Seymore Butts And His Mystery Girl


Fantasy Home Video- 1994
DIR: Seymore Butts
STARS: Danyel Cheeks, Rocco Siffredi, Monique, Tracy Prince, Sierra, T.T. Boy, Shane
After seven video adventures, Seymore Butts seems to have gained momentum and taken his place at the top of the gonzo video world. Combining his onscreen charisma with plenty of nasty women, Seymore makes every day a sexual smorgasbord. The brief recap at the start of the tape, brings us up to speed on the ‘plot’. Basically, we are waiting to see if the “Mystery Girl” who keeps sending Seymore sexy tapes, has sent another one.
To our delight, we find that in fact, the mystery girl, who finally tells us her name. (Buehler? Anyone? Buehler?) Yes, it is Shane, Seymore’s long time partner. Here, however, she is still an unknown. After showing us the lovely sights in Cabo San Lucas, Shane retires to her room for a very long solo masturbation scene that absolutely smokes. OK, so this is obviously professionally shot, most likely by Seymore, but the illusion and mystery is almost as sexy as the gorgeous treasures between Shane’s thighs. This bit of diddling defiantly leaves me dying for more of this tasty treat.
Back at home, Seymore has set up his old buddy Rocco with a very special blonde cutie, Monique. Both Rocco and Monique have graced Seymore’s sofa before, but now, the lovely lady wants the chance to share a tryst with the Italian stud. Meanwhile, off camera, Monique’s shy friend tries to keep herself out of the spotlight. However, a bit of sweet talking from the sexy Italian and soon he has two for the price of one. The new addition to the threesome is Traci Prince. (A quick note here, Traci once got the boning of her life on my bed…..NO, not by me. I was behind the camera for her very first amateur shoot at my old apartment. So close and yet so far.)
Anyway, Traci is quick to shed her shyness and join the couple on the couch for an intense getting to know you session. After considerable banter, Rocco strips down the blonde honey and places her in between himself and the now lusty Traci. As the girls busy themselves with some serious making out, Rocco rims Traci’s asshole and explores her perfect posterior. (Too bad Traci is not a three input gal.) The poor Italian stud then has to taste both fresh pussies in what can only be described as the most agonizing predicament since “Less Filling”/”Tastes Great”
Unable to decide which one he likes best, Rocco just lays back and lets the two lovelies return the favor. Traci has unbelievably sexy, full lips that look fantastic stretched around Rocco’s monster cock. The blow job is rather short for my taste, but who can blame Rocco for wanting sexy Monique to slide down onto his pole. Once he gets warmed up, it is Traci’s turn to feel the deep strokes. This is major hot, as Monique gets her face right down into the action, pulling Rocco’s cock from Traci’s pussy and sucking it clean every few strokes. Traci graciously returns the favor, apping up generous portions of fuck Monique’s love juice from Rocco’s dripping shaft. For those of you hoping to see Traci’s sexy ass get penetrated, enjoy the fingering that Rocco gives it, because that is as anal as the lovely Ms. Prince ever got in her all too short career in smut.
From here, the scene takes on a characteristic that has become a Seymore trademark. The participants seem to just take over and the action is frenzied and real, quite an attractive change from the overly directed sex of some other popular video comanies. Both ladies get thoroughly drilled by Rocco, with the non fuckee never straying from the action, always lending a helping mouth. This is without question some of the hottest three way fucking I have ever seen. Something about it just gets better every time I see it.
. After a fantastic fucking, Monique takes on the ultimate challenge, Rocco in the backdoor. Once again, Traci is right in there on the action, sucking her friend’s pussy. Then she moves around behind to rub Rocco’s asshole while stroking his cock in and out of her friend’s ass. Wild fucking shit indeed. The trio settle into a great 69 plus one as Rocco takes Monique from behind as she sits high atop Traci. At long last, Rocco is ready to blow his load, and ever the nasty one, Traci grabs his cock, fresh from Monique’s butt and strokes it right onto her face. After streams of cum streak her full lips and splash into her wide open mouth, Ms. Prince even sucks it clean for a wild ass to mouth. This may be the best Seymore shot scene to date. A sure fire cock stiffener!
Next, it’s off to Las Vegas to see Danyel Cheeks put on a lingerie show. Actually, it’s another FOXE event which is every bit as hot as it promises to be. The footage of the lingerie show turned strip show is peppered with would be porn stars, however, in between the would be’s, there are boner-fied starlets Danyel Cheeks (Whose dance number alone is a sexy bit in and of itself) and Toy. When the music stops, the girls show their philanthropic side as they sign some auctioned off sex toys. Ever the showmen, the girls suck the toys for the lucky winners. Even luckier is Seymore himself, as he stops by Danyel’s dressing room after the show. The always lovely Ms. Cheeks wants to thank Seymore for all he does to support free speech. Her appreciation is expressed in verbal and then in oral form. Danyel is always good for a great looking blow job, and this is certainly no exception, as Seymore captures her at her nasty best. As she has done for Seymore before, Danyel snarls into the camera, a cock deep in her mouth and just devours our hearts along with his dork. What a woman! The direct shot into her waiting mouth is the perfect end to a great oral sex scene that must not be missed.
Back at home, Seymore is entertaining his friend T.T. Boy and Sierra. The couple are watching and commenting on some Seymore vids. Hey T.T., that’s my fucking job all right. Yours is to nail that hot babe next to you. Back away from the critiques Siskel and let Sierra suck your cock you idiot. It takes entirely too long, but eventually that is exactly what happens, and thank God for that. Sierra goes after that meat like a starving Somalian at the buffet table. She looks irresistibly white trash cute and sucks cock with such furver that one questions whether she realizes this is only pretend sex. (Careful Sierra or people might actually think you like sex.) All lame jokes aside, Sierra, as always fucks with total abandon and looks great doing it. As if feeding off his partner’s enthusiasm, T.T. gives one of his most energetic performances to date, nearly fucking poor little Sierra right through the sofa at one point. She doesn’t do any anal here, but makes up for it by fucking Boy limp and dry. No facial, but oh well, a keeper none the less.
That leaves us with just a tape from the mystery girl to watch. This time, the mysterious Shane has a taste of her big dildo before plunging it deep inside her steaming pussy. Am I the only one who notices that face or no face, Shane is absolutely the most perfect looking woman on the planet? Once her pussy has been well plowed, the delectable Shane make sure that her ass doesn’t feel left out. This is a spectacular solo scene that has Seymore jerking to a splattering climax just as Shane reveals that she is on her way to see him. Will Seymore make it on time? Will he meet his mystery girl with the perfect pussy? Guess we have to tune in next time to find out.
This volume of Seymore Butts is one of the best, even if the actual number of scenes is on the low side. Shane’s solo action, and the Danyel Cheeks blow job aside, there are just two scenes. However, the Rocco three way and the Sierra/Boy pairing are classics. This one is more than worth watching, it is worth owning, even if you are not an avid Seymore collector.

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  1. Josey Whales says:

    Dear Rog,

    From your Review: “Traci Prince – (A quick note here, Traci once got the boning of her life on my bed…..NO, not by me. I was behind the camera for her very first amateur shoot at my old apartment. So close and yet so far.)”

    I’ve read this review once or twice for the past five years and I’ve researched like crazy to find this scene of Traci’s that you refer to, but still no luck. If possible, could give me any clues that would help me track down this scene. The name of the movie, her male co-star in the scene, the director, name of the production company, anything that would help. Thanks so much.

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