Talk Dirty To Me 2



82 Mins.

Dreamland- 1983

DIR: Tim McDonald

STARS: John Leslie, Blair Harris, Nicole Black, Dave Cannon, Annalisa Pearson, Paul Wright, Louise Jackson and introducing Bridgette Monet. .

THEMES: Seduction, Voyeurism.



Few sequels to classic films can ever hold a candle to the original. In the case of this John Leslie classic, his presence alone is enough to at least warrant a look. Add to that a considerably more attractive cast, and there are more reasons to watch this video than part one. (Besides, some guy named Roger wrote the screenplay.)

While Jack and his pal Lenny are up to their old tricks, we are introduced to a new female lead, Bridgette Monet. Ms. Monet plays an incredibly uptight TV talk show hostess struggling with her failing ratings and her repressed sexuality. In sharp contrast is Jack’s free wheeling character who stops by to see real estate agent Aunt Peg (See part one). Instead, he runs into her daughter, Blair Harris. Blair is a very sexy young woman and Jack can’t help but notice that this foul talking girl is coming on to him in a big way. Once her top comes off, Jack is all over her young body. The dialog is extremely kinky as he talks about fucking her mother while she sucks his cock. This little bit of extra touch adds so much to the scene. John gives this young thing a lesson is how to give as well as receive great oral pleasure before letting her ride his cock. What a very beautiful woman she is, and she even licks his cum off her fingers. Quite nice.

Jack sets his sights on the uptight TV doctor and once he has a bead on her, you know he is not about to stop. He and Lenny are filling in behind the bar at a local hot spot, which brings them in contact with plenty of doable women. There Jack see the doc on TV again and is now more determined than ever to get her. He and Lenny show up at a taping to watch her in action. Face to face with the super prude, Jack breaks out his dirty mouth routine for just long enough to get his ass tossed right out of the studio. Still, the encounter effects her, even later in bed with her lover. As Bridgette rather unceremoniously mounts his cock all she can talk about is her show. (Kind of like fucking Kathy Lee Gifford I bet.) She even has a phone conversation while the poor slob fucks away from behind.

In sharp contrast to her cold love making, Jack is steaming things up two blondes. One of them is a very young Cara Lott. These two are definitely into his hard driving style and can’t get enough hard dick. I always did like Cara, but the other girl seems to dominate most of the action. Still, as the two women share a blowjob and oral cumshot, the heat rises in a big way.

Seeing the doc now as a challenge, Jack starts to follow her around to get a good feel of her habits. This means we get to watch as, in secret, the dons some very naughty lingerie and begins to work out some of her frustrations with her nimble fingers. Seems the good doctor loves her pussy as much as we love watching her play with herself.

Now the doc and her producer are frantic to track down Jack. His outburst has breathed life into her dying show. Oh no, what can she do? Oddly enough, Jack is paying a little visit to her house, where he meets her tempting maid. While rummaging through her things, Jack gets caught, but the maid is not upset. Instead of busting him, she decides to fuck him instead. (Anyone surprised.) The maid is not all that attractive, but is quite dedicated to doing everything she can get Jack up and off in the most energetic manner possible.

When Jack turns down the doc’s offer, it looks like curtains for her show. She tracks him down at the bar for one final attempt. Of course, he is already busy with a busty (less than stunning) brunette. Shocked, she gives up, set to let her career down in flames. What she finds at home, however, is Jack, in her bed, waiting to set her free. As she strips down you have to struck by just how incredible Bridgette is, awesome body, gorgeous face. She stacks up favorably with any starlet ever in the looks department. In fact wherever she is, I’m guessing she is still a nugget. Her sexy dialog is one of the most sensual things I have ever seen. Before the participants are even naked, the scene is already well beyond much of what passes today for porn. This time the climactic scene is not interrupted by another, less intense pairing and Leslie and Monet give off sparks from start to finish. By the time the doc works her lips around his cock, she is in a frenzy, practically worshipping it with her mouth and cooing sweet sounds of filthy talk. No facial by the lovely Ms. Monet, but there is some very good titfucking and a fine pearl necklace finish to a classic erotic coupling.

All is well that ends well in this sequel that actually outdoes the original in terms of sexual heat. Bridgette Monet, is quite simply one of the most stunning women I have ever seen. John Leslie is once again at his best in this wonderfully shot, brilliantly written piece of classic erotic film.

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  1. JC says:

    Your review of Talk dirty to me II identifies the real estate agent’s daughter as “Blair Harris”. Other sites such as IAFD identify her as Nicole Black. The only Blair Harris they list is a guy.

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