) In turn, Tom gets to do a bit of sphincter stretching of his own, on the ever ready ass of Yvonne. (Damn, she takes as much ass fucking as the America people are going to be taking for another four years after Tuesday.) Tera’s ass is next, and all I can say about this brunette bimbo is What a Slut! Tom does some switching asses at this point. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this would qualify as highly unsafe sex if I’m not mistaken. None the less, these three seem to get into the debauchery big time. When Tera gets her ass drenched in Tom’s cum, Yvonne is right there to lap it out of the crack. This is a killer scene!

Vanessa Chase drops by just in time for Seymore to try out a new camera man. (By the way, why the fuck was I not called about this job opening?) Ms. Chase is back for more of Seymore, and we are lucky to get to see it. As cute as can be, and always open for nasty sex, Vanessa is truly one of my all time fave porn Goddesses. Who can blame him for diving right back between her spread thighs? In my opinion, Vanessa has always been at her best with a hard dick in her mouth. Thankfully, Seymore lets us see plenty of footage of her at her cocksucking best. She even does a bit of crack exploring. After such a great bit of head, who can blame Seymore for tossing little Vanessa onto her back to fill her full of fuck stick?

Never one to shy away from a pounding, Ms. Chase just seems to light up as she gets filled. Whether you find her adorable, as I do, or less than beautiful as I have heard some of you nutbars out there, no one can deny that Vanessa has tons of on camera charisma and fucks like few in the history of porn. What a hotty! As if to emphasize my point, Vanessa turns around and spreads her tight cheeks for some hot anal action. Seymore pulls out just in time to spray her pretty face with jizz, topping off a great scene in the best possible way. Vanessa rules!

All Seymore videos tend to be well above the norm when it comes to hot and nasty sex, however this one stands out even among the rest of the series. Each scene is a winner, with Shane, Oliva and Vanessa being my faves. The swapping anals with Yvonne and Tera is out of this world, and even Sophia Ferrarri is extra hot. Fans, buy this one and put it at the top of your must watch list. Non fans, pick this one up and then tell me that you don’t dig Seymore. I dare ya.

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One Response to “Seymore Butts Backdoor To Buttsville”

  1. Rob says:

    Hello, This question was originally sent to Seymour but never made it to him so I’m going to ask you since you seem so well versed in some of his movies. I have a question that I’ve been wanting the answer to for over 20 years! In Backdoor to Buttsville Shane is traveling to random clubs to dance in the beginning and Seymour is following and filming. But in this one scene a dancer comes in and Shane tells him she’s had a rough day and she needs “something like you gave her earlier”. She’s uncredited In this movie and I would love to know if she was indeed just a dancer and not a professional actress? Shane makes a comment during a serious fingering scene that you guys should take this action back to the hotel. You guys were fantastic in this scene and I would really like to know if she continued her career since she was so damn good. I hope you get to read this and I could furnish a pic to refresh your memory if necessary. Thanks In advance!
    Now this scene and scenes belong at the beginning of my tape with after reading several reviews, I think was bootlegged and attached to another Seymour movie. Any thoughts on this?

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